The Weekend chex mix

I know I promised y’all I would write a post on this past weekend and all the fun we had. Friday night we met up with Becky and Shelia to try out a new brewery in the ‘hood. It was pretty cool save for they only had one beer we liked. I get they just opened but let’s hope they add additional lighter beers to the menu. Everything was either a hazy IPA or a stout. When its’ 1000 degrees outside I just don’t want a heavy beer. We ended up with a beer named Aromatic Hive which is a honey basil ale. It was nice. We’ll probably go back there again because the atmosphere was really nice and they have a full kitchen with a food menu. Later, Bernitta got in from Florida and we visited a little and then all hit the sack.

Saturday, I got up and went paddling while Charlie and B went to breakfast. I got out to the lake a little later than my usual 7:30 but it was still quiet and smooth. I could tell it was going to be a hot one, though. I got home and ate a sandwich and the three of us went antiquing and ended up down at Krog market. We had drinks at Hop City and then wandered into Superica. This was Superica #1 for the night as we planned on going to the other one in Buckhead that evening so we would be close to Johnny’s Hideaway.

So, fast forward – we grabbed an Uber and headed to B’head to that Superica. (Yeah, the one at Krog is WAY better) We sat at the bar and ate and had drinks and then walked on down to JH. When we got there and slid into a table is was great. There was hardly anyone there and we felt we had the dance floor to ourselves. But later, it was a mob scene and cougartown central. One time I was in the restroom and some woman came in and screamed another woman’s name asking if she was still in there and she screamed back from the stall next to me that she was. Then, another time there was a woman retching in the stall next to me. I felt like I was in college again. We decided to head out after B got groped and Charlie got asked to dance by a man her father’s age. Yeah, no. It was a good thing I didn’t get groped bc there would have been some broken bones in the mix. Maybe I just have that scary insane look that keeps people away when needed.

I’m glad we went but there’s no way we’ll hump our cookies all the way up to straightsville-cougartown to dance again. I think next time we’ll check out The Basement in East Atlanta Village.

Sunday, we tore ourselves out of bed for the soccer watch party. Seriously, I could have slept until at least 10 I was so tired. But, once I had some coffee it felt doable. (But, next time – no hosting after being out all night. No way) So, the food and company were great, we won and were very happy about that and now get out so we can get some sleep and relax. We were so fried by that evening that all we could muster was sitting on the couch and watching Breaking Bad with B since she hasn’t seen it all.

Monday, B left and both Charlie and I dragged ourselves to work. I felt rough around the edges from the weekend. I took every vitamin I could find in my drawer that morning and even mixed that skanky vitamin C powder into water to drink.Then, my boss verbally hits me upside the head about this project I’m working on. When she gets like this I should just shut up and nod my head because there is no talking to her because she’ll cut you off and keep talking. It was seriously not the day to hit me up like that but I dealt with it. I have to because I’m still in my probationary period. October cannot get here sooner. That way I can start using some of my vacation time. Just the word vacation sounds heavenly right now. I gave blood a few weeks back because every time they have a blood drive at work and you give they give you 4 hours. 4 hours, ya’ll! I could be on the lake! I can give again the end of August so that would make it a full 8 hours and an extra day off.

Anyway, that’s my weekend. It’s already hump day Wednesday so this week is almost over. We don’t have any plans this weekend except to work on our drainage project in the back yard which I’m hoping will not be as big as a nightmare as we both fear.



Forget it

Ok, that’s it. I’m so done with trying to get people together and make plans. Fuck it. Two weekends ago we were hanging at the pool and asked Benji what she was doing. She texted back that she was really hung over from the previous night because she was out at the bar up the street playing darts.


Where was our invitation to play darts? We’d seen her the previous day when we met up at the Irish pub to watch USA play France and there was no mention of making plans to play darts on Saturday, nothing. So, Benji comes over and brings her dog, Squid, and some beers of her own. (Because she drinks those disgusting sours and we never keep in the fridge) She’s sitting out by the pool and she mentioned the previous night. I think Charlie said something like, We like to play darts, why didn’t you call us?

Then, Benji says, Because, I was on a date. (Articulating the date word when she said it. Like it was private, y’all. Like, I don’t want you people around when I’m with my girl. Even though she was in a crowded bar with people all around.)

Oh, ok. Well excuse us.

THEN, we all had plans to go on this pontoon boat for my birthday this month. These are solid plans that we made with her and Stiletto way back in April or May. I went ahead and reserved the boat and everything and it’s completely paid for. Charlie and I even took our boating license tests so we could drive the boat. It was only going to be the four of us. So, this past weekend when Stiletto comes over to watch the game she tells me that she won’t be able to go because of this thing she has to go to. To be honest, I was disappointed, sure. She chose to do this thing over all of us hanging out for my birthday. The only reason I didn’t give her a hard time about it was because I thought she was going to cry when she told me. She said, Promise you won’t be mad. So, what the hell am I supposed to say to that? Yeah, you’d rather drive your ass to Indiana for this organization that you do volunteer work for than hang out with all of us on the boat. Fine. But, what can I do? I didn’t make a big deal over it. I blew it off. After that, I texted Benji and told her Stiletto wasn’t going on the trip and that if she wanted to invite her new gf, Yogi, then bring her.
So, instead of a Hey, thanks I’ll ask her, I get this:

I’m pretty annoyed by this because Yogi and I postponed flying out for our trip bc of the boating we planned.

I’m thinking, OH so now that Stiletto canceled you don’t want to go. Forget hanging out with Charlie and I. I texted: I’m sorry, Stiletto had something come up that she can’t get out of. Nothing I can do about it.

Yeah well I could have flown out earlier but I didn’t cancel our plans we made bc I didn’t want to be inconsiderate. UGH!

I’m thinking: Ok you’re being inconsiderate now. I texted: Well, you can still go or don’t go. I can’t help that Stiletto canceled.

I understand that. I’m just annoyed. And not at you.

Seems like you are, dude. Well, I’m sorry if you’ve already made plans to go on your trip then go on the boat. Charlie and I are going regardless of you lame-ass people.

No, I made plans to postphone my trip BC we had made boat plans (OH thank you so much for giving me your time and not bailing too even though it’s APPARENT that you want to) I was still planning on going bc I said I would. I committed to y’all for that. It’s just annoying when other people commit to something then fall through.

I’m not going to type the rest of this but I ended up just saying, It doesn’t sound like you really want to go so do your plans, take your trip. We’ve got it covered.

And, she still comes back with: Our flight is booked already. That’s what I’m saying. I worked around our plans.

I didn’t text back. I’m so done with her right now. Take your fucking trip, dude. It’s apparent she doesn’t want to just hang out with us. Stiletto bailed so she wants to bail too. Fuck her. I don’t want her to go now anyway. I’m pissed off about it. She can get someone else to sit her dog while she’s gone, too. I’m done inviting and offering to do favors for someone who only wants to hang with us when plans with her new gf fall through. Don’t come crying to us when this one falls through, too. I’ve got nothing else to say.

I’ll write more about the fabulous weekend we had after I chill out a bit. I just had to get this off my chest.

4th weekend chex mix

I started a post the other day but I got busy and trashed it so now I’m starting over. This holiday weekend is going to be jam packed with activities.

Yesterday, after running around shopping we decided to just put on our swimming shorts and head out to the pool. It was so hot. Later, Benji texted asking what we were doing and we said hanging and she came over. Then, she ended up inviting new girl, yogi, over to play darts. She ended up being really cool and we played three games. Right as it was getting to be dusk and time to let off fireworks at the lake it opened up and poured for a good 15 minutes. I was kind of happy about that because there had been several vicious posts on our neighborhood forum about staking out – literally, spots at the lake 12 hours in advance for fireworks. I was thinking, Yeah, so much for staking out spots and killing the grass for this. I was so glad we didn’t go down there and stayed put playing darts with Benji and Yogi. We had a great time!

Tonight, we have Bernitta coming in from Florida as well as meeting up with Becky and Shelia for drinks and dinner. We don’t think Bernitta will be here in time to meet with us for dinner and drinks but will be here after. They are all good friends and we’re going to surprise them on Sunday when they come over for the watch party and Bernitta is there.

Saturday, I do intend to paddle. I’ve been dying to get out on the lake. I could have yesterday but I knew with all the 4th stuff going on it would be busy and crowded and I just decided to forgo it until Saturday. Here’s some photos of the last visit:

That night we’re hoping to take Bernitta out to Johnny’s Hideaway and dance. Sunday, we’re having people over for the world cup watch party/brunch. We’re also going to dye our hair pink in support of women and Meagan Rapinoe.


date night, paddling & other misc stuff

So, the weekend started out with date night at a new restaurant in East Atlanta Village named Banshee. (Ironically, it used to be the location of a lesbian bar – My sister’s room who relocated to midtown.) This place had a recent write up in Atlanta magazine and I decided that we needed to check it out. It was a very great atmosphere (once the screaming baby from the dining room left). I recommend sitting at the bar. One of the managers, Faielle, served us awesome drinks (I never would have remembered her name if I didn’t have the magazine to refer to). We got a few appetizers see below:

I got an early birthday present this past week from Charlie. A carbon fiber SUP paddle. So you know I was anxious to try it out on Saturday. I was up early and out the door sipping my coffee as I rode out to the lake. I like to get there early before it gets too hot and crowded. Always as I’m taking out there are tons of people going in. I like the really early mornings when the water is calm and the bugs are fluttering on the surface and the fish jumping.

Yesterday, there was a big group of SUP’s putting on as I pulled off. They were demoing race SUPs. My friend, Drew was supposed to be there and I initially looked for him but didn’t see him. I was tired anyway. I had paddled a lot further than I did the previous weekend because the paddle was so damn light. Amazingly light. We had shit to do anyway as we were having Emil and Kandice and another couple who are relatively new friends of ours, Becky and Shelia over for dinner that night.

We had a fabulous time and dinner was great! Mostly, our peach cobbler (that I had to go all over town to find moderately ripe peaches) turned out great! I have a couple of more weeks of school left and I’m done for summer semester. I need to take a breather before fall semester starts because I’m taking 3 classes and I know it’s going to be cra-cra. This is the only way if I want to graduate next Spring. I’ve just got to put my head down and do it.



Paddle Boarding

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I got up early and went out to Stone Mountain lake to do some paddle boarding. This is a new thing for me as I just got the board last week, got new crossbars to go on the truck and got everything all set up. At first, it was a mutha getting it on top of the truck BUT I watched a couple of videos on loading a board by yourself and I drove straight up to the put-in on Sunday, pulled it off the roof and laid it right by the water. The same went for loading. I drove down to the bank where I left it and loaded it there. Both mornings, there were a few people putting in when I was there but mostly as I was coming out there were even more people going in. I’ve been trying to get out there when it’s cooler in the mornings and be done no later than 10:00 because it’s been really hot down here. Here are a few pics of my board and other people putting in.

And, I must say that my wonderful wife made a board hanger for me so I have a place to put it when it’s not on top of the truck. (Notice the cute sign she made that indicates where the handle is)

Things have been rather low-key these past few weeks. We did go out to see Atlanta United play on Saturday. Really, other than that we’ve just had a few friends over for dinner, have gone out to dinner and just laid by our pool out back. It’s getting to be the lazy days of summer where it’s just too damn hot to be outside between the hours of 11-4. Outside festival? Hell no. Outside concert? Hell no. But, I do have to go listen to an outdoor symphony on the 12th for a school assignment. School is super annoying this summer. Simply because I’m taking two online classes and it’s a f*ck-ton of work. In my security policy class she’s having us read two chapters a week and watch these stupid, outdated Ted Talks and write about how it relates to the chapters we just read in the book. Most of the time it’s a stretch to get the two to relate to each other because the book chapters are strictly on policy whereas the videos are a wide range of topics such as ethics, technology challenges and politics. Then, my music class we have to read an average of 5 book chapters a week plus 5 online quizzes and do discussion threads on topics the professor chooses. Anyway, I know I’m going to be in over my head come fall when I’m going to try and take three classes. I’d really like to graduate in the Spring but I’m going to have to be diligent.


the holiday weekend chex mix

I’ve been looking forward to having a day off for awhile now even though I had a week off prior to starting my new job. Six months seems an endless amount of time to wait for a vacation despite there having been times in the past where I hadn’t taken a vacation in a year.

Friday, I had to go to the dentist for a cleaning. I dreaded it, as I always do. I absolutely loath going to the dentist. Ever since I was a child and my parents dragged me to their quack dentist I’ve hated it. This guy was name Dr. Comer – should have been Dr. Coma for how bad he was. He once filled the wrong tooth in my mouth. He had hands to size of a mammoth cave man and was always telling me to open my mouth wider. I’ve been through several other terrible dentists since then and fortunately now have a very gentle and kind dentist that I fight traffic to Marietta for because I refuse to see anyone else.

Prior to my leaving the hell hole (my last job) I was eating an almond and felt a give on one of my back molars. I thought at the time, Great. My dental insurance ends in 4 days. I resigned myself to waiting until I had insurance at the new place and dealing with it when I went in for my bi-yearly cleaning. So, I’m in the chair on Friday and it was a Yep. You cracked it in two. (Fuck those damn almonds! This is what I get for eating a healthy snack!) The only thing holding it together was an old mercury filling. So, a temporary crown later I’m driving back to my office with half of my face melted off – it felt like it anyway.

So, this was how I started out my holiday weekend. Yesterday, I got up feeling rough. My jaw ached and I’ve relegated to only chewing on one side of my mouth because I’m not going to lose the temporary over a holiday weekend for sure! It may be a liquid diet of mich ultra the rest of the weekend which doesn’t sound that bad to be honest. I had signed up for a paddle board class that day. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I didn’t feel well. But, it turned out to be fun even though it was hot as balls out. I came home, grabbed an ultra and went into the pool. We were supposed to have Jess over for dinner but she flaked on us so there were more margaritas for us and we just vegged by the pool.

This morning, I told Charlie to make me a whole pot of coffee because I had a mountain of homework and labs for school to finish before I could do anything. I’m so not in to school this summer. I’m like BLAH.

Tonight, we’re having Shutter and Rooster over for dinner. Tomorrow we don’t really have any plans but I’m ok with that. Since I’m writing this post that means I’ve finished all my homework and am ready to enjoy the rest of my day! Everyone have a fun and safe rest of your holiday weekend!


Working and weekend Chex mix

It’s been a very busy two weeks with entertaining and Charlie and I are ready to take a break and have some down time. I made it through the semester with an A & B (surprisingly in SQL since I felt like I bombed the test). Right after finals Charlie’s mom came in to town and they rode bikes on Friday, had the neighbors up for dinner that night, Saturday we hiked 5 miles and went out to dinner a bunch. 

School starts back up May 13th, although, both of my classes are online so I won’t have to haul my cookies up to school until the fall semester. Thankfully, work has been really chill. The people are really chill, too. They are WAY nicer than the people from my previous job where there was a lot of backstabbing and no one wanted to help anyone. I felt I made a good choice and plan on staying for awhile. 

So, I’m back in the public sector and work for a local government who I worked for many years in the past, left and now I’m back. I’m in a much different role now than I was before. The building I work in is right across the street from the county jail and has two different courts on either side of the building. A portion of the police department resides in my building so there are officers everywhere. There’s also evidence rooms in the building and sometimes you get a strong whiff of pot when you walk into the lobby. Apparently, there’s around 5,000 pounds of it in there prior to them burning it at the county incinerator which is just right up the street. 

There’s a plaza between the two courts – one is a traffic, DUI court and the other is a magistrate court. Not sure the specifics of the two but I don’t want to know, either. In the morning in the lobby of my building is where the people doing community service sit   prior to getting on the bus to go do work. Then, in the afternoon people start flooding the plaza outside and downstairs to go in to court at 2:00. So, there’s always people milling about. I have a badge on that I clearly wear so the police officers know that I work in the building but I also get asked a ton of questions from the people milling about waiting for their court case. Typically, my response is: “I don’t know. No, I’m not an attorney. I work in IT.” And keep going. 

There’s helicopters parked on top of our building, however, I never hear them land or take off unless I’m outside walking at lunch or to my car. There’s a woman I work with who likes to put on headphones and mirrored sunglasses and go down to the plaza and people watch. This could be at different times – whether they’re going in to court or coming out. Regardless, she always has interesting stories to tell. She came running up yesterday and apparently there was a lot of drama going on. Some guy came out of the court yelling and going on about something. This is, like, the second guy in two weeks who’s done this. I think people are stupid. Why not go in there in front of the judge and be respectful and try to work out a deal? But, that’s just me. People are in house slippers, pajamas, toting kids around (I wonder if they think the judge will be lenient if they have children with them). They are all kinds of ages and demographics. 

So, never a dull moment around work for sure and it’s 10 minutes from the house so no complaints here. I haven’t been in touch with my former work peeps. I think they have my digits, they can friggin’ text me if they care to know what I’m up to or go to lunch and I’m just leaving it at that. Lately, I’ve refrained from chasing people around because I just don’t have the time or energy and after this week I just really don’t want to have any plans except for date night and Friday night. 

I am so ready for the weekend, too!

take the girl out of the country…….

So, I started my new job this week. On the first day I had two huge curved flat-screened monitors sitting on my desk along with a laptop and docking station. Next, came an Ipad, Iphone and a projector. For when I had to do presentations, my boss said. I got everything set up but it was not until today that my company email and new desk phone number got set up. I already have three projects that I’m working on and everyone in the office (so far) seems really nice.

The lady in the cubicle across from me seems cool and we’ve chatted a bit. I’m conscious of not chatting a bunch and enjoying the silence of the office. What a contrast to my former place where my coworker screamed on the phone all day long. Most of the people I’ve met are relatively new to the team. It’s 5 minutes from the house and it just feels really great to be somewhere else.

I had a week off prior to starting and Charlie and I went to the mountains and rented a cabin. We hadn’t stayed in this particular area previously so it was nice exploring the town of Blue Ridge which has A LOT more going for it than most of the towns in the sticks north Georgia. I think it’s because of that Blue Ridge Mountain Railway that takes people along the Toccoa River to the different stopping points so they can get off and shop, eat, drink and get back on. In our exploration we stopped off at Fightingtown Tavern for a drink out on their shaded deck with the dogs. We also checked out Grumpy Old Men Brewing – which, despite the staff being really nice and it being a great hangout, I thought, had an unfortunate name. Plus, it seemed that ALL of their beers were over 5% and very hoppy. When we were downtown Blue Ridge I wanted to check out this fly fishing store – Cohutta Fishing Company – and ended up booking a trip with a guide the next day. It turned out to be a great trip as my guide upgraded me for the same price to floating down the river in his boat instead of trying to wade the Toccoa River in 30 degree weather. I had to meet him at dark thirty in a town about 30 minutes away from our cabin– McCaysville, GA – right on the Tennessee line. The first hour I caught 1 brook trout and 3 rainbows. By 11:00 am the river was already starting to rise from the dam release earlier that morning and by the time we took the boat out it was about 5 feet higher than when we started. It was a great experience and well worth it.

Despite the good time and mountain air, Charlie and I were ready to get back to the city with a few days of vacation still left. Once back as we navigated the stairs to the roof of busy New Realm Brewery I said, You can’t get this in the country, baby.

Yeah, you can take this girl out of the country and even the country out of this girl v as far as I’m concerned.


hump day famine then feast chex mix

Funny how when you’ve gone without something for so long that you don’t realize how much you deserve better until it’s given to you. This can occur in several instances. In my case, it’s work. I never realized how deprived I’ve been professionally, and how pathetic my work conditions have been until now.

When I first started my former job we were all located in a fairly decent building and there was a lot of collaboration with the team. But then the company wanted to sell the building and we were told we had to move out. Some of us moved out to Lawrenceville (the hated Lawrenceville crew), some moved downtown to East Point. Others moved to a construction office in Grant Park and two other teammates moved to a central office in Decatur.

I had expressed to my boss at the time that I wanted to move to the Decatur location in which he never said I could move there- then again, never said I couldn’t move there. See, my boss – I know now, did not like me and avoided me at all costs. Whether that was because I am gay, a woman, or both. Who knows.

When I first moved to the construction office location I had no desk, no chair, no Ethernet connection nor cord, power cords, nothing that elicited even the notion of setting up a work station. My boss sent another co-worker over to the furniture surplus place to get me a desk. Then, since I was in the construction office we got one of the techs to build me an Ethernet connection. It was kind of ridiculous, to be honest.

Eventually, I just packed up my shit and moved over to the Decatur location because I felt if he had a problem with it then he could let me know. He never did. When I moved to that location, I built my own cubicle even asking Charlie to come over with her drill and screw me in a longer desk table equipped with a small filing cabinet. I scrounged around for a couple of monitors, pieced together a shelf for my desk. Fortunately, there were Ethernet connections as well as power outlets adjacent to my desk. There were several chairs to choose from and even a window next to my desk to look out. The construction office was a windowless tomb and the air conditioning didn’t work half the time I was over there.

Yesterday, I went to my new work office to fill out some paperwork and was shown my future cubicle that was already equipped with two large curved HP monitors, a laptop that had already been set up for me and did I want an android or Iphone? They would order it then and I would be getting a tablet as well. I was a little bit in shock but realized that that is the way it’s supposed to be. My old place would be like this, Your laptop is too old and you need to go on this site, fill out this form for a new computer and then drive your old laptop over to this location and drop it off and yeah, you will be without a computer for an undisclosed period – yeah, we know you have work but, hey, this is the way it is, you’ll just have to deal with it. And, oh – if you don’t update your phone then we will wipe it for you and you will have to call this number (which, you’d have to search for a ½ hour to find) to set it up again in order to get access.

So yeah – to say I’m ecstatic about this new job is an understatement. It’s even closer to the house than the Decatur location and the people seem WAY nicer. My new boss told me yesterday that I’d be getting two projects and she wanted to start me out with just two for now because she didn’t want to overwhelm me and that most of the PM’s only did two or three projects at the most because she didn’t want to overwhelm the team and if more projects came up she often took them on herself. I was nonplussed. I remember the time at “We-just-want-to-build-roads….” I would have 25 projects and them berating me every day about why they were not getting let. Even though we all knew that I inherited these projects from 15 PM’s before me and that they had been going on for 10 years or more.

So, this is good. It will be good. I am blessed. Plus, it’s more money – even with my old salary plus the bonus -that we had to beg for -every year. So yeah, this is very good. Things just have a funny way of working out.

stress chex mix

So, I got my offer. I was very happy about it – especially since I’ll be making a lot more than what I make now. This was an offer for a permanent role that I interviewed for the first of February and not that shitty 1-year 1099 contract I interviewed for at we-just-want-to-build-roads…. last Friday. Though that interview went better than the one with Al.

Afterwards, Charlie and I met my former co-worker, Anthony, out for a beer. He knew I was interviewing down there and we had planned to meet up afterwards. I told him that it would be my last choice if I didn’t get the one job I’d been holding out for an offer. So, yesterday I was heading to school and he texted me to tell me his boss, Kim, came by that day and told him the IT manager came by asked her about me. He played dumb – no one in that place knows we still keep up because if they did they wouldn’t tell him anything. I asked him what she said and he said that she told the manager that I was good but that she didn’t know how long I’d stay.

I’m shook my head thinking, Someone offer that bitch 20k more she’d hop, too.

Anthony said not to sweat it because I’d already gotten the other offer. I wasn’t. I’m not wasting one minute sweating it. Plus, if she even knew it was just a shitty one-year contract then she’d know I wouldn’t be around after that unless they renewed it. Whatever. People are so stupid. They just have to run their mouths off about shit that they know nothing about. But, I expected more from her, I really did. But, hey, now I know never to use her as a reference.

So, this morning I had to go in for my drug test and physical which turned out to be completely traumatizing. As if I don’t have enough stress in my life right now. I not only had to pee in a cup but also had to undergo a Breathalyzer and do a physical. I was taken to this room and the first thing they did was slap a cuff on me. I normally get nervous in the doctors office so I was probably a lot more nervous there because of the evasiveness of the testing. The girl who took my BP, I could tell was family and reminded me a lot of Benjii. I told her she reminded me of my friend who is a PT at this hospital in town. After taking my blood pressure, she said it was a little high and took my temperature then went out of the room and I could hear her telling the doctor that it was a little high. She came back in and got me and we did an eye test – which, I’d just had a few days back. She checked my hearing, my peripheral vision and then said the doctor would be in. The doctor came in and told me that my blood pressure needed to come down or else I wasn’t going to pass the physical. That I just needed to relax and lay back. I mean, like that was going to make me relax. I thought I was going to throw a clot right then. I mean, I need this job, I need to pass this. WTH?!

So, I laid back and was trying to breathe and relax when the tech came back in and took it again and said it was going down but that we’d check it again after I took my drug test. Like doing a breathalyzer and peeing in a cup with someone right outside the door is going to lower my BP but OK. So, I turned on some music and the guy came and got me and we stood in this little room while he got the breathalyzer machine ready. I was still playing my music because they said to calm down and that’s what I was trying to do. I had to sign yet another sheaf of forms and he got the machine ready. I asked him if it was like the ones the cops use in the cars and he said it was. I blew into the tube when he said – a 0.00 -and thank Goddess I didn’t rinse with Listerine this morning, I mean seriously. Forget the coke, pot and alcohol if your BP is too high and you have good hygiene you could fail. Then, after pasting several stickers on the form that said, “NON- TAMPERED” and peeling off a copy for me he made me empty all my pockets and put everything into this lock box and then stood over me while I washed my hands and then he grabbed a cup and drew a line on it and said to fill to that and gave it to me. As I was walking into the bathroom, I wondered, what if I can’t fill it to that line, do I flunk that, too?

I came out with my pee in hand and gave it to him (and, washed my hands again) he took out this wide panel tester and dropped it in. Obviously, it was ok because he threw it away and wrote on some more forms and then took me back into the room so I could lay down and relax some more. The tech came in and brought in a different cuff and had a stethoscope this time. She pumped it up and looked at it while I tried not to hold my breath and she said, Its fine now, you passed! I just about passed out then with relief and probably would have peed down one leg if I hadn’t just did that in a cup. I asked her what her name was and she said, Ansley and that she had just moved here from Denver. This is the third person I’ve ran in to recently who’s moved here from Denver. What’s going on with Denver that everyone’s moving?

You’re probably still making friends, huh?

She nodded, Yeah, I just got here.

Do you live nearby?

Yeah, I live right up the road.

Ok, we’ll here’s my number and hit me up. My wife and I live close by and we have a she-shed we hang out and play darts.  

She said, I knew you were family! Sweet! I’ll definitely hit you up.

We walked out of that room that I never thought I’d get out of and she said she was releasing me and good luck on the new job. I was never so glad to get out of there, believe me! I got in the car and felt like crying with relief. I mean, WTH! Maybe I shouldn’t have drank that cup of coffee this morning and maybe I should have taken some of Charlie’s water pills a week prior but who would have known? I’m sure it was the allergy medicine that I lied about not taking on the form. But, I didn’t take anything this morning. Nothing!

Whatever, let’s just hope I’m out of the woods with stressful things happening. I have a week off between my end and start date so I’m hoping to do a little staycation along with retaking my Network + exam which, I’m going to NAIL this time.

Is it Friday yet?!