update and it was a day

Well, it turns out that being two up in the group was a nasty rumor and I could choke that guy who started it. I found this out because yesterday Shampa had her review with Baxter and she asked him about it.

“So, is the rumor true  – that we’re two up and need to let some people go?”

“No, where did you hear that?”

“From RT, he was talking about it.” 

“Well, tell RT if that were true he’d be the first to go. In fact, we have room for another person.”

Soon as Shampa got out of her review she messaged me. I in turn messaged Charlie who has been in Florida taking care of her Dad. So a huge collective ‘Whew’ went up.

Like I said previously, the rumor came up right before we were to get our reviews and on Wednesday. I came home from work fit to be tied and then I noticed the city truck that is supposed to pick up brush on the street picked up everyone’s except ours. I grabbed my keys and ran  out to the truck and drove down the street and parked behind them. I got out and immediately was in their faces asking why they picked up everyone else’s brush except ours. They gave some lame excuse they were picking up the old stuff first – right. I told them that pile was old stuff it had been sitting there for two weeks.

This all came about because our d*ckhead neighbor, Richard, called in a complaint one time because we were dumping debris at the street. He told them that it was coming from our landscape clients outside of the neighborhood. He is just jealous that we actually have a thriving business while he sits at home all day and looks at porn and drinks. Basically, he has nothing better to do than stick his nose in other peoples – ours – business. So, because of his complaint we had to meet with the city code enforcement officer and go over all the cleanup we’ve done in our backyard, show them the cuts, where the branches came from, etc. Such b.s. because we pay a lot of taxes to live here and this pickup is included in that. Which, is maddening because d*ckhead and his wife are RENTERS who don’t even pay taxes.

Since he complained every time we do any cleanup in our backyard and put it at the street they just pass us by – even after meeting with the city to explain where it came from that it did not come from clients outside of the city. So, you can see why I was in their faces. The guys sweeping up told me to talk to the driver and I told him the same thing and he said they would swing around and get it. I told them that they had better. If they didn’t come back I was going to go find them again and write down every one of their names and take it to the mayor of the city. As it was I drove home and got on the phone with city hall and gave the woman who picked up an ear load of it. She said she’d email the code enforcement officer and I said, Fine, go ahead but he’s not going to call me back or do anything about it and that I was sick of it. They did come back but I bet you $100 that if I hadn’t have been home they would have left it for another two weeks.

So, after that I needed a strong drink. It was a day.


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