friday chex mix

Thanksgiving wrap

We managed to make it safely to and from Florida to see Charlie’s side of the family this past TG. Wednesday before we spent with the youngest and his girlfriend. We had dinner at yet another fabulous Mexican restaurant in Gainesville, FL – Boco Fiesta before heading to south Florida to spend the next few days with her folks. Saturday we went to middle Florida to spend with the oldest son and wife. We went out on their boat (highlight of the trip in my opinion) and hung out around a bonfire that night after grilling steaks. We took Sadie with us on this trip and she did remarkably well traveling as always. I don’t know why this is so surprising -the dog travels well. This is her on the boat. Only the second time she’d been on a boat but after a while she wanted to drive, as you can see.

Charlie’s  birthday week

We went out to celebrate Charlie’s birthday to yet another wonderful Mexican place Mezcalito’s with Link and Stiletto. Probably had way too many margaritas but it was her birthday.  This is the first we’ve seen L&S since the holiday so it was good to catch up and we were happy they could come out and celebrate with us.

The rest of the week has kind of been a blur. We’re having all our neighbor friends over tonight for Indian food and this weekend I’m sure we’ll hit the GA/Auburn game somewhere and Sunday we’re going up to friends in Gainesville, GA for a housewarming party. December is here already and I’m sure next thing we know it will be –

New Years Eve

We decided to do something different this year and bought tickets to see a show at The Earl in east Atlanta (and, thanks for the great post on Mattiel, Carrie). We’re going to take a Lyft down there, eat dinner and check out the show. If we feel like it later we may stop by Mary’s to dance and avoid the woman-hater bartender.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Cheers!


pray for a calm of lake water friday chex mix

Charlie and I are getting ready to be full swing into the summer and all the activities that entails. For once, we’re not having a 4th party as it falls right in the middle of the friggin’ week and we’re invited over to our [new client] friends house for a celebration that day. It’s kind of a relief, to be honest. After the 4th Charlie’s heading out of town for a long weekend with the boys and I’m going to use the time to eat pizza practice my guitar(s).

Notice that was plural? I picked up a starter Fender and amp for a little over $100 from a guy on craigslist who never played it. Even though Emil said it was a “Mexican Fender” (I saw no Spanish notations on it so I wondered what she meant by that) I thought it would make a great little practice guitar and something we could keep around for music parties. I need to be able to sound something more than @ss by the time of our music party the 21st.

The 21st. Hence the title of this post. The music party needs to be a success but relatively calm. No nudity, no heated political talks, no arguments. None of that – I’m not going to tolerate it. We have two couples coming that are our business clients so we cannot make a bad impression. (If I still sound like @ss by then I’m not playing) This kicks off hopefully a series of music parties we’ll have in the future if it’s not a bust. We have Val in town for the party, Emil is going to play and hopefully a few others. I have a lot of work to do before now and then.

Speaking of concerts – Emil got us table seats for Emily Saliers who is playing at Edie’s August 10th. This will be an awesome show as it’s a very small venue and I’m sure it will be sold out. (Indigo girl fans eat your hearts out) I remember the first time I met her I had just moved to Atlanta and was working at this bar and a bunch of us from the bar went out one night. We were at this place in Decatur and after getting beers,  I sat down at a table with my friends I was there with and someone introduced me to this woman named Emily. I said Hi, nice to meet you and didn’t think anything of it until she later said, Hey, I have to perform now and got up from the table, grabbed a guitar and headed for this little makeshift stage across the bar. I said to my friend, Is she THE Emily from the Indigo girls? My friend said, Yep, and I about fell out of my chair. I ran into Emily a few more times later (at a running race as we were running, and I carded her once at the bar I worked) but this was the most memorial story.  I’ve seen the band play several times – including twice at an outdoor venue that rained both times but, I’ve never seen her on her own.

That’s about all I got right now. Happy Friday and the 4th and be safe!



lesbian GO

Happy Friday, everyone! It is the dog days of summer here. We try to stay cool as we push through to September and football season.

Last Sunday we hosted a soccer championship party. Well, we called it a party because for once there were more than three people including Charlie and myself [shocking, I know]. We made a plan with our friend, B.Ferris to come over that afternoon to watch the game and grill out after. That morning, we had breakfast with our friend, Emil and she agreed to come over later if she didn’t hear from two of the women she’s been in contact with on HER. I guess this is the lesbian version of Adam4Adam? [is there an Eve4Eve app?]

Ok, you know I just can’t let this opportunity go by without reflecting on this. I’ll continue with the soccer in a bit –

So, with all the app madness these days, like the Pokemon GO and people falling off cliffs to play I wonder if there could be a lesbian dating app calling LessyGO! Like, a single person like Emil could check in to an area, say a frequented place that has restaurants, bars, stores, etc. and then GO find a partner, hookup, friend to hold hands with – whatever. I was thinking this when I saw this video this morning:

Like, these apps could make you GO find whatever it you want- like me, I’d want Miller Lite. Miller Lite GO because the [soccer, football, hockey] game is about to begin! People like BBQ then there’s BBQ-GO! Get that rib, come on!


The possibilities are endless, y’all.

So, back to the soccer party. Our friend, Nana who has recently earned the new motorcycle group/blog/nickname of Stiletto stopped by on her way to the airport. Stiletto is always a lively addition to any gathering. So, Emil was talking about the hookups women she’s met on HER. Of course B.Ferris had to break in and relate to Stiletto the time when I told her not to mention all of the deceased cat’s she’s had in the past on a first date. It always goes like this:

Don’t talk about all your old cats dying on a first date.

I wasn’t on a date.

Yeah, because you mentioned all your cats dying.

It’s sort of like a who’s on first thing with us. Now I’m thinking of an app Finding-someone-who-has-as-many-cats-as-I-GO, app. Maybe then it would be appropriate to commiserate over all the cats who have died in the past and give them respectful remembrance. Instead of me saying, DON’T TALK ABOUT DEAD CATS!

Stiletto stuck up for me on that one but she wasn’t around for the Canada debate between B.Ferris and I that went something like this:

If Trump wins I’m moving to Canada.

What makes you think Canada wants you?

Well, I can just move there.

No you can’t. You have to become a citizen. What makes you think they’ll accept you.

My parents live near there in New York.

So what? That doesn’t mean anything. I get so sick of people saying that they’re going to move to Canada. I mean, Canada doesn’t want your @ss. Just because Americans can’t make their political system in the US work we’re going to flee to Canada? What a cop out.

Oh, you just like to debate with me every time we drink.

Not every time we drink, most times.

Anyway, despite the Canada debate much fun was had and Portugal won so I was happy until I dragged my hungover butt in to work the next Monday and I posted this CANADA GO article for B.Ferris on my FB




gone friday

I’m taking a break from everything today. Well, except for blog writing. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and decided a much-needed sick day was in order. I’m sitting in my office at home with Sadie gnawing on a bone (sounds a bit like I’m in the dentists office having them scrape my teeth – I’m trying not to think too hard about that – oh, she stopped, whew! Maybe she read my mind.) Bailey’s here on the couch. She seems like she feels better these days. I’m trying to keep all the shoes out of her reach.

I can’t remember the last time I sat in here and wrote, or played on the computer or thumbed my coveted books on the bookshelf. The solid wood bookshelf with glass doors that I came by – well, we won’t talk about that – lets just say I found it on the street just like the dining room table and chairs (six of them, I might add) and the liquor cabinet (also glass doors). They are a very nice find. But, alas I digress –

-and, the best part about all of this is that I have the weekend off! Yes, I do! Paulette even tried to get me to take her south DeKalb assignment and I said, “No way.” I just can’t do it this weekend. I don’t have another weekend in me right now. I’ve worked every weekend since Oct. 12. I have to work next weekend and a mid December class and then I’m done for the year.

The New Years Resolution for 2014 will be to work less and play more. Period.

Has anyone read this book?


I’m almost finished with it. I found it’s a page turner. If you’ve read it has anyone seen any characteristics of someone you dated in either character in the book? There were some things that struck a chord in me reading this book.

I’m sitting here thinking of getting my Christmas shopping done early, but then everyone’s going to get gift cards anyway so why start early

My glasses come today and I’m wondering how that’s going to be getting used to bifocals. I’ve decided that I’m going to wear these and see what I think and if I don’t like the frames then I’m going to order what I want and be done with it.

I’m not going to talk about work or jobs except for Charlie’s – she seems to be getting into her new job nicely. She likes the people she works with and they keep her very busy – which, is a good thing. It’s right up the road from the house and she even comes home for lunch. I showed her a cut-through the neighborhood  so now it takes her about only 15 minutes to get home. It’s an ideal match.

I’m thinking of going over to Big Lots and getting some canning jars so I can start making jam to give away for Christmas presents. In fact, I’m hoping I have enough energy today to do that. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend and more later!

a whole lot of nothing

It’s Friday.


I know, I should be happy but I’m not. I have to work this weekend anyway because we need the money. My department yesterday got a text from Noel that we were up and running and to get to work as soon as possible. It was 10:15 in the morning and I was still in my pajamas, drinking coffee. I flipped off my iPhone and texted back that I would be in as soon as I could probably by 11:30. My immediate was livid because she had had to quit her childcare because she had no money to pay for it and was staying home with the kids. She had to bring them in with her that day (even though she has hundreds of comp hours she could have used but wasn’t given permission to).

I drove in barely suppressing my rage at the situation. We were told that we probably wouldn’t be getting any back pay for the time we were off. So, let’s see – we’re state employees so we should have been working this whole time. BUT – oh, no we’re federally funded so we were furloughed with the feds. BUT WAIT – the feds are getting their back pay but we aren’t because we’re state employees and state employees don’t get paid for not working. How does that work? F*Ckers – it’s either one or the other – we’re state employees that should have been working or we’re fed’s that get back pay – not both.

I prayed in the car on the way, “Just think the F-bomb, don’t say it. If someone says something to p*ss you off just go on headphones. Play your Angry playlist.”

I was proud, I only dropped it once in front of my immediate (she was able to drop her kids off at a friend’s house) and she said her husband and her had a bet on how many F-bombs would be dropped that day.

People came in and shouted “Welcome back!!” not only obnoxious but just the act alone made me want to shout Shut the F-up!  –especially if they were a federal employee. I had to go on head phones again. Assistant director came in and asked immediate if she would talk to the HR director who she’s chums with and see about only cutting a few days at a time out of our paychecks so we wouldn’t feel the pain so much. Everyone on the hill was meeting about what to do about our pay yesterday. No answers, no direction what-so-ever. There was talk about us using our vacation time plus any sick time but only if we had Dr.’s appmt receipts and those were only worth 4 hours of time – which, is b.s. because we can miss two days without any dr.’s excuses. I got a call into my chiro who I visited while we were out to see if he can write me some.

BAB’s came in and said his son almost died in jump school. Other than that, that was the only thing I cared about coming out of his mouth. His son’s ok but I had had a premonition while we were out that he was in trouble after reading an article in the paper. It was really weird.

Noel wanted to know where we were at in this database we were making edits to before we got let go and I was like, “WTF, I’m still sifting through my email. Plus, the feds that run this sh*t have been out who knows if it’s even up and running. They just got back, too, dude.” Chill-the-f*ck-out.

I drove home in torrential rain, traffic on the highway bad. I got a call from Opie wondering if I had had a chance to go over to her house to plant the blueberry bushes she had. I told her I’d gotten called in shortly after we had spoken that morning and I hadn’t had a chance to go over there. She groaned and said, “Oh, so how was that?” I invited her over for some Jamison and cookies. So, we sat on the porch and drank and ate cookies (which, Sadie wanted really bad) and I told her about my day. Later, Charlie came home with beer and we sat and had a beer and then went to get Chinese takeout and watch True Blood.

So, that was my day -today, more of the same and still no answers. I guess I should be happy we’re at least back and earning $$. I still haven’t heard anything from the other job(s). Nothing. I guess that’s the theme this week is a whole lot of nothing and being in limbo.


friday shorts

TGIF – even though I work this weekend but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel since I’m off next weekend.

Some good news is that today our friend, Cathy had some good news from the doctor. Charlie just called to tell me that. We all have our fingers crossed that she’s going to continue to do well and be on the mend.

Some news of the weird is remember Slimy? (If not I invite you to go read) It’s been almost two years since our one initial, only and last date. I remember right after we went out she friended me on FB but when I realized she was a freak  not dating material I put her on “restricted” on my FB. (Although, even restricting anyone I still think they see the same damn thing everyone else does) So, I eventually unfriended. This was probably over a year ago. So, this week I get an email from Pinterest saying she she’s now following me. All I could think  was stalker!  I went on there and blocked her. I mean, am I wrong here? It just seems weird to me that suddenly after almost two years she starts following me on another social network. Weird.

Speaking of restricted and then unfriend I unfriended my boss on FB. I’m starting to really separate him from my personal life. Although, he doesn’t seem to separate anyone else from his because we have to hear about it all the time. I’m so sick of it. I’ve applied to many jobs this week and am still hoping things shake loose on that end.

It seems that the tomato vines that Charlie planted are growing like two feet a day. Soon we’re going to have fresh tomatoes.

Charlie and I went to see Augusten Burroughs talk about his latest book; This is How. I was both excited to meet him and surprised when I did that he was not exactly as I imagined him. Photos of himself he looks like such a “butch” looking guy but his voice is slightly effeminate. But, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. His lecture me laugh and think about some things. One of the things he mentioned about his book is this: If anyone out there has been hurt by someone and is waiting for some kind of closure, apology, or even acknowledgment of their wrong doing then stop waiting. You don’t have to have any of that to move on. Create something beautiful out of the tragedy and move on. It was so insightful, I thought. It made me want to read every bit of his book. After his talk, Charlie and I raced to the table that was selling them and she bought me a copy and then got in line to have him sign it for me. We even had a picture taken together and I was so nervous – even as much as when I had my pic taken with Karin Slaughter. So, that was the highlight of the week! I met a famous person. Well, famous in my book.

Last night Charlie and I went on a double date with Paulette and TC to the shooting range. We’re still doing a break-in of the pistol we bought. Paulette just bought a really nice .380 that we shot and Charlie’s in love with. Afterwards, we went out to our fav pub on the corner for dinner and talked to a really nice bartender and went home and watched the latest season of Dexter – anyone out there watching it right now? We’re only 5 episodes in but I’m curious what your take is on it? (Comments welcome but no spoilers)

Well, that’s all I’ve got this Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend and I will catch you next week!







friday shorts

This is kind of a post on snippets since I don’t really have any one particular thing I want to focus on. “Let’s call it Friday afternoon shorts”.

Last Thursday I took Charlie out dancing at Country Bar. I haven’t been there in probably over a year. I remember the last time I was there I was smoking – or at least trying not to. I can’t believe how I don’t even have a craving for it now and I can’t believe the same ol’ women are still going there hoping to hook up with someone. I think I mentioned before that there are two types of people who go to Country Bar and they are the dancers and the posers. The dancers show up to do just that –DANCE. The posers show up in their flippy-floppies, high heels and POSE. Some of them are “femmy” who most times are straight and are out “slumming it” with their girlfriends or being fag hags hanging with their boys. The other bunch of posers are just looking at the dancers hoping to hook up. Despite being a less familiar face in there my favorite bartender still plunked a Corona on the bar with a lime in it for me. He has never forgotten me and for that I always get all my drinks from him instead of Sheila the mean-tempered dyke at the end of the bar. Several heads turned when Charlie and I walked in – especially, after we kissed. We were having fun that night and she’d never been there before. It was the first night of our vacation and we were celebrating. I was thankful this time I had a ring on my finger from her. (And, I’m sure if it wasn’t there people would have hit on her or asked her to dance.) We danced some slow songs together – I haven’t really worked with her on fast two-stepping although, I did teach her a waltz the other day.

I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot in general and appreciate every one of you that I have linked on the side —-. I’m always looking for new blogs, too. Sometimes I will pull up my Reader on WordPress and click on a theme. Some of the themes may be gay or lesbian. I’m always exhausted when I see certain things come up. Like for the words “gay or lesbian” I get a lot of pictures of naked people, heavy sex topics, porn even and/or topics such as gay marriage, this athlete came out, and gays in the boy scouts, or equality for everyone. I realize that these topics are very important, however, being a gay person I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with activist-like topics for years. And, if I read one more blog about someone’s coming out story I will DIE! Seriously, straight people don’t write about when they realized they were STRAIGHT. Whether a person is straight or gay I want to read about what’s going on with them. Their daily stuff. Not “I won this (100 various) blogger award and now I’m going to list 100 things about me starting off with my favorite color and link 10 other blogs I like. Seriously, what’s with the lists? I want to know how your job’s going, did you get into an argument with anyone recently and why. I want to know the little things that make you tick – like me – licorice bears and coke cherry 0 are making me very happy right now. I’m thinking about my night with Charlie and that’s also making me happy. I’m not happy with my job right now and I am praying hard for a new one. I wanna know that kind of sh*t, you know? If anyone has any favorite blogs they want to recommend then please comment with a link.

As I said, I’m looking for a new job. It’s just that everything at my current would be fabulous if a. I made more money (no possibility for a raise – EVER) and b. my boss would go away. Far, far away. It’s not that he’s a mean guy – it’s quite the opposite. He trying to be everyone’s best friend and I don’t want him as a best friend. Plus, he talks non-stop all day long and I can’t concentrate. He also says outrageous things. He never shuts up and it’s hard to work. I often times feel like I’m going crazy listening to him all day and sometimes I even have headphones in with no music going so he will leave me alone. I’ve been applying to jobs. I am hoping and praying something comes up. I figure if Goddess wants me to do this particular job then she will find a way for me to stay here. So, it’s really in her hands.

Mid-June I’m taking Charlie to her first baseball game. I’m looking forward to that as well as going to see Augusten Burroughs lecture next week at SCAD. When I went to the SCAD site to see if I could buy tickets in advance I saw that he gave a one-day writing workshop early May. Had I known about that I would have killed to have gone. Charlie and I are making it a date night and going down to hear the lecture and then a late dinner in midtown somewhere.

I’m [of course] working this weekend. It’s supposed to be nice until Sunday and then rain. I realized that Season 7 Dexter is out on Amazon and downloaded the whole season onto my Kindle. I can’t wait to watch it! I also downloaded book three “Best Kept Secret” by Jeffery Archer.

Well, I’m out of shorts – have a great weekend everyone!