Hell Week 

It’s Hell Week at Orangtheory. Basically, it consists of coming to work out a minimum of 5 out of 8 days they’re having it and if so we get a cool skull t-shirt.

And, you know [how I love skulls] I’m determined to go every day this week and take the weekend off. That is, if I make it. I’ve never done this amount of intense workout 5 days in a row since I was in bootcamp. (that was YEARS ago, y’all) So, I’m trying to pace myself. I’m cutting my normal 43 splat points in half for this week.

Yesterday, our workout was called “The hills have thighs” and you can guess we did a lot of leg workouts. The treadmill work was all hills and the weight room consisted of squats – lots of squats.

I’m not sure what today’s workout is called but I’m sure it’s not as gruesome as the premier of TWD. [No, this isn’t a spoiler – only a warning of disturbance] I follow the comic book and this was no shocker to me but it was still difficult to watch.

And, all people can say is KILL THAT MF*CKER, RICK. Here’s Rick:

Um, yeah – I could say more but you can draw your own conclusions.

Happy Hell week – I hope your hell is one that you will overcome and prevail [maybe if I say it enough I’ll start believing it.]


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