winter bluez

I’m so over things lately.

I’m off today to go to court for my stupid auto accident I had in December right before Christmas. This accident has set us back so we’ve been struggling a little with bills and so forth. That in itself really frustrates me. To feel that I work hard to support my family with the thought that my work is putting me through all kinds of stress for not near what I’m being paid for it to be worth it. (70-80k would be worth it but I’m nowhere near that)

And, work is another thing. There are few people that I work with that I like and call my friends -Antonio, Miguel, Julio – they have fictional Spanish names even though only one of them is Spanish. Notice they’re all guys, too. I don’t get along with most of the women in the department. Most everyone else I work with are @ssholes, including my direct manager and the bosses above him. My direct – let’s call him Richard does whatever he wants, has no projects and really no responsibility except to micro-manage us. Which, he does because that’s the only way he thinks to manage. He’s going to eventually run his whole team off – hopefully, I will be the first to go. I want to go. I’ve been interviewing my @ss off lately. So much that he’s becoming suspicious of my frequent days out of the office. I’m hoping I’m done for a while and can just wait for some offers to come in. I really hope so, too.

So, yesterday we have our stupid office meeting that lasts all afternoon. This is the meeting where other departments come in and tell us about how important their job is but why it’s important that we do their job for them. Because my department, my job we do everything for everybody because our department head is a control freak and has made it so everything comes through us. So, you can imagine the workload on all of us. Despite all this we have to sit in a meeting all afternoon and listen to needless shit while more work piles up. That in itself is frustrating. Afterwards, I had a meeting with the department head to show me a project that will become mine – heading up 1,000 cement plants and new construction (I made that up but you get the gist of how large the project is) and I’m sitting there thinking, I could give a shit about your cement plants, you can shove them up your ass. I’ll be dead before these ever get built.

So, after my big cement plant meeting I reminded Richard that I was going to be out of the office the next day. Even though I had put this on my calendar and asked for it off in advance he acted like this was the first time he’d heard about it. I wanted to say, You aren’t my daddy, I don’t have to ask you for time off that I have accumulated over 5 years with the company.

“Ok, well you’ve been out of the office quite a bit these past few weeks…….”

Yeah, f*ck you, it’s none of your business, I wanted to say. But, instead, “I have something to take care of that I can’t reschedule. It’s personal.”  Why I took personal leave time. And, I’m not about to tell you, @sshole, that I’m going to court…..

“Ok, then.”

Shortly after that he picked up his bag and said something about going home to his baby girl and the new girl on our team went, “Awwwww!” I threw up in my mouth a little.

Soon as I was assured he was in the deck and pulling out, I left.  I stopped to get gas on the way home and accidentally bought some sour plum Saison instead of the malty amber that has a similar red and white can. I didn’t realize this until I got home and poured it into a glass and it foamed up and ran over. I took a look at the can and said, Fuck! I’d paid $12 for that damn six-pack. Just my luck that day. I was determined to drink one and like it. I drank one but the jury’s still out. In fact, I made Charlie try it last night and she spit it out and said it tasted like vomit. Wonderful.

After choking that down I opened a lite beer. Much better. Charlie pulled up. We were supposed to go meet Martha and Dino for Fat Tuesday at the Mexican pub up the street. We hadn’t seen Martha for a while and needed to catch up. Dino had recently asked her hand in marriage and we hadn’t had a chance to congratulate them.

I admit Dino gets the HELL on my nerves…….on a good day. He works at the cement plant and acts all Fred Flinstone-ish. Like, I’m da MAN and this is ma WO-MAN! Kinda thing. I hate it to be honest. And, of course Dino has to rule the conversation. It’s not lost on me that Dino works in the plant and I build plants and that he has some inferiority complex over that and feels he has to brag about everything and act a know-it-all. He had to go on and ON about Martha’s ring and how much money he spent on it and nothings too good for my little hunny-bunny. I looked down at our modest rings and thought, at least ours are titanium -like we are. Not some decorative non-sense that the stone will fall out the first time she goes out to slop the hogs.

So, you get it and I really didn’t need that that night because of the day I’d had. I went home and cried afterwards to Charlie that I felt like I was never going to find a job. She reminded me that I cried about this two years ago and I got a job. I agreed. I know I didn’t make a mistake. I could not even imagine being at my former job. But, it’s time to move on. I really wished that Charlie and I had blown the Flintstones off and gone to the Tequila bar instead. I could have used that more than that stupid plum Saison – can you even imagine me drinking that? No, me neither. I would hope y’all would know me by now to know that’s not my drink. I wished that it could have been just Charlie and I sitting at the bar toasting our night out and saying, F-our bosses.

And, I know this is a really long post but that brings up another thing. I think I’m over most of our friends (and, probably not the ones reading this post). Especially, after the Super Bowl party. Some didn’t even RSVP. Some RSVP’d yes and didn’t show and didn’t even send a text to say, Sorry we can’t make it. Then, some showed up and got the hell on my nerves. Like Dino and Martha’s friends Mike and Sally. Like Dino, Mike is a know-it-all, too. He’s the authority on everything and when the two of them are in the room they are always knocking chests like cave men and slugging back beers. Mike is one of Dino’s best friends, in fact, he’s going to be Dino’s best man in the wedding. Charlie and I had cooked for twenty plus and only ten had showed up so we had to freeze a bunch of leftovers despite both Mike and Dino putting away two plates of food and making sure they took the rest of their six packs home with them when they left the party.

Some of the people I really wanted to see – didn’t show. Some never even answered their texts asking if they were coming or what they were up to. That is on the list of things that I’m over, too. And, people wonder why just Charlie and I go out together and never invite anyone. It’s because we’re tired of inviting people and getting no response or having to put up with the likes of Dino and Mike.

We’d rather drink alone…..and not Plum Saison for crying out loud.




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