Friday chex mix and Kindle book

Remember that book I’ve been talking about forever several years that I tried and tried and tried to get an agent to pick it up? Well, after pitching, re-writing, editing, summary and cover letter creating I went ahead and self published it on Kindle. You can take a look at it here:

[Yes, it’s under my real name but my pen name is on the inside page.]

Be sure to give me some feedback if you do. For $1.99 I’m sure you’ll be entertained. [cheap thrills – lol]. I’m still working on a cover for it (if anyone is interested in designing it contact me).

In other news, I’m off this weekend – glad, too, because the weather’s really nasty. Charlie and I went out for nacho’s and beers last night before it got bad. It always nice here before a storm. The sun’s out, humidity moves in and it feels like an early spring then –boom – it hits, a constant cycle. Like Maria, I hate winter. I’m always cold, and I hate taking showers simply for the fact that the minute I get out I’m freezing. I have dry skin and am always looking around for gloves.

The past few days at work have been really quiet and nice because BAB has been on vacation driving his wife and kids insane for two days. I’ve put out more feelers for other places and gosh, it would be good to hear something. To have some sort of good news. But, alas – I will just have to be happy that it’s Friday, I’m in Love and I finally have a book on Kindle. And –

-did anyone catch the American Idol last night for the guy’s elimination round? Wow, what.a.sleeper! Just like the women! I think this is the most boring A.I. season I’ve ever watched. [Here’s an article on the elimination] I wonder if their ratings are going to slip. Anyone remember Rock Star Supernova? Now THAT was a great show!

Have a great weekend everyone!