Back from vacation and wondering when the next one is. We first went down to St. Augustine, FL for our daughter-in-laws graduation -well, we stayed in St. Augustine but graduation was an hour south. We drove about 8 hours that day and afterwards when pulling back into St. Augustine, Bernita texted us asking where we were. We were so tired from driving we just parked the car on some random street (which, we were worried we’d forget later) and walked to the first bar we saw which was Scarlett O’Hara’s . A few minutes later her and Ralph walked in and joined us for a drink. The next day the kids came up and visited before we all headed south to a post graduation BBQ for the new graduate. I dreaded this to be honest. I knew that Charlies ex husband would be there and his looney-bin wife. We both vowed to just put on a calm face, be polite and endure for the sake of the kids. Endure or no I was still packing.

The shin-ding went well except for the point of ex and looney heading our way to extend the olive branch of “can’t we all get along”. I was introduced to them both and actually shook Charlie’s ex’s hand. Weird. The looney was going on about inviting us to come down and stay with them during the holidays to be with them and the kids. (Just for reference – the kids are both grown men now – one married, the other in his early 20’s with a steady girl – both living on their own so it’s not like they’re going to be in matching jammies with footies to open presents on Christmas day or anything). Charlie replied that we had the kids up for holidays all the time and politely declined but thanked them all the same.

The next day we drove to Pensacola Beach, FL all the way up I-10 which we both thought would never.end. Finally there I couldn’t believe the traffic on the island. We checked in to our hotel and decided to hoof it across the street to the beach and then hit a little bar there. There was a guy playing guitar, we ordered drinks and were enjoying the atmosphere – until some guy just decided to sit down at our table and start talking. I had to remind myself where I was before reacting. We went with it and his buddy came over and was introduced. I wanted to just say, “We’re together, see the ring?” but I decided that I didn’t want to stir up trouble our first day in P’cola. Finally, they got the hint and left to go horn in on this other table of women adjacent to us.

The next day we woke to construction trucks pulling up on the street in front of our hotel. They had decided that day to repave the road on the island. Greeeeeat. So, we went to the beach and sat until the sun was fully out and then decided to drive down the street (in the one lane they provided) to Peg Leg Pete’s.  When we pulled up there was a line outside that we joined. Turned out the electricity had been out and they delayed opening. The lights flickered on and we went straight to the downstairs bar where they only served cold drinks and fresh oysters. We had the bar to ourselves and our bartender, John, took care of us – even when the electricity went off again and we sat drinking beers throughout the afternoon. We finally closed out and headed back to the hotel with the paving crew just finishing up. We walked across the other direction and went to Flounder’s which, if we lived there we’d be regulars. Our bartender there – Larry, served up a drink of cucumber/lime vodka with soda and sour mix which was a nice change to the Diesel Fuels of the previous night.

We headed to Destin the next day where neither of us had been previously. I’d always heard great things about Destin but never got up that way. As we crossed the bridge and saw the blue/green water on either side with boats lining the harbor we agreed it was gorgeous. We checked into a slightly run-down hotel (I insisted on because it faced the bay) and went to go rent a boat for a few hours. That was probably the highlight of the whole trip. We drove the boat out to this place called Crab Island where everyone was parked. We dropped anchor and jumped in only to be swept back by a strong current. We literally jumped off the front of the boat and seconds later grabbed the ladder at the back of the boat.  We swam and hung out before cruising around and going back in. That night we ended up at AJ’s for drinks and dinner. We definitely go back – just with more money next time because it was an expensive place – probably a good thing we were only there a day/night.

The next day we made it home by early afternoon. The dogs were ecstatic to see us despite long naps with their nanny while we were gone. It was good to be home but not back to work. In fact, I doubt anyone even noticed I was gone until I got back and they said, Oh hey, didn’t you go on vacation? How was that?  But, as my friend Tate says, Better neglect than abuse – I’ll take it.



early friday chex mix

It’s a rainy evening here in Georgia.

Not that I’m complaining of the rain – never. We have grass seed in the back that needs to germinate and I desperately do not want a drought this summer. Yes, I’d take rain any day over a dusty summer. I do realize that we’re still in spring and not quite gotten to summer just yet. I am not rushing it, either. I enjoy these lush, spring days (now that I’ve gotten over the high pollen count with two sinus infections). Charlie is feeling a little under the weather today – something she ate last night, perhaps. It was date night tonight and we went to have pho and then straight home. She has fallen asleep in front of the TV watching some documentary about Africa.

Vacation, f*cking vacation.

I want to be on vacation, honestly. I want to see beaches and smell the salt in the air. We leave for Florida the end of next week and it cannot get here soon enough.

Happy hour.

It’s impossible to get everyone together anyhow for this. I feel like I constantly be the communicator, the planner, the organizer. Maybe one HH a month is enough. We got quite a few 3 people over last week for it but this week we have a bunch of maybes and rain. Maybe’s and rain = Meh, forget it.  Sometimes it would be nice to sit in a cozy Irish pub by a fire (Hey, Marley House) so if it’s raining tomorrow we go there – that is, if Charlie’s feeling better.

We have this friend.

Who I will name DD for Dreary Debbie? Debbie Downer is too common. Desperate Debbie? Yeah, more like that. The girl puts a whole new meaning into that word desperate. Deeeeesperado…….why don’t you come to your senses…….

-it’s like that, y’all. She’s been chasing a dream with two legs for seven-sevenfucking-YEARS to no avail who treats her like a laundry basket or one that holds magazines. Every once in a while you kick it when you’ve had a frustrating day – that kind of basket. So, when she’s Desperate Debbie basket she gets on Tinder.

No good can come from a DESPERATE women in her mid-40’s being on Tinder.

NO GOOD, PEOPLE. No good…..So, you can just imagine the types of people she’s talking to. The ones who ask for money after the 50th text, no snapchat-asses. These are probably men in their mid-50’s using their 20-something year old nieces pictures to elicit money and sex on the internet. We have lunch with Debbie sometimes on the weekends and she shows us dozens of pictures of ho’s women she’s talking to on the internet. Then she gets all depressed that she’s not meeting someone and in the same breath says she’s going to see the woman who treats her like a basket for dinner. We say, Why, why, why, Debbie? You’re going to be on Tinder when you’re FIDDY (50). You don’t want that to happen. You won’t able to swipe left or right because you’ll have arthritis by then from swiping so much. Stop being desperate, Debbie. Stop.

Even Benji had problems with Tinder. Her Tinder woman went cra-cra, said she didn’t want to see anyone and then dropped off the face of the earth (but, probably not off Tinder). They had planz, too. Like going out of town and to a (teeny-bopper 20ish) concert which didn’t happen. Benji was so depressed that she didn’t go – even after trying to talk her into going and giving the xtra ticket to some hot 20-something and having fun. She stayed at home and moped. I would have gone if I were her.

Work. PMP. What am I doing?

I don’t know. We had a “team” meeting on Tuesday and we were told that they found enough old geezers people to take an early retirement that they wouldn’t have to lay anyone off. This is a relief because I’m still trying to find a way to get a promotion to a different department and it’s proving to be equal to landing a federal job interview. That difficult. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks since I got certified but I hope this PMP thing holds more weight than it is holding so far. Part of me doesn’t know what to do with all this spare time I have now from not having to study. The other part is like, what’s next? The company has all these online training classes on Agile Scrum and if I take 22 of these things and take their test I get their company bronze certification in Agile Scrum (notice I said company – by no means is this the nationwide scrum master cert) so I’m doing it so I can add it to my company resume. I’m going to take six months and keep applying and if I don’t get any interviews then I’m going on to another certification – scrum master, Agile, or even Leed. Something.

So, that’s all I got. I hope you enjoyed the snippets of topics – we’ll call it an early Friday chex mix. Y’all have a great weekend! Cheers!


fall y’all

Itching for fall y’all and even falling back on the clock so we can get an extra hour of sleep. Cooling off, bon fires, football and riding motorcycles without sweating to death.

Things have been busy with landscape stuff and work. Although, it could be busier socialization-wise. I almost feel like its winter because everyone’s been scarce these days. One word replies to texts or crickets in-between no one’s around or responding it’s almost like we’re on an island. That would make good song lyrics, don’t you think? I’d want a little whistling going on like in this song which has the island reference:

We saw this dude at Edie’s last week with our friend, Kitty. At first I thought he was good but I doubt I’d pay to see him again. Then- last night Charlie and I went out for happy hour and were talking and got to playing his music and then, I changed my mind. I downloaded a few of his songs and have been playing them at work while I do design work. (Although, I have to watch singing the lyrics outload to this song):

 So, back to our regularly scheduled program…..

I’m more of a designer now at work than a PM. I’m sure later on as I get trained more and know what the fuck I’m doing they’ll assign me an area and I’ll take on more of a PM role + designer. Right now, I enjoy it although I’d enjoy it more if I could just start a project from beginning to end without having to get help.

This is my last full week until vaca next week. Charlie and I are taking the dogs to Savannah and Jekyll Island for a few days getting out of town. I’m ready for some sand, sound of waves & seafood. We’re jamming taking the dogs in the new car which will be better than trying to labor all the way down there in the poor truck that’s already taken a beating. I ordered a seat protector for the back of the car so hopefully that will work. I know things will speed up some once September gets here. I just feel like we’re in the dog daze of August and I’m ready to drop kick it into next year.



ready set go, 2016

The most I’m looking forward to this year is being off for a couple of days. Charlie and I have already done our Christmas shopping, sent off the gift cards, given the kids their checks, received our fourth crock pot from her brother and given each other many things we wanted (motorcycle pipes, jackets, boots, the list goes on) prior to Christmas. We started early this year.

She finished my painting while I was away the week before Thanksgiving. That was a big thing I wanted for Christmas – finish my painting that’s been sitting in the living room for three years. Yes!


Because of the finished painting we’re going to paint the living room prior to hanging it. (I know, smart idea) We’ve chosen the paint swatches and while I’m working on Wednesday Charlie is going to take all the switch plates off the walls and prep. So, Christmas we’ll be painting which I hope to be finished by New Year’s Eve so we can just hang out and have margaritas and Mexican food. Tired of hosting New Year’s Eve parties where no one shows we just put it out there of “Here’s-what-we’re –doing- you’re- welcome- to- stop- by – if not see you next year…..sometime.”  We have a few parties to attend this week – one being Katharine and Yvonne’s [from now on they shall be their motorcycle names “Rooster “and “Shutter”] and the other being Ellen’s annual Christmas Eve dinner.  But other than that we don’t really have any plans until The Super Bowl party –hosted by Uber this year.

I’m just looking forward to a year without any injury’s, sickness, catching on fire, car wrecks (had that last week) and stress. I really want Charlie and I to take that honeymoon we never had last year to somewhere warm where there’s fruit in my drink and flip-flops on my feet. I want a new job that pays more with less stress – if that’s possible. I want to do more music oriented things. Play more drums. I want to run with the dogs. So many things I want for 2016.

Are you ready for Christmas to be over or is it just beginning? What do you want for 2016?


random chex mix

Awhile back I wrote a post about re-friending Yvonne. Well, she and Katherine came over the other night for dinner and Yvonne tuned the new drum kit for me. My new bass pedal comes in this week and then I will be good. I’m really stoked about it!

I’ve had a hard time lately concentrating enough to write. I have a burning desire to write but when I sit down to do so my mind goes blank. I think I need to start carrying a notebook around to write down ideas from time to time.

Does anyone out there listen to Aha radio? I find it way better than Pandora. We went to set up Pandora on our LG TV and it was the most frustrating experience. We kept having to go back and forth between the computer and TV typing in passwords, codes, etc. The remote almost went through the new window of the living room. I had to walk away from it at one point.

We’re in for a bunch of ugly weather here again -cold, rain, then cold again. This is why I hate winter so much. I dream of beaches and sun. I was so ready for the holidays to be over so we can move on to Spring. I always feel like Thanksgiving through the new year to be a huge block in the calendar. I see friends on FB who live in San Diego who constantly whine about it being in the 80’s and beautiful and how can they possibly celebrate Christmas if it’s so warm and nice. I want to say, Then move, mutha….

If you don’t like nice weather, beaches and palm trees in the winter then move to Illinois or something. Honestly, the human condition is whine if you have it and whine if you don’t. I know in August I’ll be whining about it being in the 100’s – I admit, I do it too.

Charlie and I are heading to the panhandle in May and I cannot wait! She’s never been there and it’s been years since I have. This is supposed to be our honeymoon but since Florida has passed same sex marriage we may consider getting married again while we’re down there.

If we get married in Florida in May while we’re there will we have to start over for our wedding anniversary, I asked while she was blow drying my hair.

She shut the dryer off and said, What?

I asked the question again.

OMG, Lanie – I haven’t had enough coffee to discuss this right now, turning on the hairdryer, drowning out my laughter.

What do you think? Two wedding anniversaries?


the past, the future

We’re getting so close to going to New York that Charlie and I are literally counting it down the days while her parents are saying, Pray that nothing bad happens before we go.

I understand their concern. Their life has been hell with dealing with her 99 year-old grandmother, getting her settled into a nursing home where she says that aliens come into her room from a little door and has intercourse with her roommate.

Hmm, well that could go either way, Grandma, I would say. Look on the bright side – you’re getting free porn.

They have also been battling a host of medical conditions that come with the territory of age. I hope that we can all have this time in New York to spend time together, have fun and build great memories. Charlie and I have been starving to see her family since the New Years Eve before last.

Right now, we’re trying to decide on what to wear. Some say, be comfortable, others, buy something nice to feel good in.

Me, I’d just like to wear my cowboy boots, a pearl button snap shirt with jeans. This is probably unheard of to get married in. I told Charlie as long as she didn’t show up in a clown suit I was good with whatever she chose to wear.

In case you’re just coming in to the blog and wondering why we’re all going to New York it is to get married – officially. Since it will be the day before hell freezes over when it becomes legal in Georgia.

This is not the first time in my life that marriage has come into the picture. The first was an elaborate plan to go to Hawaii, different fiancé, of course. Years ago when Hawaii first got put on the map for same sex marriages. Everything was bought and paid for and it was on until two months before the date when my fiancé decided that she liked a glass blowing hippie from Seattle better and decided to take her to Hawaii in lieu of myself.

She’s lucky to still be alive to this day.

But, she did me a huge favor in the long run and, most importantly she got dumped by the hippie much later. What comes around goes around I always say. In fact, she had showed up on my doorstep to apologize years later for her actions but I wasn’t home. It was the weekend I so happened to be away seeing Charlie -my future fiancé.

Things have a funny way of coming around, don’t they?

When I got home from my trip with Charlie [you can read all about it here if you have some time] I saw a piece of paper wedged in the door. I disgustingly thought it was Lee stalking my house while I was gone – I was surprised to read the 12-stepish note from the ex who had left me at the alter but I just shrugged and threw it away. (I be exact, I set it on fire with my half smoked cigarette) I had better things to think about. Like cigarettes and her – they are bad habits of the past.

The future is here, right now, with Charlie. My soon to be wife. Who would have thought all those years ago in Key West when we sat on the steps of the jewelry store, almost getting kicked out of Hogs Breath or stopping our bikes to  watch those two girls fight -that we would be together.

Well, I think at the time we both thought about it but never knew until later. Good memories that I hope to continue as her wife.



vaca – long awaited but soon over

So, I’ve caught you up on our show schedule now for our vacation. The day we were leaving I woke up with a sick stomach. We almost didn’t go because of it. I was pissed about it – we’d waited for this trip for almost a year. I took some meds and said, Let’s hit the road, and we did. The drive down wasn’t bad although, I don’t think Charlie expected it to be 5 hours. It was in the 90’s when we went across the bridge to the island.

photo 1

Once there we found the wooded campground we had reserved a space back in January. We set up camp – this time very easily with no Shining moments. Afterwards, we decided to go down to the beach. Since there is very little development there the beach seemed almost deserted – which, was nice!

charlienbaily charliendogs2 CnD dogsncharlie dogsnD dogsnD2

Most of the time we were there I hardly ate anything – I got this strange craving for Cheetos, though. Saturday evening we did go out to one of the local island restaurants for shrimp and crawfish and listened to live music.

photo 4 photo 5 sunset

By the last night I was able to manage some solid food and we cooked out. Thankfully, the weather was good and wasn’t in the 90’s the whole time we were there. It was a good trip and I’m glad we went but I could have felt a lot better.

in need….

….of a vacation.

Last weekend, I taught another class-from-hell. I haven’t had a class for almost a month and I still felt that I needed a break. I guess I’m getting used to having my weekends off. It always just makes me crazy when people come into the class and they’re 50,60,70,80-ish and never ridden before, want to learn to ride that weekend because they bought a 20k bike and are riding to Sturgis next week.! To me it sounds like someone saying that they are taking guitar lessons all weekend and on Monday they are touring with Santana. When they realize that it’s going to take more practice than their old @ss physical and mental coordination can do in a weekend, it’s actually work and it’s no longer fun anymore and they realize that they are stuck with a very expensive motorcycle that they can’t do sh*t with then it’s bad times. Some get argumentative and we have to ask them to leave. Some start crying. Some just act like they took drugs at lunch and just drift around the range, riding so slow they can barely keep the motorcycle upright. This was last weekend. The lady seemed like she was on drugs and did the drift. I swear I’ve seen it all. I have another class this weekend and I hope it’s not like this last one. I will be ready for vacation after this.

All I want to be doing right now is sitting on a beach with a drink in my hand listening to the ocean. It’s seriously been too long since we took a vaca. Charlie and I are taking the new camper to Jekyll Island for Memorial Day weekend and it can’t get here soon enough. We’ve had the camper at the shop being serviced and it’s ready to be picked up. They had called and said, “You know, we had a heck of a time getting the door down, your cables need to be adjusted.”

I was like, “No sh*t, really?!!”

Excerpt from before:

“We should probably put the door down now.”

Side note #2 – the door will also be a mutha-f-er to put down if the trailer is not perfectly level. We were inside grunting like we were having massive sex trying to get that thing snapped in. We ended up having to lift the roof of the camper while sliding the door into the gap to tighten.

“One, two, three – LIFT! OOOOAAFFF, UUUUUGH, OH! Wait, I can’t get it. SHEEEEET!”

We went through this forever. Fortunately, the sites adjacent to us that had kids were off playing putt putt golf or something. My shirt was sticking to my back by the time we got that thing in.

“Damn, that was a BITCH! F-ing DOOR! “

“Hon, I’m sure it’s because we’re not exactly level is why the door wouldn’t just slide right in.” – in her mother-knows-everything voice.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get the m-f-ing door down now without wanting to kill each other. And, the bimini shade-


-yeah, none of that this time. I bought us a 10×10 shade structure that is WAY easier to set up. That bimini shade is staying rolled up in its little case and not coming out to wreak havoc. And, we have a new porta-potty on the way so all the red cups are going to be used for is to drink beer out of.

We’re set!

Sunday, Charlie came up and met me after class and we went over to the Harley dealer. She wanted to ride a Sportster 48 and they were having a demo day. She rode it and then wanted me to ride it, too, to see what I thought. I’ve never been much of a Harley person (and, always hated those people who harped on them all the time) but this bike did ride nice – that is, once I got used to the foot position (of riding with my legs wide out like I was getting laid – maybe those Harley people are on to something….). I felt like I should have been wearing a black hoodie, leather vest and white sneaks like Jax on Sons of Anarchy by the time I parked and got off. It was nice but the price tag wasn’t. It’s going to take a while to afford that thing and I really don’t want to buy a new one and spend all that money on sales tax and depreciation. It almost goes against my nature to have a car or bike payment. I want to pay in cash with title in hand.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great week and you may or may not hear from me before vaca.



cinco de veggie

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

catsombrero (gimmie some fish tacos cuz Ima veggie-tarian)

Charlie’s been sick all weekend but I’m hoping she’ll be up for a margarita tonight. I think she wore herself out getting ready to have a co-worker over for dinner last Friday night. Friday, she ran around all day cleaning the house, grocery shopping and prepping for dinner and –

-we didn’t even invite the vegetarian.

I had been trying to schedule dinner with an ex-coworker and her partner for quite some time. Honestly, it’s been a hassle and they just live not more than a mile up the road from us. Somehow they are determined that a Friday night dinner is the only thing that will work for them even though I’ve said several times of just meeting for a quick drink in the neighborhood because Charlie and I are always up for that if we’re available. (And, they do drink). Friday I had double booked us to going out and having dinner with them and Charlie and I having a co-worker of hers over for dinner. So, I decided to make it simple and invite my party over for dinner – that way it would kill two birds with one stone. It turned out they don’t eat bird which is a tragedy because Charlie was making her famous Chicken Cutlet Parmesan. Right after texting if they could come over for dinner and they accepted my friend wrote:

“Just to let you know Jill is a vegetarian but hates people to go to extra effort for her so don’t sweat it. If there’s any kind of veggies or whatever with the meal she will be fine.”

You know I hate it when people say they’re vegetarians and put it right back on you of “don’t go to a lot of trouble.” Ok, if you don’t want me to go to a lot of trouble then stay the f*ck home. I mean, what am I going to do? Look like a bad host and not have anything for my vegetarian guest to eat and look like an @ss?

I texted back, “Can Jill eat tomato sauce as long as it doesn’t have meat in it?”

“Only if it’s pureed she doesn’t like chunks of tomatoes. But, she loves salmon, tilapia etc.”

Ok wasn’t asking about fish, wasn’t planning on fish and aren’t going to change the menu because she will only eat fish…..

“Will Jill eat squash, zucchini and mushrooms?”

“She will but doesn’t like mushrooms but that’s ok she’ll pick them out.”

Wtf, is she one of those vegetarians that only eat spray cheese and wonder bread, I thought. I just love people who say they’re vegetarians but hate all veggetables.

By this time I was losing my patience. Honestly, if we’d had a little more time to plan this out it would have been a lot less stressful but it was last minute, Charlie had already bought all the ingredients and the whole meal was changing. Charlie was getting more stressed out by the moment of trying to prepare the meal without mixing something this Jill person didn’t like or couldn’t eat. I finally bailed on them the next day and said I was sick and could we take a rain check on dinner? It was just turning out to be too stressful and a dinner among friends shouldn’t be. (We do have other friends who are vegetarians who arn’t pains in the @sses that we’ve been able to accomodate just fine. I mean really they should have said, “Let’s do dinner another time when we can go out to eat and y’all won’t have to worry about what Jill does and doesn’t like.”

“Sure hope you feel better. Let us know when we can reschedule. We could go out to eat or we could do dinner at our house as well.”

Somehow, I don’t see dinner in the future for us since it’s been such a nightmare planning it. I just don’t think it’s meant to be.

In light of that, we had a great time with Jess, Charlie’s co-worker. She loved everything we served including the margaritas.

Saturday, Ellen came by and picked us up to go to a race we were running. It was a 5k we’d signed up for just because it had a great t-shirt.


Afterwards, we ate donuts on the way home and Charlie and I ran errands. Sunday, Charlie came home from work not feeling well and I went for a long bike ride. I took the speed bike and got a great workout in. This morning I rode to the train station – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but never could get my lazy @ss out of bed.

Sadly the weekend was over before we knew it and I’m not off until it’s time to go here.


waiting and……waiting

So, I’ve had two interviews in the last week. I’ve been frazzled getting ready for them, juggling my schedule and getting there, parking, finding the offices and so forth. Not to mention sitting in front of a panel of four answering questions related to my work experience. Gone are the days of a one-on-one “So, tell me a little bit about yourself.”

One agency I spoke with a few weeks back (this was the one that would be my dream job if I got it) said, “Oh, it will take awhile to hire anyone in this position. We won’t know for, like, a month. Probably the end of September, beginning of October.”

I had heard this before from interviewing with one of their other departments – they said the same thing.

Last week I’m interviewing for the same agency but in a different department and when I asked them when they would know they said in a few weeks, possibly even next week. I was floored. Then I thought, Hmm, when they say it will take, like, forever to hire into the position does that really mean it will just take forever to receive my thanks but no thanks letter in the mail? (Either way, it sounded suspicious to me.)

The job yesterday was a completely different job in the private sector -one that would be really cool if I got. I was in a room with three other men, which, is a good audience for me. They went around the table asking me questions. Most I did ok on but a couple of others I felt my answers were just ok. This was a gas company and even though I have zero experience working in that field I have extensive project/construction management experience that’s why they were interviewing me. So, some of the questions were really gas specific – like installation specific and I was thinking “F*ck, I don’t know. I’ve never installed a gas line, people. Do you see ‘Georgia Best Gas Company in the World’ on my resume? No well then what do you think?”

One of the guys was really quiet and only spoke when he had to ask a question I thought, “Ok, this guy doesn’t like me. He probably thinks there’s no way he’d want a woman in the position.”  But, later after we got through the questions he asked me about my motorcycle. I put on my resume my teaching experience simply as a talking point at the end. I always get questions from men about what I ride and it’s a great way to open up discussion. Turned out I know the instructor he had when he took the course. We chatted a bit about that. That was good – I got the difficult one to open up a little.

At the end, they walked me to the elevator and the manager rode down with me. He was talking about the job. This was my opportunity to ask him some questions without the other two guys there. I asked if I would be working for one of them who interviewed me if I got the job and he said no I would be working for another coordinator who wasn’t available right now so in the meantime I would probably be working for one of the two that was in the interview for awhile until the other guy could take over. Then, I asked him how many women they had in the position and he made a zero sign with his hand. I told him that I could be his first woman in the position.

So, anyway I won’t know anything about anything until probably next week. All the waiting is just a drag and I don’t know if I’ll get any of these jobs I’ve been sitting for. I’m over the waiting. Especially, since work has gone south. BABs left for training for 6 weeks and left Noel in charge and this really large project that I wanted to work on didn’t get approved because Noel doesn’t want me to work on it – he only wants me to work for him and be his little peon. He called me into his office and asked me just how committed I was to the job and I felt it hinged on harassment – especially since he made me close his office door and we were both in that little office together. My immediate (woman) didn’t have the balls to stand up for me to do that project – totally backed down and was a p*ssy about it. This all took place the day before BAB’s left and he did nothing to alleviate the problem. So, I’m done. I’m just putting in my time, that’s all.

The good news is my real estate class got approved so I’m going to be diving in to that soon. We’ll see – trying not to be frustrated but I am a little relieved that I’m done with the interviews for now. Plus, Charlie and I just splurged on a CAMPER! YAY!

camper3 (can you tell I’m estatic?)

Yeah, this was a present to both Charlie and I for all the hard work we’ve been doing. The dogs have no idea what this thing is yet but once we open it up and show them their own bed – they’ll get it. NO MORE TENT! We picked up this little baby [ironically] from my ex gf of mine. Her and her partner just bought a lake house and don’t need it anymore. They gave us a screaming deal on it – I think mainly because they knew us and that we’d take good care of it. Notice the bicycle and kayak racks? They completely tricked it out. Charlie’s probably going to be putting in a flat screen TV and an ice machine. So, that’s the good news. The bad news is we have no idea when we’re going to be able to get away to go use the thing. But, oh well – I still need to transfer over the title and get the tag and so forth. But, we’re excited! Jekyll island, Tybee, Amicalola Falls, Asheville, here we come!