in the middle of the road

I’m sitting here at work listening to my co-worker complain. Every day he goes on and on about how busy he is, how there’s no one to help him, no one cares, and we’re all probably going to be let go soon.

I have to listen to this every. damn. day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are perks to my job. A lot of perks. My office is 15 minutes from the house. I get to work at home one day a week (which, I’m pretty strict about never abusing) and I pretty much don’t have my boss sitting on my shoulder wanting to know what I’m doing 24/7. I run my own area. I turn in projects, start new ones, revise old ones. I’m a pretty self-sufficient boss of my own sh*t.

The drawbacks are that I have to listen to this guy every day. I’ve told him several times to go get another job. He can- he has IT certifications out his ass. He then starts crying about how he has one more year to retirement and if he leaves the company before then he’ll lose his pension. So, he’s hanging on. I tell him to find another job within the organization doing what he went to school for. He’s only applied when I’ve sent him the announcements on the company website. But, like SO MANY people I know – they only apply to one or two positions and then wait. Nothing happens. Of course not. Nothing ever does if you apply to one job every six months.

It’s because there are literally thousands of people applying to the same job as you. If your resume doesn’t stand out, your qualifications aren’t right on the money of who they are looking for then your application goes into the trash or gets deleted. In my current role I had to fill out 25 applications in order to just get an interview. You have to keep trying or nothing will happen. You might as well not even try, and don’t get me started on filling out federal applications. I just don’t because they are a complete waste of time and the federal job system is not all it’s cracked up to be like it was in the 90’s.

There’s also something to be said for working with people who have had the same job for 20 years and are on the pension system collecting a check until retirement and ones who are on the 401k, looking for growth opportunities and are looking to advance their career by getting additional training, certifications and even going back to school.

I’m done telling him what to do. When he starts complaining I put on my headphones. I may be here when he retires and then it will be quiet. Or, I may be on to the next opportunity but I’m done giving out advice & sending job announcements. But, at the same time I think it would be good to work with people who were excited about what they were doing, who liked their jobs and had fun at work. What a concept!