push[ed] the button

The past few weeks have been very hectic at work – why I’ve been out of the loop lately. I wish I could say that we’ve been away vacationing or something but not the case.

After selling the camper we decided to take a few trees down in the backyard. These included a huge Bradford Pear and a Pine full of cankers and bugs. After that we were left with a very large hole that allowed us the unfortunate view of the neighbors.

IMG_4027 (can you find the black dog in this picture?)

So, we have decided to have a little shed built in the back and eventually have our own little cottage in the back – (that was the show we went to that was in the backyard of a residence). We’re probably going to call it Backyard Shed Gig or something of that nature. Here’s a pic of the model we’re having built:


Ours is going to be different colors but this is it. After it’s built, we want to have a deck built off the front with an overhang.

In other news – I am on vacation next week but am going to do absolutely nothing. (Well, except for canning lots of salsa) I need a break from the rat race and decided to just take the week off. Especially after Sunday when I pushed the button and –


-the truck exploded.

Well, that wasn’t exactly what happened. It really wasn’t that exciting but very annoying. I pushed the differential lock button on the Forerunner (I had a blonde moment).

blonde blonde2


[Me: “Duh-I-dunno”, God, she’s going to kill me]

-and it locked up all four tires and we couldn’t’ disengage it. We were stuck at the mini mart for 4 hours waiting for a tow. But wait – that’s not all – we had it towed it to our garage and they were in the process of moving and we had to pay for yet another tow all the to their new garage location. (20 miles away) Such B.S. and I was so over it. Charlie and I just went home and cried and then drank after that.


Who knows how much it’s going to cost to get fixed but we’re hoping for the best so keep your fingers crossed it’s not a fortune. I will never press another button again, for sure [unless it’s an elevator button].


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