Running into the unknown with blankets

 Things have been way better since I started my new job. I swear I was going to die at that other place, it was so toxic.

Since I started, I have began running again and have logged almost ten miles this week. I’m going to try to run the fat off even if that means upping my mileage during the week. I’ve been making myself get up in the morning and run before going in to work because that way I won’t be able to put it off if I do it first thing. Plus, I got myself a Fitbit Blaze for even more motivation.

So, yesterday I go into Best Buy to look at it. I wanted to see what it looked like on my wrist before buying it. Of course, there weren’t any on display but there were a few in boxes with alarms strapped to them. I asked the first rep if there was any way that we could take it out of the box.

“No, I’m only the Samsung rep. I can’t help you with that. Good luck.”

I hate it when people say that. To me that means, you can go ahead but it’s a stupid waste of time.

“Maybe if you’re really nice customer service can help you.”

What does that mean? That I’m not being nice already, I wanted to ask.

Stupid Samsung guy.

I went over to customer service and tried being even nicer. The chick behind the counter nicely told me that, sorry no, we can’t take it out of the box. BUT, you can buy it and then if you don’t like it then take it back.

Again, stupid waste of my time.

I said, No, sorry, I’ll go buy it at Sports Authority instead and maybe they will let me try it on and won’t only have the small with the purple band, I mean, I loved Prince but this is going too far. Prince would understand……

So, down the street. I asked the lady behind the cash register if someone could open the locked case to see the watch after waiting for her to do some exchange for a woman who apparently was taking back what looked like some farkle that went on a golf bag and instead of charging her $7 they charged her $9? This process seemed as complicated as plugging in the correct algorithm to launch a satellite over the eastern hemisphere.

After some time a key was produced and another male associate was called to unlock the cabinet because the lady (who didn’t even try) said she was unable to unlock it. The guy reached in and got the watch in the box and I asked him if we could take it out. He sighed and said, Ok, but when he tried to open it an alarm strapped to the top wouldn’t let him open the box. He sighed again and went to get some tool to disable it. So, I was finally able to take it out and look at it after all that. Thankfully, it looked fine on my wrist and wasn’t like wearing some big, nerdy computer on my wrist. So, I got it.

Out of the box, the battery needed charging and whereas the guide said it could take up to two hours to charge it only took about 30 minutes before it was telling me it was fully charged. I had read that people were having problems pairing the watch to their phone but my iphone picked it up right away and soon as I synched it I was ready to go.

It alerts you when you have texts and phone calls coming in and has a heart monitor without the strap (nice).

This weekend, Charlie and I are going to go up to a Yert to spend the night celebrate Rooster’s birthday. I’m not hip on this whole group sleeping arrangement to be honest but I’m going to take a hit for the team and do it. I’m wondering if these things have showers and if so maybe get in a run in the a.m. The yert is located in this park that I once did this biathlon. It was a 3 mile mountain run, 15 mile bike and another 3 mile mountain run. This was ten years ago and it kicked my @ss then. I don’t think I’d make that now. But, I’m betting that trail is still there and I could at least half @ss do 3 miles. That will all depend on whether or not it’s raining on Sunday morning when we I get up. There’s a 90% chance of rain why we’re driving up instead of taking the motorcycles. In a texting conversation with Shutter the other night asking if there was anything we could bring I happened to ask if we needed to bring bed linens. Her answer was yes, bring sleeping bags. (I really am back at band camp) Ok, glad I asked. So, it will be like going into the unknown……with blankets.  


Last lunch 

Last week was the last week at my former job in fact, Wednesday was my last day. It seemed the minute I resigned the pressure was off. It felt great to finally be able to breathe and not worry or be anxious about things. I thought for sure my direct supervisor would have me running around doing transition meetings with the team and going over projects but I only went over projects with him. I did have to tell my project teams I was leaving and when asked who was taking over the projects I just referred them to my direct and said to contact him. I’m sitting here today wondering if he’s regretting that decision of not assigning the projects prior to my leaving. [believe me I’m not spending a ton of mental capacity on that]On my last day, some of my work colleagues took me out to lunch. There were about ten of us all together including two assistant office heads and the office head. I was surprised so many people showed to be honest [of course my direct supervisor wasn’t there and that didn’t hurt my feelings whatsoever]. This was after my hour long exit interview with one of the assistant office heads who were there. To say I was candid at that interview is probably an understatement. Whether she takes any of my feedback into consideration is another but I don’t’ care. I only hope it helps the next person that my supervisor tries to give a hard time because I’ve felt like I’ve been walking around with a target on my back the past two months there and I’m sure someone is going to be my successor. So, you can believe how great it felt walking out of there on Wednesday and having the next four days off.

Now I’m at the new job and it’s a huge contrast. That’s’ probably the difference between the private sector and the government. The people seem really laid back – even the dress code is more laid back. I won’t have to alter my work wardrobe in the least. It’s going to take me awhile to get my access code and go through training but that’s ok. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I’m just soaking it in. 

i got it!


It feels so good to finally be writing this post. I’ve been holding off until it was official but officially I got the job the I took that test for. Whew! What a long process but I’m in and I start on the 18th.

Needless to say my current employer wasn’t thrilled when I put in my notice yesterday but I don’t care. That job was the most stressful job I’ve ever had and both my health and my life have taken a toll from it. I’m so glad my time there is coming to an end and I will not look back, that’s for sure.

On to bigger and better things and hopefully more posts!