Yert squall 

Last Saturday, Charlie and I left the pups with their au pair and headed north to meet Rooster and Shutter at the Yert.We took the long way, meandering and stopping for lunch before we made it to the park. Once there we wove around park roads until we found the Yert portion of the campsite perched on a lake cove. Rooster and Shutter were out back sitting on the deck overlooking the cove. It was a gorgeous view. 

Once we unloaded I decided to go on a trail run because how often am I away from pavement and can enjoy some trails? I laced up and took off on what was named the inner loop trail through the woods. I ran that until I came to a fork. Like the poem, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and paid for it. I ended up going uphill through the woods and then I broke out onto a power easement and ran that for a half mile before turning back. Running back the way I came I found another fork and took the trail I thought was the one I was on previously. Wrong. I ended up doing the entire lower loop trail along the cove and here I was worried in not getting in enough mileage.

I was glad to get back to camp and drink a gallon of water before heading off to the shower because Charlie kept telling me I stunk. Camp showers, lovely. Walking in with everything you own bundled in your arms so you don’t have to touch anything and praying you don’t drop your underwear on the shower floor. I was going to take a cool shower and then realized that I had no other choice. I shivered under the tap trying to wash my hair when suddenly it went hot.

Once back at the Yert I cracked open a beer and joined everyone on the deck until it started to sprinkle then rain. We moved inside leaving both the doors and window flaps open.

These Yerts are good for winds up to 100 miles per hour, Rooster related. Little did we know we were about to test that out. Almost instantly the wind picked up and the rain started blowing in. We decided it was a good idea to shut the doors. The wind picked up even more making the rain horizontal. I looked out the front door and saw pine trees starting to bend and a wall of white behind them.

I’m scared, Charlie said.

We should batten down the flaps, from Rooster who had put on her rain coat and was getting ready to pull the back door open when I shouted, I don’t think I’d go out there, Rooster.

The rain on the canvas of the Yert made it deafening. Finally, it calmed down and we were able to roll the window flaps back up and open the doors. Charlie got out her torch and lit us a fire. Thankfully, we had been able to cover up the wood and keep it dry during the monsoon that just hit. Shutter cooked burgers and hot dogs and I got out the potato salad and spicy slaw we brought. We were able to eat before the rain hit again which was unfortunate because we had a killer fire going.

Back into the Yert we shouted conversations again until we had drank enough whiskey (and, we had enough to sink a battleship) to fall asleep. Until – BOOM – the middle of the night another storm this time with lightening. I was getting sick of testing out the 100 mph theory and now let’s see how the Yert sustains lightening. I finally fell back to sleep sometime early in the a.m. The next morning, we got up and reheated burgers and hotdogs for breakfast with bacon that Shutter cooked on the grill. Charlie and I headed out around 10:00 a.m. for home this time taking the highway to the house. Once back, we unloaded and took the pups to eat a slice of pizza at Jacks. They always feel important when we go there because they get to walk through the restaurant to the back patio. Sadie walks through like she’s a regular and I always have to steer her away from going into the kitchen.

Of course, by the time we got down there it was pouring down rain again. I was over it. Apparently, the storms were so bad that it had taken out the water treatment plant in Atlanta and people in the city limits were drinking bottled water. (Not me, I was drinking beer.) We talked to the two couples at the next table who were really cool. Then, a table full of guys who were not so cool came in and sat at the table next to us and Bailey barked at them probably because they were blowing smoke in her face. I was ready to leave then. We stuck it out until our slices arrived and ate and then left. The weekend went too fast, in my opinion.

I was exhausted from my long trail run the day before and little sleep so we turned in early.


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