Well another chapter has ended  while another one has started. We sold the camper yesterday to a nice couple in Cartersville, Georgia. Even though we were sorry to see it go we were also relieved.

Since we’ve been riding motorcycles every weekend we really don’t have the time to take the camper out and give it proper use. I was thrilled we actually made a profit on the sale, too. Shortly after they left with the camper they sent us pictures of them in it with their two dogs. Yes, a perfect fit and I’m happy our beloved camper is in loving hands.

Last weekend we rode down to Juliette, Georgia home of the Whistle Stop Cafe’.  This was Charlie’s first time eating fried green tomatos. It was very hot that day but a beutiful ride to and from. We passed a rafter of turkeys on the way there (honestly, if we had a Go-Pro we’d been able to capture that moment) and passed through a national forest on the way back. All in all – gorgeous country side trip.

0008429_PCRF_Schedulewhistlestop2 whistlestop3

IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3507IMG_3502 IMG_3503charliewhistlestop

I admit that I am tired of summer now. I am tired of seeing 90-anything. I long for the crisp mornings and football. I cannot wait to sit out on the porch and watch a game. I’m just ready for September for now.

I had another interview the other day for a position in another department. It’s not as if I’m extremely unhappy where I am but I want to be promoted and make more money and in my line of work the only way for that to happen is to get another position within the company.  The interview went well – as always. I think I have a shot if they don’t already have someone earmarked for the positon.  Really keep your fingers crossed. I should know something next week.

Other than that I really don’t have anything new going on. Summer is just melting by.

One thought on “Chapters 

  1. So glad that you are able to get your camper sold – and for profit! Yay! Looks like the bike trip out in the countryside was just wonderful. So glad you chicks are soaking it all up! xoxo

    By the way, I know it’s my fault, but I miss talking with you on Thursdays! Next week my life gets back to normal = vacation time is over.


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