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One of the reasons I like being car-less is that when Charlie picks me up from the train station (sometimes with the dogs) we go have a happy hour drink. Remember last year I said I was looking for a new place to hang because the old one was full of obnoxious old men? That we starting going to [ironically] Thinking Man, instead. Anyway, when we started going there the bartenders were always so nice. One, Jess, would always light up and say hi when we walked in. The place never had the best selection in beers – too many IPA’s, I think, but nonetheless it was convenient near the East Lake station.

Before the truck got crunched we hadn’t been there for a while. Then, recently we started going again things were different. Jess didn’t light up when we walked in. She said hi, what can I get you but didn’t hang out and talk like she used to. Something had changed, she seemed harder. I asked how things were going and she said great, talked about her daughter and was ready for Christmas – all the words without anything behind it. I wondered what changed and asked Charlie if she noticed, too. She did.

I read this article about people who have M’s on their palms are supposed to be intuitive and can tell when people are lying or being deceitful. I feel I can always tell when something is up or I’m being bs’d. Although, I can’t explain the crazy guy that sat down next to me on the train the other day with a bug-eyed look drinking his coffee like he was a drinking bird. I changed cars at the next stop.


I often have to listen to headphones on the train because I can’t stand to hear people talk sometimes. Why can’t people just ride the train quietly so we can all relax? The other night, I had time to kill before Charlie got out of work and rode the train to downtown Decatur. I had my headphones on, thankfully because the guy next to me was just talking his head off to the woman next to him. I had no idea what he was saying but it seemed like she wasn’t at all interested in hearing what he had to say. The woman next to me was obviously listening and I could see her frown and adjust her bag like she was ready to jump off at the next stop which was thankfully Decatur.  I had some time to kill before Charlie got off work so I jumped off, too, and walked into my next favorite pub Mac McGees.

We went to one Christmas party last week, bailed on another and just hung out Christmas day and made a really special dinner of surf and turf. We had torrential rain that day with massive flooding. The weather has been so weird the past week. Saturday and Sunday we both had on shorts and flip flops with the windows open in the house and the fan running. We’re supposed to have another few days of very heavy rain (which, I’m dreading) and then it’s going to cool off towards the end of the week. Charlie’s kids are coming up from Florida so I hope it stops raining by then. New Year’s Eve we’re having a party with Mexican food and margaritas.

Charlie and I managed to get the living room wall painted over the Christmas holiday so hopefully the painting will get hung next week (this is one of the jobs of her oldest to help her do).

Happy New Year everyone in case I don’t get back on here to write again before it happens!



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