the week after

I don’t normally just type in the post space on WordPress like I am now. But, I was here and decided to just go for it. Typically, I pull up word and start writing and then copy/paste it into the “new post” space.

Sunday afternoon we pulled up at the house after having gotten up at 2:30 a.m. and driven back from south Florida. It was a killer drive. Killer in a way that we were both so tired from not getting any sleep the previous night [because Charlie’s brother and girlfriend kept us up being loud watching Bad Santa]. We had a great visit to Florida but by the end I was ready to be my own bad santa if we didn’t get the Eff out of dodge and go home.

I’m going to follow with some pictures of our trip.

The first night we met Charlie’s boys and her bestie Bernice in St. Augustine. We checked in to a hotel downtown and walked around. We ended up having dinner and then finding a bar that was playing live music. It was fantastic! I always wish we could spend more time when we go there but it always seems to be a passing through day/evening.

The next day for Thanksgiving we headed to Vero Beach where Charlie’s folks live. We had a good time but next year if we go to Florida it will be for our honeymoon (that we never got to take) and not for any holidays. The weather was fantastic while we were there and we actually got to spend some time on the beach. In fact, I could have stayed longer and just made a continuance of a honeymoon but unfortunately, we hadn’t planned on that – plus, our dog sitter had already been with the dogs 4 nights and we couldnt’ afford any more.

Hope everyone had  a good Thanksgiving – I have to jump – more later!



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