ready set go, 2016

The most I’m looking forward to this year is being off for a couple of days. Charlie and I have already done our Christmas shopping, sent off the gift cards, given the kids their checks, received our fourth crock pot from her brother and given each other many things we wanted (motorcycle pipes, jackets, boots, the list goes on) prior to Christmas. We started early this year.

She finished my painting while I was away the week before Thanksgiving. That was a big thing I wanted for Christmas – finish my painting that’s been sitting in the living room for three years. Yes!


Because of the finished painting we’re going to paint the living room prior to hanging it. (I know, smart idea) We’ve chosen the paint swatches and while I’m working on Wednesday Charlie is going to take all the switch plates off the walls and prep. So, Christmas we’ll be painting which I hope to be finished by New Year’s Eve so we can just hang out and have margaritas and Mexican food. Tired of hosting New Year’s Eve parties where no one shows we just put it out there of “Here’s-what-we’re –doing- you’re- welcome- to- stop- by – if not see you next year…..sometime.”  We have a few parties to attend this week – one being Katharine and Yvonne’s [from now on they shall be their motorcycle names “Rooster “and “Shutter”] and the other being Ellen’s annual Christmas Eve dinner.  But other than that we don’t really have any plans until The Super Bowl party –hosted by Uber this year.

I’m just looking forward to a year without any injury’s, sickness, catching on fire, car wrecks (had that last week) and stress. I really want Charlie and I to take that honeymoon we never had last year to somewhere warm where there’s fruit in my drink and flip-flops on my feet. I want a new job that pays more with less stress – if that’s possible. I want to do more music oriented things. Play more drums. I want to run with the dogs. So many things I want for 2016.

Are you ready for Christmas to be over or is it just beginning? What do you want for 2016?


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