For some reason this week has just really kicked my @ss. It’s Friday and I’m ready for a nice weekend  kickin’ it with Charlie and perhaps Benjii playing darts and having some beers.

I’ve fought a sinus infection all week – that’s part of the reason it’s kicked my butt so bad. Thankfully, my doctor knows that I get these things once in the spring and once in the fall  and called in a prescription over the phone. I’m glad I got to it when I did because it would have put me down a lot harder if I had waited a few days to start the meds.

Charlie put in a rock job for a client this week. She worked really hard on it, too, and it looked fabulous.


The client was a little wishy-washy at the end, though. Charlie thinks it was because the client thought the rock was going to be larger than what was placed. (we went over that with the her several times prior to installing it) I thought it was more like buyers remorse on writing the final check for the outstanding invoice amount.

Sometimes it just works like that in your work and life. You’re plugging along thinking you’re doing great and next thing you know your manager, boss, client or even co-worker tells you you’re doing sh*tty.

Sometimes it’s true and you don’t realize it but often times it’s their stuff just projecting onto you. I try to take it in stride, I do. I try to learn from my mistakes and not let others tear me down or do that to myself. If you remember my corporate image and saved by zero posts you know I haven’t been exactly thrilled with that aspect of my life lately. Along with studying for my PMP I’ve been applying for different roles within the company. This morning, I had my first “virtual” interview. And —

–I blew that, too.

At least I feel like I did. My computer decided to take a dive right before the interview and I had to use the call in meeting method. Brittany and Kelisha on the other end did not like that, I thought. But, maybe I’ll actually make the second round from them not seeing my ugly mug. Who knows if this thing is a fit or if it will go any further. But, it’s Friday and I’m bound and determined to brush myself off, keeping studying and get the FREAKING PMP cert and move on!

It’s getting to be almost that time to tip a beer at the Irish pub so cheers everyone and have a great weekend – you know I’m gonna!







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