end of the week chex mix

I’m just trying to get through this week. The closer it gets to Friday the better. Tonight, we’re supposed to go over to Link’s for a jam party with the Maine folk. Everyone is invited, too. Initially, I was thinking I was going to haul my drum kit over there for the jam but now I’m thinking not. I’m not confident enough of my drumming skills to display myself to Dino and Mike who are going to be there so I’m not even going to deal with their scrutiny. Charlie and I are just going to go and hang for a bit and then call it an early night because it’s a school night.

Yesterday was a good day for a lot of reasons I will go in to later. I came home in higher spirits for once. Charlie and I were sitting out on the porch talking about our music calendar. We wanted to see this artist at Edie’s on Saturday for the early show. I went in to call the box office and I was told they only had one ticket left. I asked the woman on the phone if she could possibly slip in one more and she asked if it was ok to put me on hold. I said, Sure. She came back on to say she was able to get us both in. So, we’re seeing this chick on Saturday:


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