Friday the 13th PP 

This is what I feel like all the time. I seriously believe that there are those who just relay on everyone else to make the plans, host the parties, and coordinate everything and they just pick and choose what they want to do. It’s like they have a weekly menu of activities.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go for a motorcycle ride to Athens for the day. Our friend, Drew is coming along which will be good as we haven’t seen him in a while. We’re going to have lunch, shop a bit and then ride home so it should be a good day for it.

I have to share this recipe with y’all that I made last night.

I substituted the macadamia nuts for cashews and the papaya for mango and it came out really great! Tonight, I’m making this recipe which I hope will turn out good but probably not as great as last nights.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend! Happy Friday the 13th – leave the chainsaw in the shed, peeps. 

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