update and it was a day

Well, it turns out that being two up in the group was a nasty rumor and I could choke that guy who started it. I found this out because yesterday Shampa had her review with Baxter and she asked him about it.

“So, is the rumor true  – that we’re two up and need to let some people go?”

“No, where did you hear that?”

“From RT, he was talking about it.” 

“Well, tell RT if that were true he’d be the first to go. In fact, we have room for another person.”

Soon as Shampa got out of her review she messaged me. I in turn messaged Charlie who has been in Florida taking care of her Dad. So a huge collective ‘Whew’ went up.

Like I said previously, the rumor came up right before we were to get our reviews and on Wednesday. I came home from work fit to be tied and then I noticed the city truck that is supposed to pick up brush on the street picked up everyone’s except ours. I grabbed my keys and ran  out to the truck and drove down the street and parked behind them. I got out and immediately was in their faces asking why they picked up everyone else’s brush except ours. They gave some lame excuse they were picking up the old stuff first – right. I told them that pile was old stuff it had been sitting there for two weeks.

This all came about because our d*ckhead neighbor, Richard, called in a complaint one time because we were dumping debris at the street. He told them that it was coming from our landscape clients outside of the neighborhood. He is just jealous that we actually have a thriving business while he sits at home all day and looks at porn and drinks. Basically, he has nothing better to do than stick his nose in other peoples – ours – business. So, because of his complaint we had to meet with the city code enforcement officer and go over all the cleanup we’ve done in our backyard, show them the cuts, where the branches came from, etc. Such b.s. because we pay a lot of taxes to live here and this pickup is included in that. Which, is maddening because d*ckhead and his wife are RENTERS who don’t even pay taxes.

Since he complained every time we do any cleanup in our backyard and put it at the street they just pass us by – even after meeting with the city to explain where it came from that it did not come from clients outside of the city. So, you can see why I was in their faces. The guys sweeping up told me to talk to the driver and I told him the same thing and he said they would swing around and get it. I told them that they had better. If they didn’t come back I was going to go find them again and write down every one of their names and take it to the mayor of the city. As it was I drove home and got on the phone with city hall and gave the woman who picked up an ear load of it. She said she’d email the code enforcement officer and I said, Fine, go ahead but he’s not going to call me back or do anything about it and that I was sick of it. They did come back but I bet you $100 that if I hadn’t have been home they would have left it for another two weeks.

So, after that I needed a strong drink. It was a day.



TWT – part II

Wonder Twin Power ACTIVATE from this–

wts2 wts3

into this –


Yeah, they got told to move into the bosses office.

Now, Patricia is moving in there all by herself and I have the big room. So, we practically have our own office together but separated by walls. It’s so much quieter in here now that we don’t have them in here and the contractors slamming in and out of here and Carmine has figured out where Larry is and isn’t coming in here anymore.

So, Monday I came in and was working and noticed Sherry moving lamps out of their office. I thought at first she was dusting them? But, when another duck lamp came out I asked, “What’s the deal? You moving?”

“Yes, I’m moving into Baxter’s (our manager/boss) office.”

“When did this come about?”

“Oh, the other day, like, Thursday.”

“So, why are you moving in there? Did you and Larry have a spat?”

I actually asked that, y’all. Transparency is one of my New Year’s resolutions.

“Oh, no he’s moving in there with me. Baxter just thought it made sense for us to move in there since I do a lot of his admin work and Larry is handling field work for him.”

I gleefully thought, HA, separation. No more Wonder Twin Powers.

I got up and followed her out the door and down the hall to Baxter’s office and lo and behold both she and Larry had desks set up in the big room and Baxter had moved into a smaller office that looked out into their large room. He actually looked up as I came in and I just smiled, waved and left. I don’t know how the twins are going to handle it – no more feeding each other sushi at lunch. No more ‘Are you ready for your smoothie, Larry?’ (gag, gag, gag) I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to it anymore – let Baxter worry about them.

I think this came about because of going to the satellite office last week and having lunch with one of the guys out there. He already knew the dynamic between the twins. I told him the situation of the twins just disappearing all day and when they were in the office how disrupting it was to have all the contractors in and out all day long and I was already wanting to move. He’s tight with the guy that’s just under the manager, Kevin, so I think he told Kevin the situation and Kevin mentioned it to Baxter – hence, Baxter having them more under his thumb now.

Despite it being quieter it feels very weird – like the other shoe is going to drop soon. We’re all awaiting our reviews and there’s been a rumor going around that two of us on the team are going to get cut. There’s all kinds of speculation about it but the vibe is still calm before the storm. I really HATE to think that after all this I’m going to be laid off or let go. By no means do I think I’m one of the two but who knows with all the rash reasoning management can have. I won’t know anything until I get my individual review and even then I’m going to ask Baxter if my job is in jeopardy – I mean, I have to know so I can plan to start searching again. I just hate the feeling of having this pendulum hanging over my head waiting to drop.

So, I guess keep your fingers crossed that I don’t lose my job. Happy New Year to me!


The Wonder Twins

This time last year I was really miserable at my old job. I had a really toxic manager, a workload of 25 projects and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t fantasize about quitting. Around February, I started seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I had a few interviews with a large corporation. Finally, in April I was hired at that large corporation. This was the first time I’d been in the private sector for 6 years. My two previous jobs were state government and after spending 6 years there I was ready to leave it behind. As far as I was concerned it was filled with lazy people who sat around all day figuring out how to throw other people under the bus for their lack of work ethic.

So, working for a large corporation is not unlike the government in some ways – it still takes FOREVER to start doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re waiting for certification classes to take place before they’ll let you do anything. You may be waiting for computer equipment to be ordered so you’ll actually have something to email on and use. You may even be waiting for uniforms to be ordered. (Ironically, I have a uniform but I only wear it on days I have no idea what I’ll wear – “Oh, here we are – blue janitor pants and a grey burger king shirt and “may I take your order” or “Ma-am, you want to show me where the leak is coming from?”

What I managed to leave behind is a toxic manager – my current one is amazingly laid back – if not a little too so -but no complaints here. Right after I started I was part of a team the manager was assembling. At the time, he still had three more positions to hire for. In came my favorite co-worker – I’ll name her Shampa (this is the nickname Charlie gave her and it stuck). Next was Larry and Sherry (not their real names, of course) – the wonder twins.

Remember The Wonder Twins? I watched them on TV when I was a kid.


Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE into -an eagle or a bear or in Larry and Sherry’s case a COMPLETE FIBER NETWORK. (if that gives you any indication of where I work and no – it’s not the one who’s been SAYING that they’re coming and never do – it’s the one that’s always been here.)

So, Larry and Sherry came as a TEAM. I would bet $$ that when negotiating Larry probably told our manager that he wouldn’t come over unless Sherry came with because the two of them were a TEAM in their previous tech position. At this point everyone was at one work center except for them. They were at the construction office they always worked. Our work center was closing down and all us were going to separate to different offices – some out of town – including Shampa. Some down by the airport and then myself, our manager and Patricia (who I’ve written about before) moved to the construction office with Larry and Sherry.

At the time we first moved over here both the Twins were off at Engineer training together and just Patricia and I had the office. But, once the twins have gotten back and time has passed it’s come to my attention that their ongoing work affair has gotten the HELL on my nerves. We all do different jobs –despite all of us having the same title as engineer. But, even so both the twins do their work TOGETHER. If Larry has to go meet on a site and talk to someone, Sherry has to go with so they can do lunch together. Most times they don’t ask anyone to go but I’ve been on lunches with them and they always split meals. Larry will eat whatever Sherry wants to eat and lets her order. (The last few times I’ve felt a bit ill so have decided never to do lunch with them again unless it’s the whole team for our bosses bday or something).

Individually, they’re both nice people – don’t get me wrong. On the odd chance one of them isn’t in the same room you can almost have a conversation. But, once they’re together each one of them has to take part in the conversation, finish each other’s sentences or only have a conversation with each other despite two other people in the room. It’s kind of maddening, to be honest. It’s not any better when all of us are here together, either, because Patricia will aggressively try to take part in the conversation – so much, that her and Sherry will talk about makeup or some girlie thing that neither Larry or I can’t compete in. But, I don’t compete for conversation, honestly. When I come in I politely say “Good morning” and leave it at that. I don’t usually even try to participate unless I need to break in with a work related question.

Then, since we’re in a construction office and the twins used to work in a crew we get a lot of construction people coming in and out all day long looking for them. All.day.long. Most of them I don’t mind except for this one woman who is a scheduler- let’s call her Carmine- who comes in, like, 12 times a day and asks where Larry is. “Like I’m his personal secretary, bi-otch” I mean, she obviously has a thing for Larry, too, and I almost wish that she and Sherry would have some big fight over him and just get over it – hell, I’d even set up the jello pudding wrestling ring and sell tickets.

Carmine isn’t one of those women who like other women, either. As much as I’ve answered the best I can where the hell Larry was she still looks at me like I’m a gnome. So, from now on I’m going to answer her questions with I don’t know. As much as I’d like to follow that with a why you don’t call him he has two phones I don’t want to stir the pot around here. One day everyone was out so I decided to actually lock the office door – to no avail – Carmine who has a key let herself in and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize anyone was in here – where’s Larry?” So, there’s no keeping that bi-otch out of here so I try to ignore her.

I asked Patricia one day after she had been in here asking. “Do you ever think it’s weird that she comes in here all the time looking for Larry?”

She just smiled and shrugged and said, “I try to stay out of it.”

“I hear ya.”

I did mention it to Larry the other day. I mock-slapped my forehead and said, “I forgot to tell you that Carmine was in here looking for you…….like about 12 times!”

“Oh, I don’t know what her problem is she knows she can call me”.

“I think she has a thing for you.”

Larry just laughed nervously and cut his eyes to the side in fear that Sherry would hear and said, “Oh, I don’t think that.”

I know there’s worse things at work but sometimes I just feel like I’m working with a bunch of high school kids. Yesterday, I got to go out to Shampa’s office and work with them. I think it’s come to the attention of the team manager that I need some additional training and that I’m not getting it where I am. They are all designers and run centers out there so no one has time for high school shit most of the team’s expertise is in that office. I get frustrated where I work – for the reasons above and that no one knows shit around here. If I’m designing a job (which, along with that and running a center is what I want to do) and have a question there’s no one here to ask. I have to get on our message system and talk to Shampa or one of them out there. I have no one to look over my shoulder. Even though Patricia runs 4 centers and I’m slated to get one of them she doesn’t know how to design stuff – which, is what I’ve been doing. There are some of us that want to design and some not and the ones not are all in my office except for me. It was nice being out there – people were working – quietly or every once in a while having a conversation but it wasn’t intrusive like it is where I work. So, after yesterday I mentioned to my boss that I could go out there a few times per week and work and he said that sounded good. I’m stoked because that means I’m only here twice a week and that fat bitch Carmine can stick it!



it’s a wrap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We didn’t do much except hang out with friends, watch TV and study. I even got so much into a routine that it was really strange going back to work today.

Looking back on the year Charlie and I did have a decent one despite a lot of people we know having quite the opposite. I got a new job [thankfully] and spent the year learning a new trade. Charlie started our landscaping business and we have several clients now. We had the shed built and Charlie built a porch on it.  We made some new friends and hung out more with the ones who were open to hanging.

The motorcycle spent the hotter months in pieces in the carport getting a new look. Charlie’s underwent some modifications as well – a few over the holidays, too, that had it not been for Drewberry’s help we probably would have killed each other specifically, putting in her new headlight. (Headlights are a BEEEOTCH to install – just know)

We saw a lot of concerts in 2016 – The Fray, Train, Doobie Brothers, Journey, Government Mule, Keith Urban, Charlie Mars – twice, Angie Aparo, Roxie Watson, our friends, Kitty Snyder and Kitty Rose. This year we already have our calendar marked for concerts we want to see. On tap so far is our friend, Hannah Thomas for her birthday bash at Edie’s, next we want to check out some groups we hadn’t heard before, Dawes, Mothers Finest. So our concert calendar is filling up.

We didn’t take many trips in 2016 – only to Nashville for Charlie’s b-day. This year we’re planning two. Link invited us up to her FAT cabin in Maine so we were thinking of renting an SUV and taking the dogs up for a week in July then in the fall we’re going to Ireland. I’ve already made up a draft itinerary. Charlie’s family originates somewhere around Kilkenny so we plan on touring there and the east and west coast south of Dublin. If anyone reading has been there I’d love some feedback on some places or things to not miss while we are there. Yes, we plan on drinking plenty of Guinness.

So, that’s pretty much it for our 2016 run-down. I hope that 2017 is just as rewarding and smooth as 2016 was for us!