happy holidaze

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone happy holidays and New Years – this is my last post for 2016 as I’m going to be very busy throughout the holidays either studying, working or playing. It’s been a great year and thanks for following!




good & bad, broth & blow

“Are you going to crack the egg in there or just hard boil it?”

“What? I don’t know.”

“Well, if you crack yours in I’ll do mine.”

“You go first.”

CRACK – “Ok, done.”

Follows suit.

Charlie and I were at this mini hot pot restaurant. This was the first time we had tried anything like this and since our GROUPON was running out in two days we needed to use it. We followed directions to the place off Buford Hwy which is a melting pot [so to speak] of ethnic restaurants. (In fact, one could go to a new restaurant on this road weekly and still not experience all the dining  available.)

We found the place tucked in the corner of an Asian themed shopping center. My mouth was already watering for some sort of noodle bowl. Once inside we were shown to a table by who I will refer to as the owner “J”. Another server came out and asked us if we wanted something to drink and we pointed to iced tea on the menu and she left. Then, the questions began.

“What do we do? Do we choose a broth and does the combo mean for two people or two meats?”

“I don’t know, honey let’s ask the server when she gets back.”

“Ok, I want chicken broth definitely and maybe chicken and shrimp. Do they mix the chicken and shrimp in together or are they separate? What-are-you-going-to-get?”

“I don’t know. I’m waiting on confirmation of the combo thing.”

She came back and several questions were asked. She field them perfectly [which contributed to her large tip at the end.]

So, basically you choose your broth & protein(s) and they bring these out with a bowl filled with a ton of veggies, noodles and some seafood stuff. First, we got the broth in cast-iron pots and the bowl of veggies. They sat eggs in these cute little holders down [which, I suspected blew Charlie’s mind a little bit]. Then, they brought out our proteins on a plate. We each had a dial and a cooking element to control the heat of our pots. So, we got our broth boiling and put in the veggies. I kind of messed up and put everything in at once so my noodles were practically invisible when J came over and fished them out for me. I know she probably thought I was a newbie at all this.

db(What do I do with this cabbage thing sticking out of the bowl?, I was thinking.)

Charlie’s shrimp came out on skewers -head and all and I de-headed them for her (then, stuck the heads on the ends of my fingers and had them sing to each other.) I ordered ribeye and sirloin for mine. It was all very good but next time I’ve already decided that I will get mussels and shrimp (and, pay the $2 for them to peel them) in a spicy tom-yum broth.

It was nice getting out and eating somewhere new and adventurous. As we passed many pho and Vietnamese places we vowed to come back and try to experience more in the future. So, unlike our glass blows experience this Groupon experience was superb. I really hope they continue to have this offer on there because I will definitely buy more. Oh, and an update on our balls – I know I promised to follow up on a photo once I picked them up so here they are:


As you can see, Charlie’s on the left is MUCH larger than my pert little one on the right. I blew too hard when we were forming it [getting yelled at by Corey “STOP BLOWING SO HARD”] and she blew just riiiiight when we were doing mine. So, it is what it is – I left negative feedback on my groupon review and plan on leaving the same on Yelp.

Sometimes when you think you’re getting a deal – it comes with good food and broth and other times – well, it’s blown.




the week

What a week –in a good way! It started out Monday with the [ball] class, Tuesday hanging out with friends for Charlie’s bday and then Friday seeing Charlie Mars with our friend Benji.

Christmas will be upon us before we know it. I don’t even care if we’re ready or not we’ve just been having a lot of fun through the Thanksgiving holiday and Charlie’s birthday.

So, Tuesday night I invited some ho’s friends over to the bar to celebrate Charlie’s birthday. Charlie didn’t know anyone was coming until I mentioned we may have a stray or two. I had actually invited the whole group. Link & Stiletto, Rooster & Shutter, Martha & Dino & Benji. I think Charlie was surprised when everyone showed and I was happy they did. Stiletto had even canceled plans to be there that night and I was really touched by that.

We noshed on appetizers and drank [really strong craft] beer then Link had to go and order Tequila shots. She asked Jamie the bartender to serve the shots with orange slices and next thing you know we’re chasing it with glasses of orange juice. Everyone was getting a little tipsy I saw and just then Dino went over to ask Benji to dance. I laughed so hard to myself thinking, Glad it’s not me. Although, I doubt if Dino would have chosen me to dance – we’re cut from the same chain wallet cloth. Benji very reluctantly danced with her. Poor Benji – we hadn’t warned her about Dino when she’s buzzed. Dino just kind of takes over and later her and Link were talking politics so loudly that Charlie had to hush them a few times. I’m sure Jamie the bartender was happy when we all left although he did a superb job of handling all of our drink and appetizer demands.

All this on a school night but we had a fabulous time!

Last night, we met up with Benji to go see the long awaited Charlie Mars. Benji hadn’t seen him before but has been subjected to us singing lyrics to some of his songs for the last six months. We first went to the burrito place to have a drink and wait until it was time for Benji and I to run up to Edie’s to get a seating number. We sat down and our new favorite bartender, Katelin served us. Benji and I ran up to Edies for a seating number while Charlie waited.

“Let’s tell Charlie when we get back we couldn’t get a number. No, let’s say we got #13”, I said to Benji walking back.

So, we did and Charlie was like, “I CANT BELIEVE THIS. THIRTEEN?!!”  Benji was looking away smiling trying not to give it away and I dug the paper out of my pocket and opened it up to show her #1. Once we got back we left to hopefully go eat dinner at Twains. Once we got there it was packed – we couldn’t get a table so we went back to the burrito place. We had given Katelyn some apple pie moonshine that Charlie had made and she was sharing it with another bartender and a server. The server approached us and said, “This stuff is the bomb! You made this?”

I pointed to Charlie and said, “She did.”

He took us in the back and gave us all these hoodies advertising the restaurant. He was so nice. We’re going to have to bring him a jar the next time we go back – in fact, we may just bring the restaurant a six pack of the stuff as a gift.

So, we had a prime spot at the show plus when we got there Charlie Mars was warming up and we got to see him play a bit before the show. Then, afterwards we went out to wait for him to sign autographs and Benji got pics of us with him. It was great!

Today, we’re heading up to Dahlonega to meet our friends Todd & Kristie for drinks and a late lunch at Shenanigans. We met them a while back when Charlie and I decided to take a drive up there for the day then afterwards we shared a rainy Melissa Etheridge concert together.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain and Charlie mentioned wanting to made a warm chili in the crock pot and possibly do some tree decorating – guess we should pick one up after we get back from the mountains today as I can’t see us putting a tree on top of Sia-Kia.