early friday chex mix

It’s a rainy evening here in Georgia.

Not that I’m complaining of the rain – never. We have grass seed in the back that needs to germinate and I desperately do not want a drought this summer. Yes, I’d take rain any day over a dusty summer. I do realize that we’re still in spring and not quite gotten to summer just yet. I am not rushing it, either. I enjoy these lush, spring days (now that I’ve gotten over the high pollen count with two sinus infections). Charlie is feeling a little under the weather today – something she ate last night, perhaps. It was date night tonight and we went to have pho and then straight home. She has fallen asleep in front of the TV watching some documentary about Africa.

Vacation, f*cking vacation.

I want to be on vacation, honestly. I want to see beaches and smell the salt in the air. We leave for Florida the end of next week and it cannot get here soon enough.

Happy hour.

It’s impossible to get everyone together anyhow for this. I feel like I constantly be the communicator, the planner, the organizer. Maybe one HH a month is enough. We got quite a few 3 people over last week for it but this week we have a bunch of maybes and rain. Maybe’s and rain = Meh, forget it.  Sometimes it would be nice to sit in a cozy Irish pub by a fire (Hey, Marley House) so if it’s raining tomorrow we go there – that is, if Charlie’s feeling better.

We have this friend.

Who I will name DD for Dreary Debbie? Debbie Downer is too common. Desperate Debbie? Yeah, more like that. The girl puts a whole new meaning into that word desperate. Deeeeesperado…….why don’t you come to your senses…….

-it’s like that, y’all. She’s been chasing a dream with two legs for seven-sevenfucking-YEARS to no avail who treats her like a laundry basket or one that holds magazines. Every once in a while you kick it when you’ve had a frustrating day – that kind of basket. So, when she’s Desperate Debbie basket she gets on Tinder.

No good can come from a DESPERATE women in her mid-40’s being on Tinder.

NO GOOD, PEOPLE. No good…..So, you can just imagine the types of people she’s talking to. The ones who ask for money after the 50th text, no snapchat-asses. These are probably men in their mid-50’s using their 20-something year old nieces pictures to elicit money and sex on the internet. We have lunch with Debbie sometimes on the weekends and she shows us dozens of pictures of ho’s women she’s talking to on the internet. Then she gets all depressed that she’s not meeting someone and in the same breath says she’s going to see the woman who treats her like a basket for dinner. We say, Why, why, why, Debbie? You’re going to be on Tinder when you’re FIDDY (50). You don’t want that to happen. You won’t able to swipe left or right because you’ll have arthritis by then from swiping so much. Stop being desperate, Debbie. Stop.

Even Benji had problems with Tinder. Her Tinder woman went cra-cra, said she didn’t want to see anyone and then dropped off the face of the earth (but, probably not off Tinder). They had planz, too. Like going out of town and to a (teeny-bopper 20ish) concert which didn’t happen. Benji was so depressed that she didn’t go – even after trying to talk her into going and giving the xtra ticket to some hot 20-something and having fun. She stayed at home and moped. I would have gone if I were her.

Work. PMP. What am I doing?

I don’t know. We had a “team” meeting on Tuesday and we were told that they found enough old geezers people to take an early retirement that they wouldn’t have to lay anyone off. This is a relief because I’m still trying to find a way to get a promotion to a different department and it’s proving to be equal to landing a federal job interview. That difficult. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks since I got certified but I hope this PMP thing holds more weight than it is holding so far. Part of me doesn’t know what to do with all this spare time I have now from not having to study. The other part is like, what’s next? The company has all these online training classes on Agile Scrum and if I take 22 of these things and take their test I get their company bronze certification in Agile Scrum (notice I said company – by no means is this the nationwide scrum master cert) so I’m doing it so I can add it to my company resume. I’m going to take six months and keep applying and if I don’t get any interviews then I’m going on to another certification – scrum master, Agile, or even Leed. Something.

So, that’s all I got. I hope you enjoyed the snippets of topics – we’ll call it an early Friday chex mix. Y’all have a great weekend! Cheers!



Merry Christmas to me

First of all, if you’re reading this then I want to thank you for following me over here and continuing to be a great support. Now, on to the good stuff –

Despite all the horror stories we have all read of online dating I managed to meet someone on an online site that I have really clicked with – this is new girl on the scene.

It all started out as an innocent email from me. I saw that she had viewed my profile and I checked hers out as well. I liked what I read so I shot her an email that she returned within the same day. We had been emailing for a week when she sent me her phone number for me to give her a call. When I did call once we got over a momentary nervousness of speaking to someone new the conversation seemed to flow and we were joking and laughing in no time. She asked what I was up to that night and I said that I was meeting some friends at a local pub and to join me if she wanted. She said she’d see what was going on and look up the pub on her iPad to see where it was. (she lives in another section of town but inside the perimeter). Later, pulling up to the pub I got a text from her saying that she was on her way. I walked in and joined the group at a large table. I saved a few seats next to mine as a few other of my friends were showing up but I hoped that she would arrive first sitting in the one next to mine. Ironically, that did happen as the two friends of mine who were to show never did. A text came in saying that she was there and I stood up to see a tall, brunette walk through the door. “She’s even cuter in person”, I thought. I waved and she came over and pulled out the chair next to mine. She was smiling when she sat down and I noticed that, too. “Wow, she has a great smile.”

The service at the pub was minimal that night and I suggested that we ditch it and go to another nearby because I had a craving for nachos. We walked to my truck and I drove us over there. Dinner was in a booth at a local sports bar hunched over the table with easy conversation with the occasional fit of laughter.

“Wait. Stop or else I’m going to spit my beer all over you.”

“Well, there could be worse things you could spit all over me – say those nachos.” She said.

That date led to another that she talked me in to. I had been frantic at work all week and was getting ready to go out of town the next day for a conference in Florida. I was tired but I wanted to see her. We agreed to meet out for a movie at a local theater. Once there we realized that we had time to kill before the movie and I suggested we go to a bar nearby. She ran out to her car to get her i.d. while I went inside the bar to scope us out a seat. When I opened the door I noticed go-go boys in underwear dancing on the bar and being tipped by older men. Everyone looked up at me, the music seemed to stop, I gently shut the door and started walking her way.

She ran up and said, “Ok, I have it. Wait – why aren’t you in the bar?”

“Uh, we don’t want to go in there.”

When I explained why we both had a laugh over it. Which, was the first of many funny stories of things that have happened on the nine dates we have had so far. We ended up at a restaurant up the road and missed the movie talking for hours. As the restaurant started to close we took our conversation to my truck and sat there and talked until 2 a.m. watching the rain run down the windshield of my truck. I wanted to kiss her that night but I didn’t want to push things and scare her away.

The next date was the night I got back from Florida. It was icy in the city and I almost slipped and fell several times on the way into the Irish pub we were meeting at. Once inside, I slid into a booth in the corner across from her. It was crowded and noisy in the pub and I initially wished we had chosen a quieter place – until, later when she shoved into the booth beside me saying she could hear me better sitting next to me. Just then some guy came up and asked if we were sisters. This was a friend of a man that had hit on her on the way to the restroom earlier. It was obvious he was scoping out the scene for his friend. When we shook our heads and said no we weren’t he then asked how we knew each other. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me and said, “We’re girlfriends” I could feel her tense initially and then relax into my hold. She nodded and said, “Yes, yes we were girlfriends.” Going along with my ruse. The man then asked some more rude questions and we became short with him when it was apparent that we wanted him to go away. What made it funny was at this point we hadn’t kissed or held hands or anything. My ruse was the first physical touch between us. Noting her tenseness I thought that perhaps she just wanted to be friends and that she wasn’t interested in anything else. I was fine with that – she was fun to be around and I could see a potential friendship. As we left the pub I looped my arm with hers to keep us from falling on the ice and walked her to her car.

The next date we ended up at the same restaurant as before, closing it down and in my truck once again talking. I had a Tears for Fears cd in. As my favorite song came on I took her face in my hands and kissed her. She kissed back long and passionate. I guess this girl was looking for something more than friendship, afterall – and so it goes. I got everything I wanted for Christmas – the wonder of someone new to my life, the excitement, the texts and the laughter and, that kiss and many more. Merry Christmas to me!