for verification purposes can you give your DOB?

“Today, 48 years ago, Mutha-F-er.”, I wanted to say but didn’t.

IIIIIIIIIII don’t want to work, I just want play on these –


all day!

Yes, it’s my birthday and…… I’m working :_(

WTF? I knew I shouldn’t have scheduled a stupid meeting on the day of my birthday. But (hopefully)– I’m out of here after it’s over.

Charlie is taking me out for a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Va-highlands. I have already received most of my presents already. Charlie got me phone holder clamp and a USB port for my motorcycle and the latest Walking Dead comic books (which are eons ahead of the TV series and really way more interesting, too. Seriously, if we have one more season of wandering through the woods of south Georgia and killing zombies I’m D-O-N-E). Ellen got me a nice bottle of whiskey and Charlie’s parents got me a gift certificate to Outback.

My sister really tried this year by getting me a belt that I hook this flexible dog lead to so when Sadie and I go running I won’t have to hold the leash. Kind of ingenious but she kind of ruined it with a Cuisinart Smart Stick – borrrrring. I can’t even sell it on Ebay, either, because what I’ll make on it won’t even be worth the trouble to box up and ship it. So, I think I’m stuck just mixing margaritas with the thing. (Especially since I got a bottle of tequila from Jess for my b-day) Oh well, you win some and drink lose some.

You know I’m still going around and around with those f*ck-tards at the insurance company? Finally, they sent out the memo stating that people who were in same sex marriages could add their spouses to their insurance and to use June 26, 2015 as the qualifying event date (no matter if you got married previously in another state – that June 26th date would be the date of the qualifying event in Georgia). SO, I got Charlie added and they sent me documentation that stated that I would have to provide a copy of our marriage license as supporting documentation. SO –I uploaded it to their site – per their instructions. A week later, I’m getting emails and documentation in the mail of: PLEASE PROVIDE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION BY AUGUST 28, 2015. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DENIAL OF REQUEST AND COVERAGE WILL REVERT TO PRIOR COVERAGE.

So, once again I called them and was put on hold forever while they tried to verify that they received the supporting documentation. Once the woman came back on she said she would have to look further into it. I told her to call me back and let me know either way. She never called me back. So, again, I get a nasty-gram email and letter saying above. I called again this morning. The lady said, yes, they had received it but it had been denied because our qualifying event date was outside the 30 days as our marriage license said, September 24, 2014. I was revving up to shout out loud, “FOR THE 45TH TIME SAME SEX MARRIAGE BECAME LEGAL IN GEORGIA JUNE 26, 2015 AND THAT IS THE MOTHER-F*CKING QUALIFYING EVENT DATE!!!!! When –

-she said, “Oh I’m sorry Mrs. Lanie– I’m sending this back for review since this is a same sex marriage it should be approved.”

-Sigh –

Wtf do I have to do to be treated like an equal around here? I really do hope that this is the last phone call I have to make to these people. I took down a reference number and assured her that I would be calling back if I didn’t hear back from them. She at least said Happy Birthday before hanging up as for verification purposes for the 45th time I had to give my DOB. All I really want for my birthday is to not have to make anymore phone calls to these people. Ever. Again.





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