PRIDE finally

This past weekend we were finally able to celebrate PRIDE in Atlanta. Other than some rain on Saturday, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

Saturday, Charlie and I parked off the Beltline and rode our bicycles into the park. We pulled up to the bike valet by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and left our bikes and set off to walk through the PRIDE market. By the time we got through there it had started to rain so we ducked into Willy’s and had some awesome nachos and frozen margaritas. When we came out it had stopped raining and we continued walking and slurping our to-go margarita. We were walking along with two girls who were visiting from Ohio – they both looked quite young – one was but the other said she was 41. (I think it was the sunglasses taking up her entire face and made a note that I needed larger shades).We listened to some music and then made our way to our bicycles and rode off on the Beltline until we got to this interesting little bar/restaurant off the trail and decided to turn in. It was called Ladybird.

PRIDE (I just now noticed that blonde photobomb)

The next day we decided to ride in the parade with Michale, Katharine and Yvonne. It started out being a cool morning but by the time we hit Peachtree Street it was hot and we were riding in shirtsleeves.

IMG_4178(Lining up for the parade)

IMG_4186(Charlie rocking on her Harley)

IMG_4187(Michale and I at the park)

Once we got to the park and walked to see Ellen and Stacy we were tired. We saw Birds tent down in the distance and decided to muck on across the field of mud to say “Hi”, which, was kind of a mistake because when we got there we didn’t even warrant a hug from Bird nor an offer of rainbow cake. All we got was Happy Gay Wedding as she threw candy rings at us. One hitting me in the chest and it falling on the ground. I made a note that they weren’t yet married even though they made a production of registering as domestic partners on their medical insurance. (Their company offered that prior to gay marriage being legal in the state). Perhaps she was bitter that Charlie and I were officially married and her and Jane not.

What’s her problem? Charlie and I were slogging back towards our bikes. We were ready to go home and relax.

I have no idea.

Well, you should text her and find out.

I honestly don’t care enough to hear what her problem is. I’m just letting it go.

Seriously, I don’t care. We don’t hang out enough with her and Jane to merit a reason for her to be pissed at us and if it’s about not hanging out the last two texts I sent her about that she didn’t answer. You make friends, you lose friends – it’s a constant cycle that I’ve learned to deal with. We have friends who deserve the attention more than her.

Tonight, we’re going out to Edie’s with Michale and Nisha to see a friend of Charlie’s play. It should be fun! Yeah, bring it!




nothing sticks when it’s raining – unless it’s jam

While originally we were supposed to have a great weekend weather-wise the storm down south shifted and we got rain both Saturday and Sunday. This has been the second weekend in a row of rain and we’re so over it. (Not as much as the poor South Carolina folks, I know) I’m hoping after today it’s going to clear up and be sunny the rest of October so we can finally enjoy some fall-like weather.

We decided if it was going to be crappy all weekend then we’d get some grocery shopping done, cook and do some canning. I canned salsa again and made a new jam recipe – Pineapple Mango Chili jam. We had all the ingredients to make BBQ sauce but we ran out of steam  – no pun intended.

Lately, I’ve been looking at classes I want to take – some to further my career – because I don’t want to be in my current position too long – I want to keep growing. There have been about three people in the department – all PM’s like myself – that have been promoted to other positions (one got a position I interviewed for which is disparaging). One guy is going to be making so much money that his wife is going to be able to quit her job.  I keep applying to state jobs and interviewing and – nothing. I get told my interviews are very good and I score very high but someone else just happened to either already be doing the job or score a bit higher than I. And, don’t get me started on private sector jobs  – I get literally no bites on any of the ones I apply for – nothing. I wonder if it’s even worth taking the time to send my resume, fill out their online form, and write a cover letter. It’s almost like applying for a Federal job. Which, I’ve done a few times. I did once have a fed interview many years ago. I couldn’t even believe they called me. But, I never got offered anything. Fed job offers are an anomaly – I have no.idea. how anyone ever gets on there – unless they have a masters or PHD.  I’m trying to get away from managing construction projects and break in to managing people or projects that aren’t construction related. I’ve been looking at Scrum master certification classes  – but I hesitate because I would only be marketable to companies that use that methodology and a lot of those are IT related and I don’t have much experience in IT. The most experience I have is an associate degree in website administration. I know a bit about computer language, HTML, etc. but nothing about managing a company-wide network. Next, is the PMP certification class – very expensive and a week-long committment but they promise a 98% pass rate. I think maybe I should just do that but it’s an investment all the same.

And, in addition to all that I’ve been looking at screen writing courses. Not as expensive as the scrum or PMP but not cheap all that same. I found one course interesting that is online but I wonder if I have the commitment to come home from work every night and sign on to the class, do homework and dedicate time to it. I’m just so wishy-washy about shit lately. That karate class I got a groupon for – yeah, I’ve been one time. I don’t know why I haven’t been back. I think my current job just consumes so much of my time and thoughts that I’m exhausted when I get home at night and the last thing I want to do is put on pajamas and go out and have someone grab my wrist and pretend I don’t know how to throw them down on the mat with force  – you know – because I have a white belt around my waist when years ago I made it almost to brown belt and I know a thing or two but I don’t want to come off as over-confident or even cocky. I try to act as if my cup is empty type of deal. But yet – I just don’t care. I’m not sure I can start over. It just seems so long to me.

So, nothing is really sticking right now on what I should do and I hate to waste the time and money if I’m not going to stick with it or it won’t help my career. Any suggestions or has anyone else gone through this? PMP or Scrum master? Or just hire another resume writing service – which, the last one did nothing for me. I never heard back from any of the jobs I applied for with the updated resume I paid $45 for them to rewrite. What a joke.