Lanie writes a weekly, bi-weekly, sometimes daily blog called “Lanie in the City”. The blog used to focus on Lanie’s sexual escapades (or lack thereof), dating fiascos and her life with her close friends (Ellen, Charlie & Jennifer), as well as musings about the relationships and friendships between lesbians in Atlanta, Georgia but NOW the focus has changed to her daily work and fun life with her wife Charlie.

Lanie still overbooks her schedule. She still falls back on self-deprecation as a form of humor and now that Lanie is married she still hasn’t forgotten her good friends. She continues to forge new friendships through blogging and daily life.

Lanie enjoys beer (particularly Sweetwater 420), playing pool and riding motorcycles. Lanie sees herself as a tough girl, however, appears to not be able to even hurt a fly.
Lanie and her wife Charlie live just inside the “fruit loop” in a four bedroom, two-bath house with  two beloved dogs, Sadie & Bailey and now beloved cat, Theodore. In the past, she has often had difficulties with girlfriends living with her but her and Charlie function successfully under one roof save for the many times Bailey has eaten shoes and that incident with the burnt [dog] bones.
Despite having a sometimes very bitchy demanding sister, step mother, father and rednecky uncles, aunts and cousins Lanie doesn’t feel that she has  much family and is not close to them. She rarely visits however, she did take Charlie and dogs home to meet the family two Thanksgivings ago and it was somewhat successful [except for having to eat endless amounts of cheese and bread at her sisters because she had just discovered fondue].
Lanie continues to thrive with her writing and life with Charlie. She hopes to start a new project this year in the realm of short stories and horror. Stay tuned.


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  1. I need help advice– I found you through another blog and I have lost the address.. she lived in Atlanta, I think. She played kickball. You guys met up a couple of times. Can you email me her URL if she is still blogging?


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