picture of an island

This weekend was exhausting and by Sunday Charlie and I were wore slap out.

Friday night we had Yappy hour with Sadie over at the local Irish pub.


I put out a Facebook invite for joining us and sent it to a few peeps. Surprisingly, we had a great turnout. Link showed up first -who I thought was going to be the only one joining us since we had a ton of maybes and only one I’ll be there from her. But, then Lorelyn showed up with Lenny (two lesbians) the buff plumber. Lorelyn also brought her friend Marilyn and invited Lenny’s sister and brother-in-law. Stiletto showed up later and so did Belinda so it was a party. I hadn’t seen Belinda in ages and I moved over and caught up with her for a while. We didn’t get home until 9 that night (late night for the dogs dinner) and then we sat out on the porch until late having more beers.

Saturday morning came too soon and with a mild headache. We had to go over to a friend of ours – which, I will call her the nickname that was given to her behind her back while we were teaching motorcycle classes together – moonbeam. Moonbeam had been calling for months stressing over her yard but when we gave quotes it was always, No, I will get gf to cut the grass.

Well, I don’t know about y’all but if I were a relatively new gf of someone and moved into their house and they expected ME to cut the grass of their acre lot I don’t think that would go over well. (Fortunately for me, Charlie is all into a motor running that cuts blades of any sort so we’re a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned). So, this last week both Moonbeam and gf (let’s call her Shawn) lawn mowers pooped out.

[I know I’m rhyming a bit with Lorelyn, Marilyn, Shawn, lawn but bear with me.]

I got a call from an all stressed out Moonbeam that her yard needed cut and can we go ahead and do the pinestraw we’d talked about. Phone calls and emails went back and forth for a bit after that because you can’t just have one conversation with her. Also, she had a family member that wasn’t doing well so I had to hear all about that in addition. So, to make a long story way shorter, Charlie and I went over there, laid the straw, we got most of the property but we had said we’d start with 30 bales and go from there. Shawn came out to talk to us and said it looked good, I emailed some pics to Moon and we left.

Later, Charlie and I were at the phone store getting her a new phone when I noticed a missed call from Moonbeam. I went outside to listen to the message and was surprised to hear a very irate ‘beam on the phone saying, Shawn told me you didn’t get the front of the house and in the front under that tree so please call me back and help me understand this?

[Ok, lesson learned that this will probably be the last time we do work for a friend]

Another long story short – Charlie’s over there now finishing it with 20 more bales and let’s keep our fingers crossed that moonbeam gets off our moon-@sses it all gets covered. We also have another client that’s ready for payment and the last time we sought that she gave us a hard time because we didn’t just show up and cut. I had reminded her that we don’t do anything unless payment is made -especially, with new clients. She had grudgingly left it with her wife who turned out to be really nice, btw, (and I had asked Charlie if we could deal with her instead). Well, I emailed her today that Charlie would be over tomorrow to cut and she was ready for another payment cycle and to leave it somewhere that she could find if her or her wife weren’t home. I still haven’t heard back from her but by-golly if Charlie gets over there tomorrow and no one’s around or she hasn’t left us payment somewhere and TOLD us……


Seriously, I totally get the customer is always right but they don’t get to dish out abuse.

After that frazzling thing and leaving the phone store with a new phone for Charlie we were thrown into another stressful situation of going to pick up her motorcycle from the dealer. It just so happened that they are repaving a major highway here and traffic was a nightmare getting there and back. We pulled up in the carport and I got off the bike and peeled my sweaty jacket off and said, I need a beer because that was a complete nightmare.

And, beers we drank. Several. Then, a friend of ours came over because her and her gf are on the rocks and she needed someone to talk to so we stayed up rather late talking to her. (I feel for her – her gf is being a HUGE d*ck.)

The next day, we ran into Lorelyn. We were around the corner and I was drinking a jack n coke slushy at my favorite sandwich shop and she sat down for a quick bite and whiskey before running back to work (must be nice to drink on your lunch hour). She was shooting a verbal machine gun telling us more than we needed to know about how she met buff plumber, the threesome between her and her husband who is soon to be ex and his old high school sweetheart moving in which sounds like a complete nightmare and that she just loves PEOPLE and not so much so she doesn’t BELIEVE she’s bisexual but she LOVES the gag LWord  and women on women but so, yeah, she finally DID BELIEVE she was gay and came out to her mom.

funny cat

I was thinking, Really?

The whole discovering-my-sexuality conversation bores the shit out me. So what you love women? Who doesn’t? It’s legal now, it’s all good. You weren’t around to fight the fight. You didn’t have people calling you a queer as you walked across campus or having that written on your dorm room door. You didn’t just miss being blown to bits when they bombed The Otherside in ’97. You didn’t have people shouting that you didn’t deserve to live, have children or burn in hell when you walked down the street waving a rainbow flag.

No, you were painting your toenails and getting ready for your [legal] wedding to your still now husband.

But, that’s all good. I’m happy for you and buff plumber. I am, really. I think buff plumber really nice.

Hey, Charlie and I will walk you back to work.

And, we did and went home and flopped. It had been a long weekend and I’m so ready for vacation this week. I want to breathe a little beach breeze, suck an oyster out of a shell and just feel different air on my skin. I want to hear the ocean, the cap pop off of a bottle of beer, the seagulls call and fight the fight another day.

I can’t wait.




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