We took a beautiful ride to Dahlonega and back this past Sunday. It was warm enough where we didn’t have to bundle up. There were four of us altogether me (Wick), Charlie, Belinda and Cindi. I had a route planned out on my phone that took us up there off-highway so we wound around through part city and part country to get there.

When we finally arrived two hours later and made two loops around [the stupid] roundabout on the square. The second time around I almost got plowed over by a car that I didn’t realize had the right-of-way [I think Cindi even said she screamed]. After that, I just headed for the closed parking space I could find that we could all fit into.We pulled into a parking spot just off the square and headed for the nearest BBQ restaurant.


We took off our coats and basked in the sun while we tried to wash down very dry BBQ. In fact, I almost choked on the first bite. One thing about restaurants in historic little mountain towns – there’s very few and they don’t have to have a 5-star rating.

After lunch, we went to a few stores off the square [all very expensive] and wandered into The Crimson Moon Cafe’ so Cindi could get a cup of coffee.  We spied all the posters for live music and started talking to one of the guys who worked there. I felt a bit sleepy so decided to order some coffee myself. We went upstairs through a cute little bar area to sit out on the balcony and people watch while we sipped our coffee. I wished that we didn’t have to go back until the next day. I could see myself cozying up to that little bar and later listening to some live music.

We drank coffee and made comments about some of the people watching (some very pregnant woman in a form-fitting horizontal striped dress with 4 inch heels What is she thinking? Her bellybutton is practically screaming at me all the way up here, some woman who tried to [literally] squish her baby and stroller into the corner of this seating wall Don’t put baby in a corner, and some creepy guy with a bag over his head with the eye holes cut out, and carrying a stick. What the heck is he trying to be – that baby in a corner is gonna start crying.  

IMG_4475 (View from the balcony – baby wasn’t in corner yet but stripie had just walked by)

We grudgingly made our way back to our bikes because we knew it was going to be a long ride home. We then realized that we parked on a downward slope and no one could really back out into traffic safely without assistance. I suggested we just ride down the sidewalk since the building it was next to was deserted. There was still the occasional pedestrian so I went down to the end to make sure no one started down and got ran over.

Once home we were exhausted – at least I was. We sat out on the porch as we always do when it’s nice outside. The dogs ran around and played while we listened to music and drank. I told Charlie that I wished we could have stayed overnight and listened to music. We decided to do that some time. I’ve just had a huge yearning to be away these days. I’m just over work and the grind. Despite the holidays it hasn’t slowed down and we’re expected to still get projects out and try to schedule meetings around the holidays. I think its B.S. Just try to schedule meetings with government folk around holidays – it’s not happening. I’m seeking the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not seeing it. I have had several interviews lately, one offer pending but still haven’t heard anything. I’m still just trying to plug away at what I’m doing and keep my nose to the grind. I know this for sure – I’m looking forward to at least being off Christmas Eve, Day and New Year’s Day.