dull bird

I must apologize for being away for so long. School and work has been kicking my ass these days as you can probably understand. So, this post is a conglomerate of days and what I have been up to.


I’m at a cyber security conference today and (maybe) tomorrow. Mostly, what I am trying to glean from it is networking opportunities. And, I was over work this week and thought I could use a few days off to do something different pertaining to school.

I’ve been here since 9 this morning and have volunteered a little with my student information security club and have made a few decent contacts. Since I got in for free for being a student it’s been well worth it.  I was beat by the end of the day, though. I didn’t even hang around for the recruiter happy hour. I figured a large portion of the people who were there were already working in the field and my time would be better spend at that point getting on the train and going home to have my own happy hour with my wife.

It turned out to be a good choice as by the time I got back to my side of town I was feeling a bit rundown. I think the allergy season is kicking in again and I am SO OVER this 90 degree weather that’s stretched out for a number of months here. Football is (thankfully) back on and I’m desperately waiting for cooler weather to get here so we can have bon fires in the back yard and Charlie can rent her log splitting machine.


While I took the day off from work to go to the conference I just couldn’t muster it. I wanted a day off to do whatever I wanted to do. A large portion was spent transferring my wife’s 300 something photos from her phone, FB and What’s App into a Google cloud. I’m buying her a digital camera with a HUGE SD card for her next trip – just saying. What a wonderful thing these clouds are. I think that will be a future certification that I need to get.


College football most of the day with homework and studying in between. Not only am I studying class stuff but also for my Network + certification. I’ve decided that no one is going to even look at me unless I get a few certs under my belt and I’m bound and determined I’m going to be certified in this before Christmas. Even if I get a C in Linux.


I went to school early to study before class. I ran into two classmates in the lab – one is in my Linux class that night. Can I just say that I cannot stand the prof for this class. He explains nothing. He just gets into his virtual box and starts typing dos commands. He also nags us about turning in our homework on time. Hello. This is adult learning the last time I checked. Last week we had our first test that was open book. I know, open book should be easy but you only get so long to do a 50 question test and you have to have most of the questions committed to memory or else you won’t finish it on time. So, I blew through it in 20 minutes because I’d studied my ass off for it. Originally, I was planning on bouncing after the test but the prof told us that he would give us an hour to do the test and then at 7:05 we’ll start lecture. So, you did the math – I’m sitting there for 40 minutes twiddling my thumbs waiting for the end of the test. Actually, I opened up my Cisco and did a lab while I waited.

This whole class has been so f*cked up. The prof doesn’t tell us when he makes the chapter review tests available nor the labs. We just have to eck out time in each of our days to constantly go to the website and check. Tonight he just loaded the next chapter lab. I’m one of these people who like to work ahead – actually, I need to work ahead in order to make sure I stay caught up with all of the workload. I just realized tonight from a classmate that the labs don’t necessarily need to be linked in order to do them. So, I’m mf-ing doing about 3 in a row this weekend. Along with studying for my Net+.

So, yeah – this is my life. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Linux. I don’t see myself as being a coder. I’ll probably never be hacker/coder like Lizbeth Salandar.

But, give me a switch and some wire and I could probably figure out how to set up a simple network, hence, why I like Cisco so much better. I can get with that. In fact, I’m loving my Cisco class and my other security class but at the end of the day I do need to learn some code. I will probably end up teaching myself. I see Linux for dummies in my future. Or maybe I will take a Python class. I started teaching myself a little python and it’s really not bad.

Tonight, we walked in to class and he hit us with a pop quiz. This guy is really not winning any popularity contests these days. I tried to switch profs at the first of the semester but it was too late – I was stuck with the guy. SIGH. At least I made a friend in class instead of only knowing that wack-a-doodle girl in there.

So, this is my dull bird school life. I really hope all this pays off someday. I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving break. -Sigh-