4th weekend chex mix

I started a post the other day but I got busy and trashed it so now I’m starting over. This holiday weekend is going to be jam packed with activities.

Yesterday, after running around shopping we decided to just put on our swimming shorts and head out to the pool. It was so hot. Later, Benji texted asking what we were doing and we said hanging and she came over. Then, she ended up inviting new girl, yogi, over to play darts. She ended up being really cool and we played three games. Right as it was getting to be dusk and time to let off fireworks at the lake it opened up and poured for a good 15 minutes. I was kind of happy about that because there had been several vicious posts on our neighborhood forum about staking out – literally, spots at the lake 12 hours in advance for fireworks. I was thinking, Yeah, so much for staking out spots and killing the grass for this. I was so glad we didn’t go down there and stayed put playing darts with Benji and Yogi. We had a great time!

Tonight, we have Bernitta coming in from Florida as well as meeting up with Becky and Shelia for drinks and dinner. We don’t think Bernitta will be here in time to meet with us for dinner and drinks but will be here after. They are all good friends and we’re going to surprise them on Sunday when they come over for the watch party and Bernitta is there.

Saturday, I do intend to paddle. I’ve been dying to get out on the lake. I could have yesterday but I knew with all the 4th stuff going on it would be busy and crowded and I just decided to forgo it until Saturday. Here’s some photos of the last visit:

That night we’re hoping to take Bernitta out to Johnny’s Hideaway and dance. Sunday, we’re having people over for the world cup watch party/brunch. We’re also going to dye our hair pink in support of women and Meagan Rapinoe.