take the girl out of the country…….

So, I started my new job this week. On the first day I had two huge curved flat-screened monitors sitting on my desk along with a laptop and docking station. Next, came an Ipad, Iphone and a projector. For when I had to do presentations, my boss said. I got everything set up but it was not until today that my company email and new desk phone number got set up. I already have three projects that I’m working on and everyone in the office (so far) seems really nice.

The lady in the cubicle across from me seems cool and we’ve chatted a bit. I’m conscious of not chatting a bunch and enjoying the silence of the office. What a contrast to my former place where my coworker screamed on the phone all day long. Most of the people I’ve met are relatively new to the team. It’s 5 minutes from the house and it just feels really great to be somewhere else.

I had a week off prior to starting and Charlie and I went to the mountains and rented a cabin. We hadn’t stayed in this particular area previously so it was nice exploring the town of Blue Ridge which has A LOT more going for it than most of the towns in the sticks north Georgia. I think it’s because of that Blue Ridge Mountain Railway that takes people along the Toccoa River to the different stopping points so they can get off and shop, eat, drink and get back on. In our exploration we stopped off at Fightingtown Tavern for a drink out on their shaded deck with the dogs. We also checked out Grumpy Old Men Brewing – which, despite the staff being really nice and it being a great hangout, I thought, had an unfortunate name. Plus, it seemed that ALL of their beers were over 5% and very hoppy. When we were downtown Blue Ridge I wanted to check out this fly fishing store – Cohutta Fishing Company – and ended up booking a trip with a guide the next day. It turned out to be a great trip as my guide upgraded me for the same price to floating down the river in his boat instead of trying to wade the Toccoa River in 30 degree weather. I had to meet him at dark thirty in a town about 30 minutes away from our cabin– McCaysville, GA – right on the Tennessee line. The first hour I caught 1 brook trout and 3 rainbows. By 11:00 am the river was already starting to rise from the dam release earlier that morning and by the time we took the boat out it was about 5 feet higher than when we started. It was a great experience and well worth it.

Despite the good time and mountain air, Charlie and I were ready to get back to the city with a few days of vacation still left. Once back as we navigated the stairs to the roof of busy New Realm Brewery I said, You can’t get this in the country, baby.

Yeah, you can take this girl out of the country and even the country out of this girl v as far as I’m concerned.



hump day famine then feast chex mix

Funny how when you’ve gone without something for so long that you don’t realize how much you deserve better until it’s given to you. This can occur in several instances. In my case, it’s work. I never realized how deprived I’ve been professionally, and how pathetic my work conditions have been until now.

When I first started my former job we were all located in a fairly decent building and there was a lot of collaboration with the team. But then the company wanted to sell the building and we were told we had to move out. Some of us moved out to Lawrenceville (the hated Lawrenceville crew), some moved downtown to East Point. Others moved to a construction office in Grant Park and two other teammates moved to a central office in Decatur.

I had expressed to my boss at the time that I wanted to move to the Decatur location in which he never said I could move there- then again, never said I couldn’t move there. See, my boss – I know now, did not like me and avoided me at all costs. Whether that was because I am gay, a woman, or both. Who knows.

When I first moved to the construction office location I had no desk, no chair, no Ethernet connection nor cord, power cords, nothing that elicited even the notion of setting up a work station. My boss sent another co-worker over to the furniture surplus place to get me a desk. Then, since I was in the construction office we got one of the techs to build me an Ethernet connection. It was kind of ridiculous, to be honest.

Eventually, I just packed up my shit and moved over to the Decatur location because I felt if he had a problem with it then he could let me know. He never did. When I moved to that location, I built my own cubicle even asking Charlie to come over with her drill and screw me in a longer desk table equipped with a small filing cabinet. I scrounged around for a couple of monitors, pieced together a shelf for my desk. Fortunately, there were Ethernet connections as well as power outlets adjacent to my desk. There were several chairs to choose from and even a window next to my desk to look out. The construction office was a windowless tomb and the air conditioning didn’t work half the time I was over there.

Yesterday, I went to my new work office to fill out some paperwork and was shown my future cubicle that was already equipped with two large curved HP monitors, a laptop that had already been set up for me and did I want an android or Iphone? They would order it then and I would be getting a tablet as well. I was a little bit in shock but realized that that is the way it’s supposed to be. My old place would be like this, Your laptop is too old and you need to go on this site, fill out this form for a new computer and then drive your old laptop over to this location and drop it off and yeah, you will be without a computer for an undisclosed period – yeah, we know you have work but, hey, this is the way it is, you’ll just have to deal with it. And, oh – if you don’t update your phone then we will wipe it for you and you will have to call this number (which, you’d have to search for a ½ hour to find) to set it up again in order to get access.

So yeah – to say I’m ecstatic about this new job is an understatement. It’s even closer to the house than the Decatur location and the people seem WAY nicer. My new boss told me yesterday that I’d be getting two projects and she wanted to start me out with just two for now because she didn’t want to overwhelm me and that most of the PM’s only did two or three projects at the most because she didn’t want to overwhelm the team and if more projects came up she often took them on herself. I was nonplussed. I remember the time at “We-just-want-to-build-roads….” I would have 25 projects and them berating me every day about why they were not getting let. Even though we all knew that I inherited these projects from 15 PM’s before me and that they had been going on for 10 years or more.

So, this is good. It will be good. I am blessed. Plus, it’s more money – even with my old salary plus the bonus -that we had to beg for -every year. So yeah, this is very good. Things just have a funny way of working out.

stress chex mix

So, I got my offer. I was very happy about it – especially since I’ll be making a lot more than what I make now. This was an offer for a permanent role that I interviewed for the first of February and not that shitty 1-year 1099 contract I interviewed for at we-just-want-to-build-roads…. last Friday. Though that interview went better than the one with Al.

Afterwards, Charlie and I met my former co-worker, Anthony, out for a beer. He knew I was interviewing down there and we had planned to meet up afterwards. I told him that it would be my last choice if I didn’t get the one job I’d been holding out for an offer. So, yesterday I was heading to school and he texted me to tell me his boss, Kim, came by that day and told him the IT manager came by asked her about me. He played dumb – no one in that place knows we still keep up because if they did they wouldn’t tell him anything. I asked him what she said and he said that she told the manager that I was good but that she didn’t know how long I’d stay.

I’m shook my head thinking, Someone offer that bitch 20k more she’d hop, too.

Anthony said not to sweat it because I’d already gotten the other offer. I wasn’t. I’m not wasting one minute sweating it. Plus, if she even knew it was just a shitty one-year contract then she’d know I wouldn’t be around after that unless they renewed it. Whatever. People are so stupid. They just have to run their mouths off about shit that they know nothing about. But, I expected more from her, I really did. But, hey, now I know never to use her as a reference.

So, this morning I had to go in for my drug test and physical which turned out to be completely traumatizing. As if I don’t have enough stress in my life right now. I not only had to pee in a cup but also had to undergo a Breathalyzer and do a physical. I was taken to this room and the first thing they did was slap a cuff on me. I normally get nervous in the doctors office so I was probably a lot more nervous there because of the evasiveness of the testing. The girl who took my BP, I could tell was family and reminded me a lot of Benjii. I told her she reminded me of my friend who is a PT at this hospital in town. After taking my blood pressure, she said it was a little high and took my temperature then went out of the room and I could hear her telling the doctor that it was a little high. She came back in and got me and we did an eye test – which, I’d just had a few days back. She checked my hearing, my peripheral vision and then said the doctor would be in. The doctor came in and told me that my blood pressure needed to come down or else I wasn’t going to pass the physical. That I just needed to relax and lay back. I mean, like that was going to make me relax. I thought I was going to throw a clot right then. I mean, I need this job, I need to pass this. WTH?!

So, I laid back and was trying to breathe and relax when the tech came back in and took it again and said it was going down but that we’d check it again after I took my drug test. Like doing a breathalyzer and peeing in a cup with someone right outside the door is going to lower my BP but OK. So, I turned on some music and the guy came and got me and we stood in this little room while he got the breathalyzer machine ready. I was still playing my music because they said to calm down and that’s what I was trying to do. I had to sign yet another sheaf of forms and he got the machine ready. I asked him if it was like the ones the cops use in the cars and he said it was. I blew into the tube when he said – a 0.00 -and thank Goddess I didn’t rinse with Listerine this morning, I mean seriously. Forget the coke, pot and alcohol if your BP is too high and you have good hygiene you could fail. Then, after pasting several stickers on the form that said, “NON- TAMPERED” and peeling off a copy for me he made me empty all my pockets and put everything into this lock box and then stood over me while I washed my hands and then he grabbed a cup and drew a line on it and said to fill to that and gave it to me. As I was walking into the bathroom, I wondered, what if I can’t fill it to that line, do I flunk that, too?

I came out with my pee in hand and gave it to him (and, washed my hands again) he took out this wide panel tester and dropped it in. Obviously, it was ok because he threw it away and wrote on some more forms and then took me back into the room so I could lay down and relax some more. The tech came in and brought in a different cuff and had a stethoscope this time. She pumped it up and looked at it while I tried not to hold my breath and she said, Its fine now, you passed! I just about passed out then with relief and probably would have peed down one leg if I hadn’t just did that in a cup. I asked her what her name was and she said, Ansley and that she had just moved here from Denver. This is the third person I’ve ran in to recently who’s moved here from Denver. What’s going on with Denver that everyone’s moving?

You’re probably still making friends, huh?

She nodded, Yeah, I just got here.

Do you live nearby?

Yeah, I live right up the road.

Ok, we’ll here’s my number and hit me up. My wife and I live close by and we have a she-shed we hang out and play darts.  

She said, I knew you were family! Sweet! I’ll definitely hit you up.

We walked out of that room that I never thought I’d get out of and she said she was releasing me and good luck on the new job. I was never so glad to get out of there, believe me! I got in the car and felt like crying with relief. I mean, WTH! Maybe I shouldn’t have drank that cup of coffee this morning and maybe I should have taken some of Charlie’s water pills a week prior but who would have known? I’m sure it was the allergy medicine that I lied about not taking on the form. But, I didn’t take anything this morning. Nothing!

Whatever, let’s just hope I’m out of the woods with stressful things happening. I have a week off between my end and start date so I’m hoping to do a little staycation along with retaking my Network + exam which, I’m going to NAIL this time.

Is it Friday yet?!





I can call you Betty

I don’t know if I can have a boss named Al. Is that short for Alvin or Alfred? Either way, it’s unfortunate. I had a second telephone interview with this one company today. The HR lady, Jackie, had already grilled vetted me through the first interview and then set up a second one with the hiring manager. I was told that if I made it through that there would be a face to face. At this time, I’m waiting for an offer from another company that I only interviewed with once and in person. I had asked Jackie, if we could possibly move the second phone interview up a few days as I was expecting an offer from another company any day now. She said, no, that Al would be traveling until Wednesday and that morning was the earliest he could fit me in.

I wondered about that, I really did. This was a telephone interview. If Al was really interested could he not duck into a Starbucks and give me a call while he was drinking his caramel macchiato? Or chat while he waited on his seating row to be called? One would think. But, Al’s in charge so it’s all about Al’s schedule.

So, he called me right on the dot this morning at 8:30 a.m. Needless to say this was the earliest interview I’d ever been on and I was only 1-1/2 cups of coffee in. When I said Good morning and my name he introduced himself and I said it was good meeting him, Mr. Brown (seriously, that’s his last name) and he said to call him Al. He dove in asking me what I knew about the company.

Really? You want me to start off with a presentation about your company at 8:30 in the morning? Jackie had already vetted me pretty thoroughly last week. I told him that and listed off some of the things we’d discussed about the company and said, Feel free to fill in where I leave off. He got the drift and corrected me on the number of employees they have, he said, Jackie must have told you the overall corporate number and that’s fine….then he rambled on about the same things I’d just listed about the company. I was thinking, Get to it, dude. I was already thinking this guy was a tool and this thing was a waste of time. He then asked me about databases and software development. I was like, ?? Per the job announcement it listed the qualifications being a PMP certification, some GIS and SQL experience – nothing was about database management or software engineering. I said I’d done some data migration in a previous role I listed and that we’d had migrated over to a new software system in my current role but if he was asking me if I was a programmer responsible for launching new software I wasn’t. I might have been a little flip about it.

He said, No, no, not software development, just the database management aspect. (I’m thinking, Dude, you just said software development) I again, reiterated the data migration from above and left it at that. I paused hoping he’d get the hint of, Next question, dude.

He wanted to know about my previous job at We-want-to-build-roads-but-only-throw-people-under-the-bus and I listed several projects I had ran concurrently including the gamut of types which included big-fucking-projects-with-thousands-of-stakeholders to little ones that were complicated due to Indian mounds and rare lizards found underneath bridges they wanted to replace – those types of projects. I was a little bewildered he asked me about that experience because it was the least IT related. He asked me about my PMP certification and I said I had been certified since 2017. Then, he asked me if I was doing all my PDU’s and keeping it current. I wanted to reply yes, and are you keeping your shit current? I mean, of course I’m keeping it current, you asshole.

Then, he asked me about my hobbies. Really, dude? Instead of saying, drinking beer, throwing darts and watching football I said that I played in a pool league (not sure he got the drift of a team sport but I didn’t think he would believe it if I said I played in an intramural basketball league) and teaching myself new things like Python and fly fishing. He went on about the fly fishing thing then asked me if I had any questions. Yeah, I do – like, how much are you going to waste my time if I come in for a face to face interview? Instead, I asked about travel, direct reports and how many positions he was interviewing for. I ended it with asking what the next steps were only to sound interested but I really wasn’t. I thanked him for his time and said, It was good speaking with you, uh, Al.

He told me that Jackie would be in touch either way and I wanted to say, Yeah, leave it to Jackie to do your dirty work. Anyway, that was that. I haven’t heard from Jackie so who knows. I have a face to face interview on Friday at guess where? Yes, the We-want-to-build-roads place but only as a consultant in the IT department. I would be the least interested in this role as it would mean working as a 1099 contractor, but, it’s something. I’m not going to turn down anything until I get an offer on the table. But, I gotta tell you – I haven’t had that many interviews and already I’m tired of it and I really didn’t have it in me to kiss Al’s ass this morning.

trying to stay positive

Its hump day and I’m making a great effort to be positive and not have a crappy week. It’s an effort, believe me. I’m trying to send out positive vibes to the universe to bring in good things.

But, last night we just had to vent. Stiletto came over for soup and we talked and vented about stuff I wrote about in the last post. This was the first time we had hung out since then. Basically, it was just about ex-friends/gf’s being douche bags.

Charlie and I said that was fine we don’t have any friends, anyway.

Well, you have me, Lisa and Emil.  

That’s true.

And, you really think the others are friends? The one who shows up every six months with a bottle of wine? Hell, I’ll buy you a bottle of wine.

We have wine [pointing to the rack on the wall] but we get your drift.

And, Shutter & Rooster? They’re moving away, anyway.

Again, that is true. I’m glad you put that into perspective.

But, we do have friends – neighbors, clients, people we met through work. We’re just not going to sweat the others. I’m just not going to sweat anything. I have to believe it will all work out. I have to have faith. It would just be easier if it just wasn’t rainy and cold all week. I guess it could be a lot worse, though. There could be ice. The magnolia’s are already in bloom and Spring is right around the corner.



negative/positive vice versa

It’s been a week. Despite my impending unemployment I’ve been working a lot lately on self promotion, resumes, cover letters along with school work. It’s really hard going into the office every day. I’m just trying to bide my time. The other guys I work with have been ok -it’s just work in general that has sucked.

The other day I had a meeting with my current boss, Dan. I’m not sure I wrote about this but our old boss, Baxter, got moved out to bum-f*ck to manage another team. Lucky them is all I could say. Then, they brought a new guy in who is about 10 years my junior to run the group. I will say he’s a really nice but clueless.  I called a meeting with him because I wanted to make sure he’s going to give me a good review, recommendation and that I can use him as a reference for future jobs. All that was a yes, I have no worries he will give me a decent recommendation if someone calls him. So, while we were meeting he told me he’s going to go ahead and do my yearly review that day and we’ll go over it. Great! You know how long I had to chase Baxter down to do my review last year? I called and emailed him to ask when he was going to do it and he blew me off and waited until 4:00 pm on a Friday of the last day he had to turn them in to call me with it. So, you get the idea how much of a jerk this guy was.

Later in the day, Dan tells me he’s finished with my review and asks if I want to go over it. I said, Sure. So he asked me what I felt my accomplishments were in the last year. I thought, Ok, this is going to be like a job interview. So, I rattled off some things I had accomplished with my wirecenter, designs, continuing education, etc. Because the company had been spouting off all this BS of continuing education to get “2020” ready. What a load! Obviously that’s total bullshit.  After I was finished I was waiting for him to start in on my review. I’m like, Just give it to me and let’s get this over with. He starts by saying that since he’s only managed me for a short time and since Baxter managed us 7 months out of the year he called him for feedback.

My heart sank. I knew what he was going to say. Baxter has always had a grudge against me for some reason. Because I’m a female working in a man’s world? Because I don’t take shit from anyone? Because I’m a strong female? Who knows. So, he reads me what Baxter said and then reads the portion of what he wrote which I couldn’t even hear because I seeing red over what Baxter said-“that I needed to communicate better with clients and developers and that relaying on others has slowed my development in grasping key concepts and processes”.

What.thefuck.was.that? I just sat there and then made him read it again. I couldn’t believe it. I have done nothing but work on my own since I started this job. There was no training, no mentoring, nothing. Baxter never even answered his emails let alone held my hand in doing anything. I told Dan that I didn’t feel that was fair. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that he had written positive things after that. I was like,Yeah but you can’t take away a negative with a positive.   

Then he went on to say that I could reject the review. Yeah, I know how that goes – HR ends up eventually overriding it and it gets posted anyway. It’s a no-win situation. So, I told him I was going to look at it but that I would probably sign off on it regardless. I didn’t want to look at it after that.  I knew if I looked at it I would throw something and I just needed to get out of there and go home. So, I did.

Yesterday, I opened it and read it and was steamed once again. Right below their comments was a box for employees comments so I wrote the following:

I do not agree with the following comments from the Overall Comments section which are “Lanie needs to work on communicating in a timely fashion with developers/customers.” And, “Relaying on others has slowed her development in grasping key concepts and processes.”

Both of these statements are inaccurate – I communicate daily with developers/customers as well as work independentely on my ongoing projects. I have never relied on others for my professional development or growth. I have only sought out more senior members of my team as mentors to answer questions and seek advice. My current team has never been collaborative so I have had to relay on myself to solve complex problems.

I want to add that I am the only member of my team that has a professional project management certification at PMP  and is seeking higher education in cybersecurity. I am constantly growing my skills and accomplishments and striving to meet professional goals.

Then, after I made sure it was saved and signed the damn thing. Let Baxter and Dan read that. I was professional – unlike Baxter. The whole thing just made me want to get the hell out of there. As I was driving to school I wanted to just blow it off and go drink somewhere. Seriously, I was thinking, When does all this shit end? I can answer that – March 29th when my stint is done and my severance kicks in unless I get an offer prior to Feb 18th but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I had a meeting set up with the internship department to go over my resume and match it to some of the IT related jobs I wanted to go for so I didn’t want to miss that and I’m so glad I didn’t. The lady I had the appointment with, Malika, sat down with me in her bosses office to start editing my resume. The resume the outsoucing coaches had guided me on had a lot of problems with it. First of all, the objective that they suggested I use had all these run-on sentences and used outdated lingo like “track record”. So, Malika and I got to work deconstructing it and her boss, Phoebe,  was looking over our shoulders while we did it and I happened to pull out the job announcement for a role that I’m interviewing for next week. Phoebe looked at it and said, By all means lets go over your interview and started firing off interview questions. We went through the whole thing and the two of them guided me on the things I should say. It was a totally meaningful workshop – really, much better than the career outsourcing company that my former company contracts to coach people they cut loose. Granted I’ve been to a lot of their things too but working with Malika and Phoebe felt more personalized. As I packed up to go to class I scheduled another session with them the following week. Then, I walked into class and my prof – who is a security engineer with Verison said we would be subnetting that evening. Even though I don’t have a solid grasp of it I love doing it. I love writing out the IP addresses and breaking it down to how many hosts per subnets, how many available IP addresses per host, etc. He taught us the way he does it which was a lot better than any of the other ways I’d ever learned it. My classmate who I had intro to networking with last summer said this was the best way he’d ever learned it too. The prof made each of us get up and subnet an address on the board. It was great but by the end of class I was really fried. I’d been through so many emotions that day, went from one thing to the other that I just wanted to go home and drink a beer and decompress. I was seriously spent and still a little emotional over work shit. I won’t let them keep me down. I am going to fucking move the hell on to a better place if it kills me and I’m going to nail that fucking interview next week.


walking papers

Sometimes change has to happen in order for good things to come back. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

So, yesterday – D-day – I got my walking papers. Out of everyone on the team it had to be me. I’m not even going to rant about some of the losers they passed over to get rid of me. I’m trying to take this as graceful as possible. I’m trying to look at this as something that had to happen. At least I get a 60 day notice and get to stay on the health insurance along with a severance. There’s worse things, I suppose.

I came home early and made myself a drink. I had several drinks. Fuck the diet. Fuck everything. Heather up the street came up and had a drink with us. She was worried and called me yesterday and then came up. That was very sweet of her. Charlie was over at Stilettos tarping her roof so I heard from her all day yesterday as well. Its’ nice knowing you have people you can count on in the rough times. I did text Emil yesterday and told her – she said it fucking sucked. I can always count on her not to mince words. Even Benjii texted Charlie to see if she was ok.

So, I’ll just sit here and look for a job that I can’t start until April. Which, seems like a long time to be honest. Normally, when I job hunt I say I can be available in two weeks after an offer but now it’s like, two months. Unless I’m getting a federal job (which, after the shutdown doesn’t seem appealing) with secret clearance that seems like a long time. Maybe it will be more realistic towards the end of February.

What does suck is that I have to sit there in that office and put my best foot forward until the end of March. I have to work with these people who look at me with relief that it wasn’t them who lost their job. But, whatever. Honestly, I never liked the job anyway. I was always the redheaded step child on the team. Aside from a few people I worked with who were decent the rest were either assholes or people I couldn’t relate to. I never trusted anyone on the team. No one really had my back it was kind of a sink or swim situation. Believe me, it’s nothing like all this shit they tote about on TV. About it being the greatest company to work for. These must be people working for the company on Mars or something. I do plan on having a nice little bonfire in the backyard with the new uniforms I just received a few weeks back. But, alas the smoke fumes from them will probably give us cancer so maybe not. Maybe I’ll just leave them in my office for someone else. According to my coworker who is taking over my wirecenter he said pretty soon they will all be gone. I guess that should give me comfort that I’m getting out while the getting is good. At least I’ll have a head start before they start laying off in the masses because it will happen. 20 billion in the hole is not going to go away. Thanks for nothing Mr. CEO.

friends won’t be around

You know, I used to worry about moving away from Hotlanta because I would miss all the friends I had. (Notice I said HAD?) But now, I worry more about eating at the same BBQ place down the road as it being the only place for 50 miles. I worry about driving for miles to go grocery shopping. I don’t worry about having a dock to sit on nor starting up the boat for a quick run around the lake before getting on a conference call.

I guess it’s a balance. I do love our home and we’ve finally been able to turn our carport into a garage blocking the remaining views from our unsightly neighbors. (This would be another reason I wouldn’t mind moving – to get away from them). But, back to friends – lesbians here suck. They do. Our straight friends are way easier to manage than the lesbians. There’s always drama there. We have these one friends who are friends with everyone simply because they just don’t care. If someone goes off and doesn’t call them for a year and then reappears they are fine with it. Charlie and I aren’t like that. I guess we expect more from people why we don’t have a lot of friends, I guess. I’d rather have quality friends I can depend on then some fly-by-night friends that I drank with occasionally. I guess my standards are too high.

This one friend, Link, ghosted us for 5 months. When she got back she was trying to get together with us. We were like, Hello. We hadn’t heard from you. You hadn’t answered our phone calls, texts, nothing. No, we don’t want to see you because we’re upset with you. You can’t just fall in to “Let’s go out and drink and have a good time” because we’re pissed.

I mean, wouldn’t that piss you off?

So Link has to use our other friends against us. We asked Rooster over for chili and football and she begged off saying she didn’t feel well but would try to make it. So, the next day, chili bubbling in the crockpot and we see that Rooster had checked in on Facebook to watch football with Link, Dino and Martha.

You know, if she didn’t want to hang with us she should have said she had other plans. Simple as that. You don’t have to lie about it and say you’re sick. Link’s also pissed that we still hang with Stiletto – yeah, we do because she answers her damn phone. She’s a FRIEND. We’re not taking sides here from their breakup. Stiletto’s been a friend, Link has not been a friend.

But, I think some people just don’t know the difference. They just don’t get it. Some people are just ok to have fair weather friends. That’s ok, though, really. Different strokes for different folks but you don’t have to be rude about it. We have enough on our plates as it is. I have SQL and firewalls to get thru this semester so I don’t have a lot of time for bullshit. So, I’m off Facebook, stupid ex-friends, carbs and after yesterday – football.


keto and scam chex mix

No more breweries, no more bread. No more gluten of any kind. I started the Keto diet while Charlie was in Florida. I have to say it’s very similar to the Paleo. I’ve been on that diet previously so I know what to expect. I found that my appetite has lessened since I’ve been on it which is good because normally I want to gnaw my arm off come lunchtime.

So, here’s a couple of recipes to try if you’re interested:


I made this one and it’s fabulous! I added mushrooms as well. It’s great for leftovers and to cut up and put on a salad. Tonight, we’re going to try this recipe:


So, save for my one night out at the bar and a few lunch dates with Stiletto and Emil while Charlie was gone I didn’t do anything. We still don’t know anything at work. I’ve been applying my @ss off to places. I have a phone call with a recruiter this morning and we’ll see where that goes. So, a word of advice to you job hunters like myself. If you get some email from a recruiter asking you to fill out this long form of information, beware. Do some research on the company to see if they are actually legit? Also, if they have a website go to the Domain White Pages and type in their web address. It will show who created the site and how long it’s been up. If it’s under a year then beware. Read this article on the Top 10 Job Scam Warning Signs.

Both Charlie and I got alerts of identity theft and had to lock down our credit for all three credit agencies. Fortunately, we got to it in time but a word of advice: Unless you’re filling out an application for some kind of credit, lock your accounts down at all three credit agencies. You can unlock it for 24 hours if you need to have a credit check done but after that re-lock it down. There’s no reason to have it open unless you’re filling out forms for credit applications or buying a new car or house. Here’s a Quora link that has all three credit agencies links and phone numbers.

Also, in today’s day in age get a mailbox that you can lock. We did and we see messages on our neighborhood nextdoor posts of people stealing mail all the time.

So, that’s it for my advice column. What else is new? Just another semester of school is all and really wanting it to start getting warmer. We have no plans for the weekend. Charlie just got back yesterday and I had to go off to school so we really haven’t had any time to spend together since she got back. We got the dogs some really cool hiking harnesses but it’s supposed to rain again this weekend so I guess that’s out.