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Last Saturday Charlie and I did another cleanup job. While the money is good I have to say that I’m done with these things for a while. The next one is going to have to be later when it cools down some. Plus, we have gotten to a point where we have to dispose of the debris at the dump 30 minutes away. It was kind of funny, though. Charlie hadn’t been there before – me, I’d been there years ago when I cleared out a bunch of sod at a client’s house. As we pulled in, Charlie wrinkled her nose at the smell and said, We have to drive all the way out THERE? Meaning, all the way to the back 40 to dump landscape debris the sign indicated. Once we finished that and came home we were both spent.

That night, we went to Kitty’s show which was great. We met this couple there who said we looked familiar and had previously seen another music friend of ours. We exchanged info because Charlie and I are always looking to meet new people to hang out with.

I’m so ready for this hot weather to be over with. Seriously, we’ve had a record number of 90 degree days here in HOTlanta. I’m PRAYING that when we take the dogs to the coast Labor Day weekend that A. it will be somewhat cooler and B. it doesn’t rain the whole time.

Before the show on Saturday Charlie and I had popped in to Victory Sandwich bar for a drink [their icy jack and cokes are to DIE for – very refreshing, too, in this hot weather]. This is the place we have ridden too on Tuesday nights for bike night. As we sat at the bar a young guy came in with a motorcycle helmet and sat down beside us. Of course, we struck of a conversation about what he rode, what we rode, etc. It really gave me a pang of wishing my bike was back together and we were riding despite the hot weather. Which, later got me on the path of looking at new suspension for the bike (which, will probably have to wait until later in the fall for that to happen). Charlie’s friend, Jess just got a new Harley and she’s dying to ride with us, too.

As you know, Charlie and I recently got our passports. Well, I’ve been DYING to go on a trip. Those little blue booklets have been burning in the drawer. I was looking at trips to Ireland since that’s where a portion of Charlie’s family originated. (Of course I have to marry an Irish woman who loves whiskey as much as I). So, I started looking on this travel package website. There are several options of places to travel in Ireland. One package had you flying in to Dublin, renting a car and traveling to Cork, Killarney and Galway staying 2 nights in all except for Cork. Another package was flying in to Dublin then going to Kilkenny (where Charlie’s family is from), Waterford, Cork, Killarney and Limerick. If any of you out there have traveled there or are from there I would LOVE your input! We have plenty of time to plan this thing since we decided it would be for next year. So, I’m excited!Cheers!









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