run with the dogs

frostbite15aAdam Pinsley’s original rendition of “Sadie”

Saturday, Sadie and I did a little 5k race called Run with the Dogs. After dropping Charlie and Bailey off at Charlie’s office, Sadie and I headed downtown to the race that started at a local high school. There were more dogs than I’ve ever seen in one place there. Sadie and I kind of stayed on the fringe because I didn’t want us to get too much into the pack area. It would only take one aggressive dog to start a mosh pit of teeth and growling. They had said in the race packet to not bring any aggressive dogs but there’s always someone who thinks their kid is the best in the world and ignores the gnashing of teeth and growling.

There were some really interesting dogs there, too. We saw albino Doberman that I never knew even existed. There was this huge Irish Wolf Hound that was just beautiful. Pure breeds and mutts everywhere.  Booths selling and giving away dog cookies, poop bags and cards of their animal-related businesses.


Finally, after making everyone walk up to the starting line and waiting bunched up (again, I seriously thought this was a dumb idea) they blew the whistle and started the race. Sadie and I jumped in when the crowd dissipated and we had some room. There was a wiry sheepdog looking dog in front of us that she kept trying to smell its butt while we ran. I didn’t discourage thinking it could emulate the carrot in front of the horse.


We wound through the neighborhoods and came out on the huge hill leading up to the post office when Sadie ran out of pep. She stopped and looked behind her, like, “What? I’m just looking around.” We would walk a bit and then she’d start jogging again. We finally made it over the hill and ran down into downtown Decatur. She stopped to walk again until we heard a bunch of cheering up ahead. She picked it up a little and I managed to get her to run over the finish line and finish strong. She did pretty good for her first 5k. We walked over and grabbed some bottled water and I pried open her snout and poured some water into her mouth because I knew she wouldn’t drink anything until we got back to the car which, when we did she drank out of the little bowl I brought for her. We loaded up and went to Charlie’s work to pick up Bailey and head home. Here she is after the race – no worse for wear.






If you’ve been over to BE.LOVE.LIVE you’ll have read a lot about words or, correction, your word of 2016. What’s really ironic is I was recently asked to describe my top 3 words that best described my key relevant strengths for a position that I recently applied for. My response: 1. Driven 2. Responsible 3. Dedicated. I have several words in mind for 2016 that I can’t narrow down to just one. It’s kind of like potato chips – you can’t eat just one.

This past New Year’s Eve week I was excited to start on some of the Resolutions of the New Year early. I got a jump on my running and working out at the gym. We had a party and we invited some new friends who showed up. Friends I wanted to hang out with more, who are present. Two of them are a woman I graduated high school with and her husband. I hadn’t even been in touch with her since graduation. We both recently heard from my cousin who keeps in touch with everyone we went to high school with that we were both living in Atlanta and had no idea the other was here. In fact, they live very close to us. So, that New Year’s Eve night I got to do some catching up.

We had a manageable sized party – 11 people showed up and we had Charlie’s oldest and his wife here to visit. I just kind of sat back and let the party happen. Those who wanted to speak to me sought me out and those who decided to park themselves by the fire all night not moving (and wondered why I wasn’t seeking them out) didn’t get as much of my attention. That’s part of my resolution for the new year is to seek out the friends who in turn seek me out. I’m not going to be the one who always initiates in 2016.

Yesterday, the kids wanted to go to the Coca-Cola museum. It was a fun afternoon walking about and learning about Coke. I hadn’t been to the museum since they opened the new location in 2011. I remember taking my Mom to the old one that used to be near Underground Atlanta. After wandering around there and drinking a ton soft drinks from all over the world (Fanta strawberry and grape were my favorite) we decided to go for burgers at Twain’s in Decatur. Twains has a decent menu and the atmosphere is nice and free parking is always a plus. We no more sat down and ordered some beers to taste when our neighbor, Richard walks in. I have sensed recently that things have been a bit strained with them and they haven’t been around (which, believe me I’m not complaining about) except for the other day they came over to accuse Charlie and I of taking their Christmas wreath off their lawn ornament goat.

Last summer, Charlie and I had made the mistake of taking the goat out of their front yard and putting it on top of their picnic table out back as a joke. We caught so much hell from Richard or “Dick” that we vowed never to touch that damn thing again because, obviously, Dick couldn’t take a joke. So, as you know from my last post we had really terrible weather around Christmas and Christmas Eve. One day when we were out running errands after the bad weather let up we noticed that the goat had fallen over. I said to Charlie, Goat down, goat down, and we had a laugh over it.  Well, the other night we’re in the carport doing what we’re normally doing – listening to music and having a beer when they both walk up. I thought they were coming up to wish us a Merry Christmas or something when Dick starts in on about someone taking their wreath off the goat and was it us. Charlie and I both looked at each other and shook our heads and said, No, nope. It wasn’t us. We saw it had fallen over but we didn’t do anything to it. We haven’t touched it since last summer when we put it on the picnic table.

Dick: I know you took it.

Me: I swear we didn’t.

Dee, Dicks wife: I believe you.

I’m like, Geez, it probably floated away from all this rain we’ve had or it has blown off.

We had invited them to the party – twice – that night they accused us of stealing the wreath and previously but neither one of them showed up. I had seen Dee in the backyard letting their dog out and mentioned that the kids were coming up for New Years and she had made some reference to getting some ear muffs. I thought that strange since we had invited them over and made the deduction that they weren’t coming.

Dicks’s suddenly standing at our table with his pool cue slung over his shoulder saying hi to Shawn, Charlie’s son and introducing himself to Kate when he turns to Charlie and says, I got up at 1:30 and moved to the other room last night. 

Yeah, well you were invited to the party. If you couldn’t sleep you should have come over for a beer.

Well, you all didn’t text me.

Text you? Why would we text you to come over at 1:30 a.m.? You were already invited.

I wanted to change the subject and said, Where’s Dee?

She’s home. Probably glad I’m out of her hair.

Yes, I thought, but now you’re in our hair.

Oh, you’re going to play pool with your buddies.

Yeah, I got my stick, he pulls it around and mimics jerking off with it.

No one said a word. I thought Shawn was going to punch him. Shawn’s a big guy, too. Both him and his wife, Kate, know the stories of Dick always making uncomfortable sexual references but I never thought he’d do it in front of Kate since he’d never met her before.

I rolled my eyes and said, And, here I thought you were losing your touch, Dick. Meaning the possibility of letting one conversation go by without some sexual reference.

Oh, yeah I haven’t played in a while.

Completely missing what I was referring to.

Then, he apologizes to Kate for making that sexual reference, which, kind of made the whole situation even worse. I wanted to tell him he could have skipped the whole apology if he would have kept his mouth shut for once. We were all ready for Dick to leave so we could get on with our drinking. When he left we said, See what we mean??

After our meals we left via the back door so we didn’t have to walk past Dick in the poolroom. As we cut across the parking lot I said, Real men don’t talk like that in front of a lady.

Later that night when Charlie and I were around the fire I told her that in this new year I wasn’t going to put up with his crude sexual references and from now on I was going to respectfully tell him that he couldn’t talk that way around us or our guests. I still can’t believe he acted like that in front of our daughter-in-law.

There’s a few other things I want for 2016. I think I focused too hard on finding a new job and was really let down on a few that I didn’t get. I’m not doing that this year. If it happens, it happens. If not, then it’s not meant to be. I’m going to continue to interview but I’m not going to bust my ass over it. I am going to bust my ass over studying for my PMP certification. I’ve decided that I’m probably not going to get the job I really want unless I have that.

I have so many more things in store for 2016 that I could go on about but I’ll save that for another post. Happy New Year, y’all!