Things have been just cra-cra lately and that thing that I wrote previously to keep your fingers crossed……

…….well, forget it. I didn’t get the job. Not only that, but the HR woman sent me the email that was meant for the recipient who got the job. Very unprofessional, I know. I didn’t retaliate, I just walked away. But, if I ever hear from that agency again I’m going to tell them in a nice way to kiss my @ss. Yes, take the high road, Lanie.

But, I’m not taking the high road on the scammer who called me from this number: (209)498-9469 impersonating an IRS attorney that has a bench warrant out for my arrest if I don’t wire him $1,000. If I ever get ahold of that guy again I’m telling him he’s going to jail and that I filed a complaint with the IRS and I’m going to my local police department and giving them all the information – including the voicemail that he left– and that I hope he rots in jail for what he’s doing. That he’s the lowest scum of the earth to fraud people out of their money and he will get his.

Yes, it’s just a bunch of B.S. lately. Plus, I just got back from visiting my family in Indy and my nerves are shot. I was so glad to get to the Indianapolis airport, through security and to the bar to catch the Green Bay/Minnesota game with a tall beer before my plane took off. [No, I think  I need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight]. My sister gets worse every year. First, she is the biggest snob and she’s really OCD about her house. When I was there I had to wipe down the [marble] tile in her bathroom and squeegee the shower glass after every shower. I couldn’t lay my cellphone down on the counter without her picking it up and telling me to put it somewhere [how about where the sun doesn’t shine?]. I FAILINGLY did not bring a toiletry bag because – silly me – thought she would have shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant and toothpaste. I had to beg for some bottle of Biotonic shampoo, some organic vitamin C and E roll-on deodorant that left my armpits sticky and since I’d left my brush at home she gave me this small, little brush that appeared to have been used on the dog. Hairspray and conditioner was unheard of and I barely got some squeezed out Crest toothpaste that I suspected was three years old. I felt like I was checking in to a chemical-glutton-preservative-all products-that-say-they’re-healthy-and-do-nothing-non-animal-product-of any-kind-free yoga camp without the mat and nice people.

I saw a lot of my family, including my stepmother who other than my cousins is really the only family member I like – which is strange because she’s not even blood. Her and my father came to the [court mandated] brunch at my sisters and the first thing out of her mouth to me was, “You ready to go home?”

To which I said, YES!

I was annoyed to no end by then. Next time – if there is one – I’m driving or if I fly I’m renting a car so I can stay with my cousins and not be under the house arrest of my sister. I was never so glad when my plane touched down in Atlanta and being greeted by my wife and dogs (who practically mauled me when I got into the truck at the airport).

So, I came back to the same job, projects and people. I have been trying to get over it and move on. Grudgingly, I guess it’s not meant to be. I feel like I’ve just had a pile of rejection letters these days. I’m going to forget about it for a while. Charlie and I leave for Florida to see her kids and folks over the holiday. This trip will be a lot more enjoyable that last weekend’s trip.

So, with that I bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it – if not – a happy weekend! Cia!


please take my poll

Keep your fingers crossed that something good happens tomorrow (November 18th). I will let you know if it’s does happen or not.

In the meantime, Charlie and I did another HAG ride the other day. It’s was very chilly that morning we rode out to old town Conyers for our Voodoo ride. It turned out to be (I’m going to list everyone by their biker nickname from now on) Link, Shutter, Rooster, Charlie, Cindy (no nickname yet) and myself – my nickname is up for debate. So, maybe let’s take a vote on here what mine will be:

Sorry for the short post I promise to update more later. In the meantime, please take my poll. I can’t ride another time without a biker name or else they will come up with some name like muffin or something.


welcome to seattle, georgia!


I didn’t sign on to live in eff-ing Seattle, people.

I’m just now starting to feel somewhat human after fighting a sinus infection all last week. Charlie caught something similar to what I have only hers is a chest cold.  You know, we have two more months left in the year and I’m hoping they’re going to be good ones so we can boot 2015 out on a good note since it started on a bad one.  What is needed to make that happen is –


Sun. Yes, that bright, orange thing in the sky – where are you?!

A new job would be super great! I had an interview last Friday afternoon and another next week.

Getting the motorcycle out of the shop and actually being able to go on a ride before the end of the year. It’s been two weeks since we went on that Halloween ride I mentioned in the last post. Charlie’s had new pipes put on since and she’s raring to go.


How about no more sickness, broken bones or setting myself on fire? That would be great!

Since both Charlie and I will be seeing our families in the next few weeks I’m going to start channeling my ZEN before then. Maybe work on some breathing exercises to help me stay focused on not choking my sister out while I’m in Indiana.

Airborne –start taking that three days prior to both of our trips so we won’t catch anymore viruses.


I just made us a reservation in a nice warm (hopefully dry) place today for the evening before Thanksgiving so we’ll have some time to ourselves. I can’t wait!

Hallowed – ween

Wow, it’s raining like no tomorrow here today. After living here for almost 15 years, I have come to realize that Georgia – Atlanta specifically is a drama queen when it comes to weather. It’s always one extreme to the other. It’s either absolutely gorgeous or it’s someone who woke up on a Monday morning after a weekend of partying – which is today.

I haven’t written a lot lately because Charlie and I have been busy entertaining the last week or so. Her parents came in to town and we were running practically every night. By Thursday (the day they left) I came home from work and got immediately into my pajamas, I was so tired.

Friday evening we did a haunted motorcycle ride through town with Katharine and Yvonne’s new motorcycle group – appropriately called the “Hags”.

haghag is a wizened old woman, or a kind of fairy or goddess having the appearance of such a woman, often found in folklore and children’s tales such as Hansel and Gretel.[1] Hags are often seen as malevolent, but may also be one of the chosen forms of shapeshifting deities, such as the Morrígan or Badb, who are seen as neither wholly beneficent nor malevolent.

Our first stop was the Decatur Cemetery which is the oldest burial ground in the metro Atlanta area and is known to have paranormal activity. (see below)


Katharine read from a script written of each place on the tour while Yvonne played ghost music in the background and projected slides relevant to the places from her iPhone onto the ground.


We hit about 6 places before heading over to Six Feet Under for dinner.  By that time, Charlie and I were spent and we hugged goodnight and rode home.

Saturday was a cloudy, overcast day filled with errands. I dropped the bike off for a much needed service and Charlie and I got candy and set up shop in the carport to welcome the trick or treaters. They came in droves, too. We were watching the football game, had a bon fire going and drinking beers while the kids came up for candy. Yesterday was the start of the rain for the week and we ran around and decided to do some early Christmas shopping. (In fact, I think we’re done for each other).

Today, I woke up with a sore throat and not wanting to fight the rain all the way in to work only to sit in (stupid) meetings all morning (and not get anything done anyway). I am on the interview track again and have one on Friday. I bought a new suit and everything so I’m focused on the next level in my career. After completing the last class in my project management program this past week and having to take off two vacation days to do it because my office didn’t recognize it I decided that the writing was on the wall and it was time to look at the next thing in my career – whatever that may be.

Have a great week, everyone!