game settings

Sometimes you just need to put someone on a setting on Facebook. Some people just live to lurk and make snarky comments the minute you update. This particular person is a friend of a friend and teetering on the edge of un-friendness on Fb. They pretty much already crossed the threshold of un-friending in real life. I’m just amazed that some people just don’t have anything better to do than make negative remarks to everyone. This person could never be a blogger because they wouldn’t be able to wrap their head around the fact of if you don’t like what you’re reading then click off of it. [If you don’t like it, just click the F off, dummy – I want a t-shirt that says that with this picture:


Speaking of clicking off things – has anyone been able to keep up with Mr. Robot? We’re on season 2 and I’m completely lost. I think I need to read a synopsis somewhere to get up to speed. I don’t need one for Wentworth season 4 – wow, what a good show. I think it blows Orange is the new Black a-way! I mean, none of the characters on that show are even likable anymore. I liked in the beginning that it was built off of some truth (very loosely) but now it’s just all hype in my opinion.

Last night I met a former co-worker after work for drinks and dinner to prep him for his interview today with the company I currently work for. This is with a different division but same job title. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he makes it through.

Last Saturday we went to a show at our friend’s house that hosts backyard concerts. The guy we saw was Levi Lowrey. He was great! We somehow got invited to one of these and made it to the private invite list so we try to go every time they have one. This Saturday, our friend Kitty is playing at Edie’s Attic and we’re excited to see her again. It’s been practically a year since she played there.

The landscape company is keeping both Charlie and I really busy. We have another big cleanup job on Saturday that we’re doing together. The one last week really wore us out. I have a swollen lip from [I think] a thorn and Charlie has poison ivy on her face so we’re a real attractive couple these days. I guess we could make up stories about getting into bar brawls – and, probably more believable than poison ivy and being stuck with a silver thorn. Hopefully, this weekend won’t be as bad. Here’s before and after pics of last weekend’s mess:



We only have about another month and football season will be here and hopefully cooler weather. I’m so ready! Let the games begin!






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