holiday weekend chex mix

I’m trusting everyone had a great holiday weekend despite everything else going on?

We did, however, there were some obstacles’. If you read the previous post, we bought motorcycles which we starting riding immediately after being delivered. But, one of them has an oil leak and the other, the rear brake is dragging a little. So, they both have to go back to the shop. Which was very disappointing because we were planning on riding them all weekend. I really hope these things don’t turn out to be lemons on two wheels.

Saturday, we had a reservation to rent a pontoon on Lake Allatoona. Originally, we asked our friends Katie & Calvin to go along with Link. The kids called later in the week and wanted to come up but we said, Oh, we already have plans to go on the boat and we can’t have that many people on there for social distancing. Can we make it another time? And, give us more notice so we can make a plan. Then, K & C bail on us so we could have had the kids with us had we known. I didn’t get too torqued about it but I made a mental note not to invite them on the boat anymore. It’s become a rule. If you’re asked and then bail you won’t be asked again.

So, the email confirmation that the boat rental place had the wrong address on it. We actually went to Lake Lanier instead of Allatoona. (Honestly, I should never trust anything and should have checked the confirmation address) When we got there – there were TONS of folks walking around with no masks. We were the only ones along with two other men with them on. Which, was disconcerting. When I got up to the window to check in, of course, they didn’t have our reservation because it was for the wrong place. I was like, OH MY GAWD! Long story short, we had to drive all the way to the Allatoona location. By the time we got there we were spoiling for a fight but they assured us that we’d get our 4 hours and they would give us a coupon for some $$ off our next visit. So, we go load up on the boat and – some @sshole comes by and tells us to get everyone off because he just sold that particular boat. I was pissed. I went walking up to the check-in women again and explained that we just got kicked off a boat that we were getting ready to launch because it was sold and now we have to go through the checkout process with another boat and we need another 30 minutes. One of the girls was about to open her mouth to say something when I added, We’ll have it back by 4:00, when the other girl put her hand her to shut her up and said, 4:00!

We could have probably gotten it back at 7 and no one would have said anything but we were burnt and tired by the time we got back. I also managed to get a free tube thrown in and they gave us a coupon for $100 off the next rental. So, I’m thinking of going again in June before the 4th of July madness and another C19 spike. We may only invite Link this time unless the kids could possibly make a plan to come up in June.

Sunday, we had our friends L & L over for dinner. We sat outside and grilled and talked. It was a lot of fun! We’ve been hanging with them a lot more lately since they just live right up the street. Yesterday we just hung out and then played darts at the shed later in the afternoon. Today, I am whipped. I’m really glad it’s a short week. Tonight all I want to do is chill and watch some TV.

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “holiday weekend chex mix

  1. I like your rules! People need more of them – or at least consequences from them.
    That whole boat ordeal was frustrating, though. How the heck did they book your reservation at the wrong place, anyway?!?


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