Paddle Boarding

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I got up early and went out to Stone Mountain lake to do some paddle boarding. This is a new thing for me as I just got the board last week, got new crossbars to go on the truck and got everything all set up. At first, it was a mutha getting it on top of the truck BUT I watched a couple of videos on loading a board by yourself and I drove straight up to the put-in on Sunday, pulled it off the roof and laid it right by the water. The same went for loading. I drove down to the bank where I left it and loaded it there. Both mornings, there were a few people putting in when I was there but mostly as I was coming out there were even more people going in. I’ve been trying to get out there when it’s cooler in the mornings and be done no later than 10:00 because it’s been really hot down here. Here are a few pics of my board and other people putting in.

And, I must say that my wonderful wife made a board hanger for me so I have a place to put it when it’s not on top of the truck. (Notice the cute sign she made that indicates where the handle is)

Things have been rather low-key these past few weeks. We did go out to see Atlanta United play on Saturday. Really, other than that we’ve just had a few friends over for dinner, have gone out to dinner and just laid by our pool out back. It’s getting to be the lazy days of summer where it’s just too damn hot to be outside between the hours of 11-4. Outside festival? Hell no. Outside concert? Hell no. But, I do have to go listen to an outdoor symphony on the 12th for a school assignment. School is super annoying this summer. Simply because I’m taking two online classes and it’s a f*ck-ton of work. In my security policy class she’s having us read two chapters a week and watch these stupid, outdated Ted Talks and write about how it relates to the chapters we just read in the book. Most of the time it’s a stretch to get the two to relate to each other because the book chapters are strictly on policy whereas the videos are a wide range of topics such as ethics, technology challenges and politics. Then, my music class we have to read an average of 5 book chapters a week plus 5 online quizzes and do discussion threads on topics the professor chooses. Anyway, I know I’m going to be in over my head come fall when I’m going to try and take three classes. I’d really like to graduate in the Spring but I’m going to have to be diligent.



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