The Weekend chex mix

I know I promised y’all I would write a post on this past weekend and all the fun we had. Friday night we met up with Becky and Shelia to try out a new brewery in the ‘hood. It was pretty cool save for they only had one beer we liked. I get they just opened but let’s hope they add additional lighter beers to the menu. Everything was either a hazy IPA or a stout. When its’ 1000 degrees outside I just don’t want a heavy beer. We ended up with a beer named Aromatic Hive which is a honey basil ale. It was nice. We’ll probably go back there again because the atmosphere was really nice and they have a full kitchen with a food menu. Later, Bernitta got in from Florida and we visited a little and then all hit the sack.

Saturday, I got up and went paddling while Charlie and B went to breakfast. I got out to the lake a little later than my usual 7:30 but it was still quiet and smooth. I could tell it was going to be a hot one, though. I got home and ate a sandwich and the three of us went antiquing and ended up down at Krog market. We had drinks at Hop City and then wandered into Superica. This was Superica #1 for the night as we planned on going to the other one in Buckhead that evening so we would be close to Johnny’s Hideaway.

So, fast forward – we grabbed an Uber and headed to B’head to that Superica. (Yeah, the one at Krog is WAY better) We sat at the bar and ate and had drinks and then walked on down to JH. When we got there and slid into a table is was great. There was hardly anyone there and we felt we had the dance floor to ourselves. But later, it was a mob scene and cougartown central. One time I was in the restroom and some woman came in and screamed another woman’s name asking if she was still in there and she screamed back from the stall next to me that she was. Then, another time there was a woman retching in the stall next to me. I felt like I was in college again. We decided to head out after B got groped and Charlie got asked to dance by a man her father’s age. Yeah, no. It was a good thing I didn’t get groped bc there would have been some broken bones in the mix. Maybe I just have that scary insane look that keeps people away when needed.

I’m glad we went but there’s no way we’ll hump our cookies all the way up to straightsville-cougartown to dance again. I think next time we’ll check out The Basement in East Atlanta Village.

Sunday, we tore ourselves out of bed for the soccer watch party. Seriously, I could have slept until at least 10 I was so tired. But, once I had some coffee it felt doable. (But, next time – no hosting after being out all night. No way) So, the food and company were great, we won and were very happy about that and now get out so we can get some sleep and relax. We were so fried by that evening that all we could muster was sitting on the couch and watching Breaking Bad with B since she hasn’t seen it all.

Monday, B left and both Charlie and I dragged ourselves to work. I felt rough around the edges from the weekend. I took every vitamin I could find in my drawer that morning and even mixed that skanky vitamin C powder into water to drink.Then, my boss verbally hits me upside the head about this project I’m working on. When she gets like this I should just shut up and nod my head because there is no talking to her because she’ll cut you off and keep talking. It was seriously not the day to hit me up like that but I dealt with it. I have to because I’m still in my probationary period. October cannot get here sooner. That way I can start using some of my vacation time. Just the word vacation sounds heavenly right now. I gave blood a few weeks back because every time they have a blood drive at work and you give they give you 4 hours. 4 hours, ya’ll! I could be on the lake! I can give again the end of August so that would make it a full 8 hours and an extra day off.

Anyway, that’s my weekend. It’s already hump day Wednesday so this week is almost over. We don’t have any plans this weekend except to work on our drainage project in the back yard which I’m hoping will not be as big as a nightmare as we both fear.